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11 Responses

  1. fun story look into bulp and Then you see ghosts…strange is the Photos was made …somebody is in that house but not a ghost …maybe

  2. put a night vision camera on the inside of the pantry

  3. EA music says:

    hahaha a documentary about a fake ghost. wow. skip.

  4. Strange, I don't remember ever subscribing to this channel…

  5. Marian Yulo says:

    You guys should make a movie about this I will go see it .I did see your video when you and your daughter were playing hide and go seek wow I knew it looked real .bit this is all tide into that video .wow awesome stuff .keep us posted on your lives after moving.

  6. Marian Yulo says:

    Omg that's scarey

  7. susansparrow says:

    Why is his voice distorted in the narration but not in the home videos?

  8. marc black says:

    Was proven to of been faked years ago.

  9. xAtMa44x 44x says:

    This is fake, already proven. Please stop uploading this bs.
    Bs videos like this takes away the legitimacy of other honest documentaries.

  10. Mel Dempsey says:

    Well, that gave me the heebie jeebies!

  11. After watching this. I find this to be seriously fake. The evidence presented can be duplicated very easy.
    Fun to watch though disputes the fact crap presented.

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