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  1. Ethicaly says:

    What a bias! – that woman confounds the Vikings with HUNS/MONGOLS – it was the HUNS killing the babies the way she describes and worse still for 1500 years (from 400 AD to 1944).

  2. Norwegian here!

  3. There is no fjords in Sweden. And the land is pretty fertile. So sorry, filmmakers.

  4. Truth Seeker says:

    I have been researching branches in my family ancestry, and from the Normans, via the likes of 'Rollo' I am connected to the Jarls of Orkney, the early plunderers of the north French coast and the eastern British coasts. I have several links to the Scandinavian royal dynasties. I have Viking relatives who were with Harald Hardrada's army and fleet at Stamford Bridge. [I also number William I, and a dozen or more of those who were with him at Hastings amongst my ancestry – hence I have many medieval Noman/North/Norse men ancestral lords/earls and Dukes, and several kings of Britain – including the DeBrus/The Bruce lines] Two of my Swedish pagan kings of the Upplands were sacrificed to the 'gods of the harvest'. Some have interesting epithets, ancestors with nicknames such as 'Skull Crusher', 'The Fart', and 'The Evil Heart of Sweden' To balance things up a little, King Alfred, who finally got the Anglo-Saxons to match and even out-match Viking prowess at sea – he is another ancestor. I perked up my ears when Ragnar was mentioned – he is also an historic great grandfather. If I remember rightly, while he caused havoc on the French coast, King Alle II of Northumbria got brassed off with his antics and ambushed and took him prisoner – he then popped Ragnar into a pit filled with venomous snakes.

    Half of the royal burial mounds at Uppsala in Sweden appear to be occupied by my ancestors, I also have relatives buried in the royal mounds at Papa Westray in Orkney. The video mentions the 'Berserkers', another of my ancestors, was Ivar 'The Boneless', said to have been a Berserker'. King Knut/Cnut is an ancestral uncle.

  5. Airbender 4 says:

    Boy, I have started to watch 4 of these documentaries. And all the comments the majority of them say that all this stuff is made up. Where do I go to find the truth about my ancestors!! SOMEONE TELL ME!!!! PLEASE!!!

  6. Nazrahnas says:

    Erik The Red was freaking Danish… not Norwegian.

  7. Son of Odin says:

    The Danes where the major force of Norse going Vikingr.

  8. Henri Rameau says:

    Anyone seen my mom?

  9. Veneil says:

    I rather think the Vikings were seen by hapless coastal communities finding themselves at the pointy end of murderous Viking depredations up and down western European coasts as the ISIS of their day! Their violence was just as random and blood-thirsty and brought misery for 200 years. In fact, when it comes to sheer meaningless destruction ISIS isn't even in the same league as the Vikings!

  10. Plundering, Killing bla bla di da, So did the Romans!

  11. but I would fight well with sprite on the vikings side for freedom for All people, english or vikings , As I keep as still today 2016 , I keep always My head High … still today, for sure ( I'm Welsh / Scottish ) with the last Name as Drake or Drako before, a while back, I'm still proud to be Me a few 100 yrs later ! I would care to learn of the Truth of my past,,

  12. Who were the vikings ? The most primitive people in Europe during the middle-age ( for the Vikings it was STONE AGE  eh eh )They achieved a small  degree  of civilisation 2500 years after Italians or Greeks.

  13. actually americ was discovered by the indiians

  14. rob b says:

    I gave up after a minute. Vikings were multinational raiders and pirates – including rogues from the British Isles who all came under a common name. They weren't interchangeable with Norsemen or Danes. pfft

  15. Weren't they ship builders centuries before becoming Vikings?

  16. rawboat says:

    Lol, "Rus were Vikings". That's hilar.

  17. I prefer celtic europeans. Long live to Ireland, Wales, Portugal, Cornwall, France, Spain and Scotland!!!

  18. It is my experience that blonds are boring. Did they bludgeon and burn their way through Europe or bore it into submission,?

  19. swepeder says:

    they dont have slave they have trälar

  20. swepeder says:

    trälar was orphan  Children when the start riding they was slave or seckrefice

  21. Linda Le says:

    good video. watched it already.

  22. Denmark is part of scandinavia…..

  23. true alpha male. I am German scandinavian. I am viking. an ambassador. I hate racism however I hate stupidity equally. ibask the mighty ODIN TO GIVE YOU WISDOM

  24. true alpha male. I am German scandinavian. I am viking. an ambassador. I hate racism however I hate stupidity equally. ibask the mighty ODIN TO GIVE YOU WISDOM

  25. Hansel_eet says:

    Funny how you dont include Denmark. England was under under Danelaw fpor nearly 400 years. but I suppose its a lot to ask american media to fact chect..

  26. Claxbie says:

    the danes were the real vikings

  27. Petra Nyman says:

    I have vikingblod in my venes!! Im Swedish :-)

  28. Ender gaming says:

    i found a viking boned from one of the leaders in my yard

  29. Papa Cap says:

    they killed off my hero Ragnar,i don't want to watch it anymore