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  1. RHM 407 says:

    Man your so confused, gentiles being black? Man you sound like a fool.gentiles are from europe the caucasian race.We jews know who we are and they are black.You are right when you say black in america are not african. But we are Israel.

  2. nice job pard…..thanx for all your efforts….may Yah bless you

  3. Interesting. we are to believe in an invisible absentee parent? We need to believe this over all the other lies of over a thousand years?

  4. Waleed James says:

    Great piece other then calling hebrew Israelite black jewish slaves. We are not jews we are better then them. We are hebrew israelites. many have returned to their covenant with the Most High by way of Islam through the Hebrew Israelite Ishmael. We are black by color not by identity. Jews are whom stoled our identity. Stop using our oppressors vocabulary to identify us.

  5. Waleed James says:

    Why is Islam the enemy? It's the only belief system i.e. the Quran that follows the laws given to Moses, Jesus and Abraham PBUT. Not the Muslims, but the book itself. Islam strongest tenet is the first commandment given to Moses PBUH. What gives?

  6. Waleed James says:

    Read the Quran not the history of the Arabs. Allah reveal it through them to prove He could flip the most barbaric of people into the best. Though they have broken this covenant as well and it is the Hebrews whom are resurrecting Islam back to its true glory of the Most High.

  7. Fallin Alone says:

    excellent video man

  8. cat says:

    Hebrews 9:15 For this reason He is the mediator of a new covenant, so that, since a death has taken place for the redemption of the transgressions that were committed under the first covenant, those who have been called may receive the promise of the eternal inheritance.

  9. cat says:

    Once Christ died and was risen the new covenant began. If you are reading from the King James bible, you can't miss this brother

  10. The question I ask myself is "what's next for us?" I get the feeling that our plight as slaves and the scorn of mankind is yet to continue for quite a bit longer…

  11. The man who is speaking, is this his youtube channel or is someone else posting?

  12. Mercas Edgar says:

    ok black americans you are not africans because africans are proud to be from africa

  13. fam the Israelites are the Egyptians that "were slaves" and there is NO SUCH THING AS RACE its jus words made up to keep us separated n all y'all doin is feeding into the ageless old blacks being slaves since ever in the history or the world

  14. I stopped at 14:00. If you are getting all this from the bible…then you need to read something else. Because that shit only teach blacks self-hate and was crafted by white people. Then they beat the shit out of us to learn it. Not saying that the whole Christianity was made by whites. But I am saying that it has been messed with. Meaning it's corrupted.

  15. so, how do you know how to practice the laws in the Torah

  16. Jay Bee says:

    You stated that the ibo didn't travel northeast with Moses. if thats the case, then why would god curse the Ibo? wasnt the curse based on a people in isreal and Judah?

  17. not sure if I commented on this already…… but watching this again I realize that this is by far is one of the few mind opening videos i have watched as of late….. I am fascinated with documentaries and I went on a hunt for a documentary about the cacacus mountain early settlers and then I also looked at documentaries about the civilization and growth of places like great Britain, Wales etc…. and I still had questions BUT the explanation that ALL these different European cultures and others are in fact truly ROMANS makes too much sense…. what's baffling to me for forever is if White America's that came to Plymouth Rock which are in fact originally ANGLO SAXS AND SUCH because they escaped religious persecution why then do America and Europe and even the Catholic Church seem to be allies. how does that make sense? anyone?

  18. African American History does not end in 1968.

  19. Barry Brann says:

    Hebrews so called african American wake up the most high is waking us up. listen hear what the spirit are saying we are to be obedient to the laws of the most high. come out of babylon the false religions that enslave our lives our minds our communities I was a black seventh day adventist kept the Sabbath i kept the health laws but their is a division of the races by churches black conference and white Asian. and some mixed churches but still I knew wrong name of Messiah. the holidays Easter and Xmas are part of Christian holidays my brethren. me being Hebrew was like winning the lottery learning the most high hebrew name it was so amazing now I preach to all my families and friends and gentiles who we are the baptist the Catholic Arabs police everyone. this is the greatest news on this planet. love him with all your heart and soul. the most high said if you love me keep my commandments. obedience love free your mind I see in the spirit my dreams are blessed. listen to the Israelites. they will lead you to know yourself. examine you. with fear and trembling. I've been in this Hebrew truth for 4 months I'm so on fire for the most high he is good. some will hate you. show love and patience some are not called they will walk away. but you hebrews don't think leave your calling to your heavenly to father check out Enoch his book and many related subject as you gain knowledge you will not be destroyed. shalom. this video is the bomb shalom

  20. Mercas Edgar says:

    ya smoke Way too much crack.yall come from west and east africa.

  21. im a mooer all of this is a big lie come out of Christianity go and look in the bible and see this.exodus 21-2-11.  and deuteronmy. 15-12-18-and 23-15-16. now all this is in the Christianity bible. it time to all so called blacks to come out.go to and key in this.thank god for slavey.

