THE MOST HAUNTED HIGH SCHOOL IN AMERICA: The Paranormal Files Ep. 1 (New Ghost Documentary HD 2015)

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23 Responses

  1. My schools auditorium is haunted. there is a ghost girl in there. I've heard some people talking about it and I've heard things too.

  2. lucciano says:

    26:56 it wasn't off wtf .. if it was off the why the hell does the screen is on and it has numbers in it -_- so what they did is cut the clip between the moment of fliping the recorder so they don't show that the screen was on and onec the reconder showed up on they cutted the clip -_- IT WASN'T OFF

  3. ISIAH powner says:

    Amazing video your doing great ive been watching alot of Ghost investigations and most are adults and they dident get even close to as much as you guys do plus your around my age and ive alwayd wanted to do what u do! If u want your sould hmu (sc powner250) (instagram)(deez_afro27)

  4. you dont need night vision cameras you just need to turn the lights on . going somewhere in the middle of the night then turning off all the lights in order for you to see better or see ghosts is equivalent to putting in ear plugs in order for you to hear better its called science not non sense.

  5. lucciano says:

    u can't see a ghost you idion Lol hahahahah this is for sure a man or women standing there shaking her hands Lmao

  6. Agnes Morris says:

    you should have left the girl's at home they talk to much less talking and more investigating Please. To many people talking couldn't hear anything ……..

  7. when he asked if it was the ghost who talked at like 36;40 somewere there it sounded like "i have no idea"

  8. I really liked the video… but something I need to say is if you bring your friends just tell them to shut up… There are times when you cant hear anything because of their whisper. Good luck in your next investigation !

  9. Queen Sofia says:

    Did someone saw a ghost at 9:35 in the right corner. Something like a black shadow?

  10. Yo this is like a legit reality ghost hunter show, love it keep it up man :D

  11. Rose Hartman says:

    I think that ghosts favorite thing to say is "I'm here" XD

  12. Rich D says:

    you guys make too much noise.can't hear anything else. next time just have one or two people go in the basement and dont say holy shit everytime you hear something.

  13. Tia Lipscomb says:

    What happened to the zozo video?

  14. What happend to episode 2 i cant find it

  15. Juligan978 says:

    You went with 15 persons and full of womens, what a kind of investigation is this?

  16. before the ghost man said I was here a female ghost said I was here to

  17. at 36:44 the ghost said "I was here"

  18. hi there I like ur videos u guys are good plz do more

  19. sorry but i have to ask could there be a homeless person sleeping in the building

  20. Coming from someone who is attending lincoln currently, it is haunted. I have seen ghosts there. Lots of shit happens.

  21. I watch tons of paranormal footage. I have the interest because I am what they call "sensitive." I see, hear and feel spirit. I would have absolutely loved this investigation…however, if you really want to get more interaction with spirit and you want to be noticed by the public as true professionals, you need to do these jobs with just the three guys. The girls are not as invested as you guys. If they were, they would not let their fear take over each and every time. I have to be honest…they were extremely annoying.

  22. Im zVyral says:

    Sounded like a joker laugh

  23. whats this supposed to me a parody of ghost adventures? ??

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