The Making Of Modern Britain The Great War (BBC)

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  1. Maybe this'll help my as levels…

  2. octchung says:

    all WW1 soldiers are gone, none of them may say one more word now! Please treasure your life time. Don't do anything evil, don't!

  3. CNJSCN says:

    24.52 I've been there. 

  4. Olaf Anders says:

    Very well-played documentary, this would help me a lot.

  5. Olaf Anders says:

    Very well-played documentary, this would help me a lot.

  6. British weren't attacked in 1914, they joined the war out of free choice. In the process they help preserve their historical enemies – Russia and France. And all because of stupid jealousy for Germany's phenomenal economic growth.

  7. I agree, it is an absolutely brilliant series!

  8. I couldn't agree more. Brilliant documentary.

  9. It could of been worse! It could of been an American documentary. You know how it goes (hollywood) style, 'America won the war all by themselves' lol.
    Your biggest issue is the fact that you hate my great country.
    You diagnosis is as follows (inferiority complex), simple as that. I hope that you get well soon. If you are unable to watch and digest anything British, may I suggest that you view things more on a par with your intelligence. There are plenty of American documentaries for you.

  10. @ cortodanzigese
    "British weren't attacked in 1914"
    No – nor did they attack Germany. In fact they never attacked Germany at any stage during the war. All Britain's actions against German forces in the West were in either Belgium or France – two places that Germany should not have been in and which it invaded for no reason.
    Germany was the first power to declare war on another – despite never having been attacked or invaded. Germany was;
    The first to invade a neutral country.
    The first to execute civilians,
    The first to target civilians from the sea.
    The first to carry out bombings on civilians by air.
    The first to use poison gas.

    if you're looking for some moral equivalency between Britain and Germany you won't find it. Germany was a modern country in 1914 but the German mindset and its morals were still rooted in the middle ages.

    "And all because of stupid jealousy for Germany's phenomenal economic growth"
    Germany did achieve great economic growth in the 20 yrs prior to the war. It was therefore an act of insanity for it to have started WW1  – which would have bankrupted them and most of the rest of Europe even if Germany had won.
    What Germany did in 1914 has to go down as the greatest act of stupidity in modern times. Well, the actually the 2nd greatest – the 1st is when people like you try to defend Germany's actions.

  11. Pityparty says:

    One can't help but wonder where Britain would be today if America hadn't joined the war. 

  12. Pityparty says:

    War is so stupid!!!!

  13. Does anybody know the name of the song starting at 0:58? 

  14. Great documentary

  15. James West says:

    Great documentary the only thing that annoys me about the way world wars are portrayed in documentaries is that they make it sound like only white people fought for the allies in ww1 and 2. The key is in the statement Britain and her empire declares war on Germany empire equals India, Ghana, Nigeria etc    

  16. jesus, why don't you jump up and down and YELL a little more, Andrew. what a piece of shite doc. 

  17. BIGVERN1966 says:


    The UK entered the War because of a number of reasons:-

    The main one was that the Germans invaded Belgium (which was what finally pushed the UK government over the top). Had that not happened the UK may have been able to stay out. 

    The UK did have an unofficial alliance with the French, but we didn't have to act on it.

    The UK's policy had always been to ensure that no single nation took over Europe, mainly to stop that nation then using all of the resources they then had against the UK.    

  18. I don't laugh at any war, especially WWI. Anyone who took History of Great Britian would know that England had no choice. With treatys they had with other countrys they had to enter the war to help France, Belgium, and others. Germany invaded Poland and were on their way south to the Ottoman Empire and this had to be stopped. Millions died on both sides. The U.S. didn't enter until 1917, second to the last year because if we let Germany take over western Europe and England we would have been at risk. Read your history folks. ( And Japan had invaded China and we had a treaty with Russia protect them from advancing Germany and danger from their east also)

  19. Also correction on American casualies: Wounded, 204,002, killed, 124,516, total wounded and deaths 320,518, NOT 40K. Many American soldiers retrieved and brought to England died of their injuries in English hospitals.

  20. bushranger71 says:

    oh the fatal distraction…my my Mr Asquith.
    History is so interesting, why did we not get told the nitty gritty instead of just dates and places?? Thanks for uploading this. BBC is fabulous!

  21. at all 2 wars usa take the most,geostrategic- economic and a desroyed europe

  22. PLUMBER : says:

    Germany should have been taken over after ww1 by multiple nations so to ensure nothing like this would happen again. Instead we left them to rebuild there country and rearm. Mistake!!

  23. UrWifeMyKid says:

    No one here has any right to argue against each other, only those who served can. It was not in Britains interest to join the war, however the british being british ( and its common wealth ) have this attitude of helping others first then our ow country later. They contributed along with france the most in the war, considering they had started their military from scratch from 250,000.

    They also were the only ones who could effectivly battle 1917 onwards. Thse of you saying we lost the war during the food crises. They imported 2/3s of their food anyway. They were not importing any extra. It was due to the cunning Enemies who had Uboats sinking merchant ships. People should be proud of Britain, instead of slacking it. Im not even British im from the USA. If all of you forgot we are two countries in the world who hold the most powerful relationship. Id be proud to fight along side a country with such determination and attitude.