  22. 718robin says:

    Great Video!!!!

  23. Tone B says:

    What if I came to your resident
    Put you on a slave ship
    Supposedly shipped you and your family to a whole, other, continent
    Then made you work for free
    The made you clean my shoes
    Then let me fuck your wife
    Them make her cook my food
    How bout they open schools
    Where they gon teach our kids, a whole lot of bull shit
    But nuthin about they're true indigenous, heritage
    And now they build FEMA jails
    They filled with plenty cells
    Locked you up, beat you up
    Now they're fence to raise the bail
    I'm ah give you a job
    But ain't no benefits
    I'm ah make hard for ya until you call it quits
    Hope you commit a crime
    So I can give you time
    I'm just gon tell you lies
    I'm tryin to help you die
    Let's say I'm the president
    Let's say I'm the congressman
    Let's say I'm the judges
    And the crooked ass police-man
    Let's say I'm the klu klux clan in the governments
    The DEA, FBI
    Let's just say Its all of them

  24. I AM KANG! says:

    How to be African: 1.  Walk around virtually naked 2.  Drink cow blood 3.  Put a ring through your nose 4.  Be starving and eat leaves 5.  Have Ebola and die in agony 6.  Have sex with a baby to cure yourself from HIV 7.  Circumcise girls and boys without anaesthetic 8.  Dance like a maniac 9.  Eat Albinos 10. Massacre rival tribes 11. Eat anything that moves including people 12. Make a mud hut out of cow shit and straw 13. Eat monkey meat and get AIDS 14. Shit on the floor in your mud hut. 15. Run around topless with your boobies flopping around all over the place. 16. Ass rape your cell mate! 17. Wonder who your daddy is. 18. Force woman into prostitution. 19. Stand on a street corner and let your fat lips flap in the wind as you wrap out a little ditty! 20. Blame the white man for all your woes.

  25. yomama Obamy says:

    This heah be's yo prezi-dent Obamy. My pappy was from the great tribe of Tim-buk-three. My ugly ape ho of a wife came down from a tree in Swaziland. Yo yo, fo sho. I be lookin to have me's sum fried chicken.

  26. You just propagating bullcrap!
    You need to do more research before saying Africans knew what they were selling…How stupid is that!!!RESEARCH

  27. Jorge Pineda says:

    are Mexicans decedent's of Israel

  28. Get the fuck outta here Nigga. Everything you said was bullshit

  29. Shalom! All I can say is… WHOA! I knew most of this but not broken down in such detail ,with credible sources to back up the presented information. I prayed this morning that The Most High would give me a tool to use, to show my family what caused the change in me. My hope is that it will cause a change in them as well! Now they will turn to Yah, and understand why it was necessary for me to abandon Christianity and let go of Thanksgiving and Christmas and all those pagan holidays which cause us to be in violation of the Covenant. Peace and Blessings my brother! A great thing you have put together here! Hadassah.

  30. Sean Pierre says:

    Thank You. Coming Soon.

  31. your surname is not really your real surname it was given to you.all african americans have a false surname.

  32. If the Israelites had of obeyed, as they had promised Jehovah God they would, they wouldn't have been slaves. But since they didn't obey like our first parents didn't, God let them be captured and put into servitude.

  33. This is very very interesting. I followed along with you writing down scriptures. Being one of Jehovahs Witnesses, we study the Bible in depth and the info you are presenting fits in greatly. When Moses pled his case for his ppl to Pharaoh and he finally agreed to let the Israelites go, many Egyptians left with them. They realized the true God had caused all of the plagues and many probably lost their firstborn with other Egyptians. They realized Pharaoh was crazy. God made them his chosen ppl, gave Moses a list of rules, or laws they were to live by. Oh they promised they would do everything Jehovah God asked of them. But time after time they would slip and beg Jehovah for forgiveness and he would take them back. God made them his chosen people. If they had of continued doing what was right in the eyes of the true God, they would not have been put into servitude. So God finally washed his hands of them and opened the way for Gentiles to become reconciled to him. Now instead of Gods chosen ppl being Israelites, they way was opened for anyone who wanted to serve him with spirit and truth. Jehovah God washed his hands ,so to speak, of them when his son was hung upon a stauros or torture stake and died. Jesus and Jehovah knew to fulfill the prophecy spoken by God way back in the Garden of Eden had to be fulfilled but who would do it wasn't known until it happened. Since God disowned them, the nation of Israel has had turmoil ever since. I can talk on the Bible for hours. Again, than you for this very interesting info. I'm sleepy now,so I'll finish in the morning. I love in Washington state, and it's almost midnight. So nitetynite😊💤


  35. stop talking nonsense. all blacks come from afrika shame on you with ur bogus theory.

  36. So according to you Africans have always been slaves some how I don't belive that bullshit i believe africans were free in Africa.


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