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  1. and one more thing they have a video of Rodger Patterson walking down the street walking exactly the way that big foot did in the Patterson video Rodger Patterson was the big foot

  2. everybody knows that the Patterson video was proven a fake

  3. y dont people ever wear a bear outfit

  4. Why is it that anything worth watching has an issue with video and audio lining up? Do you have to do that when you steal something off the TV?

  5. did you mean Oakland mi?

  6. gaz riley says:

    it's a noise – no shit sherlock

  7. when people say its usual a big black hump that appears in the water in loch Ness monsters sightings rather then a a head nd neck , that still makes better sense that it's a pleasoir because sciences say that pleasiours couldn't lift their necks

  8. tony Patton says:

    6.38 a loony tribe elder heard some radio squall says its bigfoot? he,s a loony tribe ffs says it all haha

  9. tony Patton says:

    How can you prove a confirmed hoax as truth??? wtf? I've just seen I huge hump I was watching gang bang 5 HD version now that's a real hump fest and my favourite !

  10. tony Patton says:

    25.07 its watching its footfalls like a person walking in the woods animals don't because they are sure footed amongst there own surroundings total BS hoax

  11. T. Davis says:

    Every time I go for a walk in my Bigfoot outfit people keep taping me. My doctor says the walks help me after my neck fusion surgery.

  12. i think bigfoot or sasquatch and loch ness monsters have gene's inside of them

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