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23 Responses

  1. DEEPAK M says:

    very informative, proud to be a HINDU

  2. AUM 314 says:

    Overall great documentary! OM Tat Sat… May the Supreme Lord help us, All…

  3. great video
    but a humble request to work with video on kalyuga and avtars of vishnu

  4. It was amazing! thank you

  5. MAPOLISCI says:

    Since my teen years I have felt a connection India and things Indian. Something I never understood though. Nearly every Indian I have seen, met, befriended, visited in Ashrams and temples, seen on film are dark or shades of brown skin. Yet by and large the paintings of Gods and Goddesses are more caucasian in appearance. Even noticed a representation of Ghandi in this film was light skinned. why is that? This is a serious question. Please no negative comments.

  6. great video! I was raised Christian but I follow Hinduism. I have been seeing spirits my whole life and Hinduism had had an explanation for everything I have seen or been. I am ready to learn everything I can about this religion and find my true purpose on this life
    God bless


  8. Gaurav Bagul says:

    thank you God for giving me this eternal religion of hindu..proud and blessed.

  9. being Hindu feel proud.. har har mahadev

  10. Rohit Sharma says:

    Amazing work. Proud to have people like you.

  11. hamaid khan says:

    vedas have great information to think upon and correct belief. Even ramayan and mahabharat is full of wisdom and knowledge. the respectable figures in Hinduism gives great information about life.

  12. Prem Thapa says:

    why there is only hindu means indian? what about nepal where still 85% of population is hindu and pasupatinath and muktinath one of the holy hindu temples..

  13. Cîty musiç says:

    I love Hindu so much i went from christian to hindu

  14. idcaf says:

    Hello. one question, please help. At 2:36 i hear him say "somewhere up to 80,000", but the captioning says "somewhere up to 8,000".
    Which is correct, 8000 or 80000? I'm super interested about this stuff, i never heard if it in my education.

  15. HoneyLuv KC says:

    This makes me so proud of my people :)

  16. very good information spread greatness of Sanatan dharma to all over the world

  17. Vipin Maurya says:

    it is best video i ever seen. lovely!!! Jai shree krishna!!!!

  18. Himanshu Rai says:

    best explained sir !!

  19. great work guys….keep it up…
    hinduism has been misunderstood badly…
    hope this will help..

  20. Matt Miklas says:

    6:30 "The words Hindu and India both come from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which means 'river'"

  21. Thanks for reminding  our great culture sir

  22. John Wick says:

    comment section are nice here ….. i went to the islam section before it was pure chaos there……