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  1. roxane crow says:

    If they are the real thing and in high demand from ppl who want to hear from loved ones..and are very accurate etc …then he/she needs to charge a fee. He/she needs to live too.

  2. It's not that I don't believe some people can't perceive far more then just what our five senses can detect,it's just that the "psychics" that you hear of,who are well known, and who take money, are fakes. This guy does shows and there is big money in that. A big example of fakes are right here on youtube. The psychic twins. Total fakes.

  3. karen slater says:

    If This Man Can Help Some People Have a Sense Of Peace, Without Trying Too
    Bleed Them Of Their
    Finances, Then I Say To The
    Non-believers Get Over Yourselves!!!🌌😊🌌
    I Lost My Son In September Of 2014 🌌😖🌌 What I Wouldn't Give, To Hear From Him and Know That He Is Okay! That To Me, Would Be
    Would Be Such a Gift! 👼 I Just Need Too Hear From Him! That Would Give Me So Much Peace.
    How I Long For, This Kind Of
    Peace. 🌌💙🌌

  4. exoRDR 'pro says:

    these ppl should be jailed asap

  5. Jack Morris says:

    paul/ ray what ever the fuck his name is is a lying cunt! touches his nose evertime he lies! nutters!

  6. Debby says:

    Keith may mean well, but he is not a psychic.

  7. Jack Morris says:

    most people in Scotland know someone who been stabbed up! lol fucking bullshit artist

  8. Ravyne Hawke says:

    I am guided by spirits too and I can understand how Keith doesn't always hear things clearly. Unless you've dealt with spirits guides, you wouldn't understand. You'd think the medium was giving you false information. But the voices that come through are often mumbled, sometimes barely audible, especially if the guide is linking you with someone else who has passed. And sometimes those who've passed on don't want to speak, so you get a reluctant sound from them. These voices are never as clear and sharp as hearing your own voice in your head.

  9. Ives Chen says:

    99% of you won't see this but the 1% have a nice day!
    Also a Merry Christmas

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