  24. This is so boring .I don't even understand what its talking about, seriously History sucks!!!! 

  25. Dave Powers says:

    Very interesting and well-done documentary, as is to be expected from the #BBC  regarding the #GreatWar  ( #WW1  )

  26. Nothing beats British history

  27. Pfsif says:

    When will the common man stop going to war for the Sociopathic elite.  

  28. 9TheMajor says:

    Pricelessly fascinating little known facts. 

  29. Ralf Rath says:

    Making of modern Britain. The British Empire was already modern but after war with germany the glorious British Empire disappeared forever in history like the Roman Empire. Germany was superior! If Britain did not declared war on germany then no world wars but the British Empire would have survive! 

  30. None of you ignorant imbeciles understand why this British prick's description of Fisher's demand that Churchill be kicked out of the cabinet is labeled as a "constitutional coup'  a "fantasy that generals and admirals might have dreamt about.". 

    It was not a constitutional fucking coup.  It was not an attempt at a constitutional coup.  It was an intelligent demand to get this retarded, insane, incompetent piece of trash out of the war cabinet because he was singlehandedly destroying the entire war effort and the British navy.

    None of you ignorant illiterate imbeciles understand why this British prick describes Fisher's demand that Churchill be canned as so outlandish, so unthinkable, that "but nobody had actually dared to propose it to a British Prime Minister."

    None of you illiterate idiots understand why this British prick describes Fisher's demand that Churchill be canned as "deranged".

    Later,too late, when it was far too late to correct the blunders which that idiot had committed:  After 1/2 a millions casualties in the Gallipoli fiasco and disaster; Churchill was indeed canned.  And it was no longer an idea that came from someone who was "deranged", but a simple common sense decision to get rid of this fuckup, this drunkard, this mentally damaged mongoloid imbecile.  This British prick fails to tell you this fact.  This British prick doesn't want you to know that Churchill was indeed canned and kicked out of the cabinet.

    None of you unread idiots understand why this  British prick whitewashes Churchill by how he chooses his words>>>  instead of calling the bombardment and  invasion of Gallipoli a monumental blunder, he calls it Churchill's "Turkish adventure". As if it wasn't important in the larger scheme of things.   Instead of what it actually was: the greatest, most humiliating naval and land defeat in the history of the British Empire.

    None of you brainwashed baboons understand the propaganda shit that the BBC spews and has always spewed.  None of you brainwashed retards understand exactly how you have been brainwashed.  This piece of BBC propaganda whitewash stinks of lies, innuendo, misinformation and bullshit from top to bottom…..  while mixing in a few correct historical facts.

    None of you insane freaks know how to sift the lies from he facts, reality from fiction, fiction from fact, truth from falsity.

  31. Ralf Rath says:

    Britian declared war on germany in 1914 and statrted a world war but was not attacked! What I want to say is that British Politicians risk a world war – or for the first time in history Politicians risked a world war a war whatever the costs could be for own british people! Was this reasonable? NO!
    But reasons played no rule here except Intrests of Brtish Politicians to start this modern warfare of world wars whatever the costs could be! This was new in history!
    And the British Politicians knew that own british people were not prepared! And they knew even tjat own brtish civilian people in own british homeland were not protected!
    But nevertheless! They declared war! Why? What was the reasons behind this disaster decision – maybe the biggest mistake ever made in history??? 
    To answer this queston we only have to understand this "british politicians"!
    But there are no doubts today that British Politicians were not up to date their jobs. Not enough they started the somme disaster, the galipoly disaster and after that the Versaille treaty disaster that made the next world war possible long long before a cracy dictator Hitler came to power!

  32. YiannisPho says:

    Part 1 of 6, The Making of Modern Britain: The Great War, is serious, comprehensive, informative, and insightful. It expertly mixes revealing original pictures with a narration by Andrew Marr. A BBC production, of course. Not to be missed by modern history buffs.

  33. It doesn't take long for 'want war' to turn into 'want out of war'….

  34. Concerning the Lusitania.
    What they don't mention is that Germany declared a war zone around the British Isles.
    Any ship sailing in this war zone, would do so at own risk. Fair enough. So, don't sail into the war zone = no risk at all.
    If GB didn't like that, then how about renouncing the blockade which the RN had declared on the entrances of the North Sea immediately after they declared war, not only blockading Germany, but ALSO severely restricting trade to neutral nations like the Netherlands, Sweden or Denmark?
    Tit for tat.
    If you are an arsehole, then don't call somebody else an arsehole.
    Makes you look like an idiot….unless of course one lives in a nation filled with hypocrites and apologists…

  35. Watching this as homework and you don't know whether you have to write about it.

  36. Ralf Rath says:

    Britain has started the first world war but Britain was not attacked – there were even no enemy troops mobilsed to attack Britain. British people lived in peace in 1914 and they had nothing to fear except own british politicains. The intention to declare war on Germany was already made by Britain long before the local war in europe had started from 28. Juli 1914. I do not know why some historians today do not know this simple facts. But always important is that Britian has won this war – but even this is not the truth.

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