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  1. The KII says:

    Hi There
    I've recently by accident discovered Nigel Farages videos and i TOTALLY AGREE with all his points he's the kind of PM this country needs.
    BUT we aren't doing enough to get UKIP voted into parliament in the next general election.
    We need to employ
    Internet marketers to
    get the word out
    create more promotional videos
    Use mailing lists to promote UKIP
    Posters to be displayed in CITY CENTRES
    Articles in the news papers if they would be allowed hell create our own newspaper if need be.
    I strongly believe in UKIP and I'm angry that i only found out by mistake it means the word isn't reaching ordinary English ppl like me. Efforts MUST BE doubled if we are to make a difference.
    I shall be inviting all of my friends to vote UKIP and my family too, and for the first time in 10 years i will be voting too. As UKIP is not made up of career politicians but a genuine party that needs our support.
    But this needs to be repeated on a nation wide scale.
    Get the word out re-double your efforts and we may see the UK we want to be again.

  2. Not sure if I agree with everything you said – come look at my channel esp the politics playlist!

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