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23 Responses

  1. I normally find these things very interesting but the story isn't being told in a way that is easy to follow. Flipping back and forth with different people saying various things, it just doesn't flow well at all. Not trying to be mean

  2. such a disappointment. Terrible story telling, an hour of no substance and squirrel style editing.

  3. SuperFree06 says:

    I just wasted 64 minutes and 15 seconds of my life on this. I have had a better time watching paint dry.

  4. Rj Chavers says:

    This "follow up" taking an unexpected route altogether is great. The missing suicide gun was a shock to me & I don't think I had ever considered him having a partner in crime before. Thanks for doing this & making it available for viewing!

  5. callyharley says:

    If the killer was anything like this video his modus operandi was death by boredom……..

  6. Biz Smith says:

    im very happy to be here

  7. I read this book. he killed alot of people and his wife never noticed?

  8. It's always the same garbled recordings and meaningless readings from some device; always some "psychic" with the same vague bs; always some idiot paranormal investigators with night vision cameras in their faces, asking the same stupid questions that never get answered by any ghost. An hour of nothing, is all this is, just like any ghost documentary.

  9. Q -Man says:

    This has absolutely no direction, and has terrible progression. Save yourself the migraine that this video's video cuts will give you.

  10. Interesting subject but impossible to watch this: I gave up half-way. Instead of investigating the paranormal, they really need to investigate the normal – like how to make a watchable film. As someone mentioned earlier, it's all over the place. Hope they read these comments and learn from them.

  11. Very poor quality. Its not even worth watching.

  12. Misty Blue says:

    It was just misleading they said MOVIE it is a documentary I will come back to it just not right now

  13. As a Paranormal investigator, it would be an honor to have the chance to make a film here and investigate!

  14. publicity. people making money and getting famous from bad things happening. they did this story on paranormal witness too.

  15. Dorothy Rai says:

    most of the videos r removed..wanna watch some real horror movies..any1 can suggest??

  16. Linda Bealer says:

    At 1:04:10, I don't think the EVP was "No one cares," but rather "Don't wanna' play no more!"

  17. Swamp Gas, obviously Swamp Gas.

  18. you never know the mind of people no matter how long you've known people there's a side you don't know and probably will never see, some people will say Oh I know bob he would never do this or that and in actuality you really don't know Bob at all you know what bob wants you to know and what he does not want you to know you won't and never will just like this guy I'm sure many were shocked who thought they knew him so well, this is really frightening and yes I agree they need to tare that place down but they probably won't because its beautiful and probably will sell as is also even if they did those spirits will still roam those grounds because they were murdered there but bottom line its all about money not spirits but as beautiful as it is I wouldn't live there if they gave it to me for Free.

  19. zZHoUnDZz says:

    They should tear this house down.

  20. 27kdon says:

    Sadly this movie fails at being entertaining or informative

  21. Ocelot1962 says:

    I stopped at 9 minutes. It thought I was looking at the introduction of the video, but it appears the whole thing is like this. Is there a point were the documentary actually starts? If not, this vid is crap.

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