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  1. gr8 video. u deserve more likes

  2. mrwong11989 says:

    I could name three things that mostly make up the human race: obesity, homelessness and violence which makes up 75% of the entire human race while 25% is other

  3. that chicken looks tasty. they could show us how to roast a chook.

  4. Dan Reid says:

    Why would modern humans lose their body hair? Especially in cold climates?
    It is absurd to my little mind.

  5. All this is accepted science … and I write this on 10-16 2016 … although I was not aware that the date of the building of the Great Pyramid was still up for debate …
    And I didn't know of the discovery of the 10,000 yr old building complex in southern India … which is amazing!
    We CAN conclude that we under-estimate ourselves and our potential …
    Maybe it is very normal to think that, collectively, we are always living 'on the razor's edge', considering our challenging experiences since the Toba eruption …
    But maybe every stress, whatever its source … prompts us forward, as all this evidence seems to indicate.
    Maybe … just MAYBE … the best is yet to come … (y) 🙂
    (Speaking Very Long-Term!)
    Factor it ALL in …
    Success in evolution is based on correct perception of your real situation …

  6. Blu Blu says:

    the ONLY people that LOST hair on there bodys is WHITES DUDE

  7. Superb, straightforward and non superstitious offering. Impressive, indeed. Dig on..

  8. Outrjs says:

    This video is just made up garbage. A bunch of pseudo science. They don't know shit. They hate God so here is the "real" truth.

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