The Mysterious Stardust Ranch | Aliens, UFOs & Paranormal Activity | Documentary

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40 Responses

  1. James Powell says:

    someone needs to go spend the night at his house jeez

  2. Why not move? They casually just walk into his house and peer behind walls? I believe in aliens but crazy people make what could be other worldly life a joke. This guy might be serious but he could lie like anybody else.

  3. psm1167 says:

    A quick google search reveals the levengood died at his home surrounded by family at the age of 88. Doesn't sound like a freak lab accident to me?

  4. Alex Rain says:

    Hey Top 5s, do you ever get scared that you know too much? Keep up the good work, I enjoy your ghost stuff the best.

  5. Alex Rain says:

    This one really scared me.

  6. Idk wouldn't you think he would have moved or at least put up cameras?

  7. Yo how could u say he crazy n all this other crap if he actually had alien samples and his scientist actually died! True ignorant people will have a hard time believing

  8. sclock2 says:

    Molested? So they have dicks?

  9. Accursed91 says:

    Well there is SOMETHING there over his shoulder. Now it can just be someone in a costume but what is certain is that whatever it is it is humanoid.

  10. why doesn't he MOVE?

  11. Y am I watching this at night

  12. IYAMFARTACUS says:

    Wouldn't doubt it, but by you making all these videos about aliens and the like, shouldn't the MIB have visited you and told you to take these videos down since you're presenting supposed evidence? Just a thought, always enjoy watching your videos late at night

  13. AirAri24 says:

    There are stories of guardian spirit things that are linked to houses/places/people. The ones I'm most familiar with are those of Native American tribes and spirits that protect their families, but it is possible that the spirit at the ranch really was that place's protector and he spurned it away.

    Must have been a hardcore guardian to have been fending this things off. The video did say he was hostile looking…

  14. YAP DAF says:

    Turn it in to a B+B and make a milli.

  15. Logan Paul says:

    If he has the "Holy Grail," then that's all the more reason to keep him alive. If he dies, just think of all the waves it would make. If he's alive, he can just be dismissed as a random crazy person.

  16. What man in black are you talking about??

  17. I hope the ranch is well signposted on the roads to get there, and how big is the Gift Shop ? Do they sell those plastic blow up grey's, the big ones that are about two and a half to three foot tall ? Can i buy one of those stones that are cut out on the water jet machine ? Will i have to take my tinfoil hat off, or can i keep it on all the time ? Will my Doctor and Nurse let me out of my padded room for a day trip to the ranch ? Does anyone know the "A-Team's" phone number ? Am i really crazy, or is it you who is the crazy one ? Why do i keep asking questions all the time ?

  18. it would be really interesting if you made a video on skinwalker ranch.

  19. How have I never heard of this I'm just so surprised that This has actually happened, and the part where the doctor mysteriously died is such horse shit we know what happened to the poor man

  20. Matt Reid says:

    Mad cunt slicing aliens with machetes

  21. Is he willing to sell the ranch cheap?

  22. Jenny Cape says:

    What if it's the guy, who was first seen by john on the ranch who said he protected the ranch, going all psycho on them?

  23. This needs to be a movie

  24. Julio Cantu says:

    Ghosts and aliens are joining forces against us.

  25. Kindajessie says:

    When I was younger I used live in rainbow valley and my mom told me I said there were aliens by my windows, so watching this shocks me tbh

  26. San Cjlopes says:

    It ends here aliens are real

  27. Idol Lyrics says:

    How arrogant of the human species to straight up say that we are the only living beings in this universe. I personally believe we are not alone and all that time and money spent to try and find them was wasted because they've already found us but for some reason do not want to be seen. As for the skeptics, I think you should pull your head out of your ass enough to see that not everything is so black and white. We are not alone, especially not in this endless universe that our planet doesn't even make up a spec of.

  28. I actually saw stardust ranch in Ghost Adventures when they went to investigate the place and it was kinda scary and weird.

  29. yes i do believe for sure. this video deserves more than 1 billion views. more than. this is the best video ever made by you or anyone. 👏👏👏👏 awwwwwwwwwwsome

  30. This sounds very convincing but at the start I was wondering if the man with the machete was somehow responsible. I wonder why this hasn't been publicised more.

  31. Montueweds says:

    NASA is lying on their research of aliens. They already made contact with ages ago, their just doing a good job at keeping it quiet.

  32. x DrX x says:

    I want to believe…

  33. Rene Garcia says:

    this is believable 👍

  34. Johnny Woods says:

    the doc. was murder, not no storage accident.

  35. I highly don't know what to say. people who say that they don't believe haven't had paranormal happen to them. like me. I don't believe in aliens. I don't want to record myself in my sleep or put a camera up. I just want to sleep. lol

  36. are you the same guy who is the paranormal junkie?

  37. holy fuck so im watching this video just now and I hear this faint weird noise, im thinking its part of the video as I have ear buds in but I paused the video and I kept hearing the weird noise, I cant explain it properly but it was almost like a somewhat high pitched whining or whirling coming from outside and a bunch of dogs barking but the barks were kind of weird. I turned on the light and opened my window to hear better and it stops. its currently 3:24. this just happened. idk what to do. 3:26 now and I heard a plastic bottle fall in the hallway outside my door. im not making this up.

  38. The only reason he's alive is because it would be too suspicious if he was killed. Should be common sense I thought

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