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11 Responses

  1. Briege Burns says:

    Great story but awful audio and jerky stop/start video

  2. audio sucks, i made it to 35 minutes in

  3. Linda Oyler says:

    i made it 48 minuts

  4. Patricia C says:

    This is such a lot of rot when you are dead you are really dead you dont come back here I have been a nurse for twenty eight years it is incredible what the imagination can do these people in this lovely home noises are happening because they want it to

  5. eric mccombs says:

    i like the story, but the audio really sucks. after 10 mins of the audio cutting out every 5 seconds i couldn't stand to watch it anymore.

  6. drafthorsey1 says:

    the background music is distracting and you seriously should invest in sound

  7. how can they help these entities when that have no mediumship training what so ever.

  8. Andy Crowley says:

    whoever did the audio for this documentary made it unbearable to watch. love paranormal docs…made it 14 min through this. …and i can sit through "ghost adventures np" 😨

  9. Cè la versione Italiana?

  10. Great story! Must be hard,to have so many memories.

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