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  1. HugMyNugs says:

    opium is the only reason we ever went to war. not 911. the government could care less about 2 towers and some americans

  2. Joel Russell says:

    A very interesting documentary and really well made, "The Dope Diet" A Free Ebook on Amazon. Great topic.

  3. James White says:

    Song at the beginning?

  4. Khalil Razak says:

    This is the reason why the American Bastard politicians want the bullshit mega failure war on drug's bullshit to carry on because the CIA who are the international drug king pins make big money and the American politicians know that if drug's were legalised then no more dirty drug money. Unfortunately the American sheeple still believe that the they're winning the bullshit war on drug's when in reality it has failed miserably a long, long time ago. US soldiers guarding opium fields and since the invasion the opium harvest has increased year upon year to record level's, just goes to show how well the war on drug's is going.

  5. Khalil Razak says:

    CIA is the biggest drug king pin in the world.

  6. Micky Browne says:

    I can't understand how a so called great democracy such as the USA allows criminals to run the country. Your system is corrupt from the top yet no one seems to care.

  7. joji desu says:

    funny that i couldn't find anything on google.

  8. CSquared says:

    Exactly. REVOLUTION

  9. TheKeithvidz says:

    waver from the goverment, big surprise

  10. With America now running the Afghan heroin trade production has increased 100%  America is flooding the streets of it's enemies, Russia, China, Canada with the drug.       It will be so cool to actually see Hillary Clinton back in the Whitehouse. With all the hundreds of documentaries on the internet and how the Clinton's actually oversaw distribution of this drug.  Pentagon's cocaine monopoly grew tenfold using Clinton's Arkansas as the dropping point.  America is a lie.

  11. No government activities or functions should be hidden from the public. The only way to keep power-holders honest is to have them be transparent.

  12. johnnyBgood says:

    Whre's slick Bill?!

  13. george h.w. bush headed cia always part of cia and i think he and others are the major players in cia and this goes on today by same people. come on mina ark. clinton was gov. you know the cia involved with that also

  14. if the cia wanted to stop guzman and others it would be nothing to take them out in a second they do not want to because they are in business together i always said that he (guzman) got away with too much and talked to much shit so he has to be protected by cia it is obvious

  15. I think the CIA and government to help create new drugs because most people in the world do not know how to create these types of drugs and less they are made and are told what is in it and how to get these ingredients to make new drugs you do not have to be very smart to know that you just have to see on the streets almost every day there are new drugs and who do you think starts all of this the heat CIA and government

  16. Tonauac says:

    Let's build a wall outside the CIA headquarters

  17. Tony Harris says:

    So the government sells drugs and are able to use the money to equip the military with weapons but a regular person can not sell drugs and use the money made to support his family lol funny world we live in. I don't think drugs should be sold period because it destroys families and lives but to have such a double standard that a person is sent to prison for years for selling the same drugs the government smuggle/protect/sell themselves for profit is outlandish to say the least.

  18. The CIA is controlled by the Jesuits for the Catholic Church who is the beast of Revelation and are trying to gain their former dark ages power back. They are the ones behind everything. They put communism in Cuba, Castro is a Jesuit. They created Islam centuries ago. Google all of this. There is no Illuminati it's the anti-christ Catholic Church and all it's fronts to keep the info and heat off of them. They had Lincoln assassinated. It's all there. History speaks for itself.

  19. Kevin ator says:

    you speak of this phony drug war yet you have a fake gfi ball earth

  20. Pretty good documentary. Covers the basics pretty well. You forgot to mention my effort, but I ain't too mad about it.

  21. yeah love how these agents speak on the huge ( heroin) problem in the u.s…the same problem they created and the door they still deal.. their fun won't last forever, all things come to an end, while the FDA and feds and gvt get pieces of the pie getting Rich on millions of deaths. great truthful video friend

  22. now the just usa afganstan but you know there will be storage buildings full of the stuff drugs are only banned as they dont want you makeing money of them and just this week they banned kratom why it help you get of pain medcation as america alone takes up to 80 percent of the world pain pills they want you on drugs they leid about opiates pills could be talking every day with know problems if you were in pain people need to get into there heads governments and the bastards that run them only care a bout one thing money or you could say a dollar same thing just like the law its only for the little people

  23. And Trump supporters are worried about illegal bringing drugs, lol

  24. T. Case says:

    In the first part of the video, you pictured all past president and the current resident but slick willy Clinton was pictured, why?

  25. I would like this except for the way Montel has been lately. He has turned into an ass.

  26. fla playa says:

    What a fucking mess. Greed. The Number One Sin: Power ruled from drug/oil money.
    Nancy Reagan: "What will all you (Stupid idiots) Say when you're asked to use drugs"?.. Subliminal "YES I WILL USE IT MA'AM". Weirdest first lady of all time full off ouiji boards and demonic seances.. She got her wish. America is a solid drug consuming country now.

  27. John Smith says:

    My family in Chicago got fed time behind this and now chapo in jail the us turned on him so powerful but cowards don't keep thier word

  28. Kevinvansea says:

    The government let the liberal press speak for them. Well let's see now, who do you think owns the liberal press. Hard working journalists that want the truth out no matter how ugly things get and the danger they put themselves in to get the truth out???? NO A DAMN CHANCE!!!! It's already widely known that the CIA has journalists operating in the press organizations. PR is never given to chance that they might find a sympathetic journalist. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PR OPERATING IN THE VARIOUS NEWS AGENCIES and those agencies are being subsidized by the government these days.

  29. The CIA = Banking Cartel, laundry money. banks make 800,000. Millions Dollars a yr. that is call the invisible Empire.

  30. Fuck the Government. Fuck conforming to all their bullshit lies

  31. Y.A.Q 200 says:

    Actually not only US government which deals drugs

    almost every government in the world do the same but show the public that it fight the drugs

    any country have drugs problem = the government is the biggest smuggler and dealer

    It is international conspiracy but the stupid ignorant peoples believe that their government fight drugs

  32. Most people are unware of this story:

    Snowden's actions only exonerated this mans claims. I also work for the telecom industry and yes they were snooping on US citizens starting around 01. They installed equipment at the main fiber hub in Newyork and SanFrancisco

  33. Rob Cooper says:

    The Government sells us the drugs, then arrests us for buying them. Corrupt ass country

  34. voidremoved says:

    moustaches.  so many excellent moustaches in this video

  35. mrhdiver says:

    And Gary Webb, shown in this video who authored the expose' book Dark Alliance was 'suicided' with 2 bullets into his head.

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