The First Peoples of Europe History – Full Documentary Movies 2015 HD

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  1. Other scientists have proven that the same part of the brain is used for language and tool making. So if you see that a race made tools it can be inferred that they also had the ability of language.

  2. RICK H says:

    There's still plenty of Neanderthal folks around big teeth and all. Just not many in college so these academics think they are extinct. I know one that the cops tazed him for not turning down his music and it barely phased him. I think academia are trying to find ways around the missing link theory that they all know is BS just can't own up to it.

  3. And these early modern humans in Europe were African, as in dark skinned. This depiction in this film of "modern humans" from that time is essentially incorrect.

  4. loonatic7 says:

    That dude from Madison, Wisconsin did just call himself an Anthapologist, didn't he.

  5. spudnic88 says:

    What about the tiny brained humans like Donald Trump?

  6. Dzezik 23 says:

    i think that addictions and faith in god are the most stupid ideas we took from neanderthals, this are very sophisticated things requires big brain but are completely useless and blocks further development, but there are also good things we took from neandthertal, no i think , belive in magic thing is much older and we share it since about milion years

  7. Dzezik 23 says:

    ups, there is an error in the movie, why the homo sapiens are white? if they came from Africa wow they can be white? if they are white it means they already meet neanderthals in middle east.

  8. just basing this on what happened when other cultures rediscovered each other. some trade, some war, some interbreeding, and disease nearly wipes out one side or the other. this seems most plausible to me. maybe modern humans brought malaria or measles with them and that killed off the neanderthals. the second thing that trikes me is the assumption that since we don't have artifact or fossil evidence of migration or interaction that it didn't happen. the current story is that neanderthals left africa ~250,000 years ago and that modern humans followed them ~50,000 years ago and for the intervening 200,000 years nobody left africa for europe. this seems preposterous given you can walk there through the middle east, or take a short raft trip into spain. humans are curious and would go there just to see what was there maybe every few generations and would stay if what they found was as good or better than what they left.

  9. many human species we interbred through millions of years with humans of all kinds we lived and we worked together

  10. Gene Auger says:

    The blind leading the blind and so it goes. Some people will believe anything!

  11. Dale Gribble says:

    whites are human too .whites came from Altantean Aryan Nordic Japhethite Caucasiod Caucasian Europid Nohide Adamites

  12. very interesting documentary

  13. amber wilson says:

    Who's gonna clean up all that coffee soaked paper when they're done filming, doe…

  14. 11:47 the bones where the eyebrows looks like being sand down. To look better with a hominoid? Science is like religion. Cannot be trusted. At least scientist don't burn you on a stick and do not condemn you to eternal deamination for disagreeing.

  15. Andrea Sims says:

    Ok, someone talking about Europe who does not have a European accent but insists on referring to themselves as 'we' when talking about Europeans? Just has no credibility in my eyes, sorry. (despite the fact, their ancestors WOULD have OBVIOUSLY come from here)

  16. Chris Pascoe says:

    Who says the Neanderthals are extinct……. I've seen quite a few over the years. lol

  17. Bradley Cook says:

    so who screwed who?

  18. Johnnie C. says:

    Human beings are wonderful creatures. Both modern humans and Neanderthals.

  19. apburner1 says:

    I am glad that those that made it to Europe evolved into full humans.

  20. This is happening again in Europe constant immigration and large families , the destruction of the European!.
    This act of mass immigration is a deliberate treasonal act by Europeans elite.

  21. Good to hear there are some neanderthals still out there going by some of the comments.

  22. I wonder or if they even knew who god is

  23. >> why did the mammoth who lived millions of years die off along
    Obviously, not all cats died and not all mammoth like animals died. Cats and elephants exist today. Animals, ALL FORMS OF LIFE, become specialized to their environments over time, AKA evolution. The animals that become the most SPECIALIZED to an environment are the ones that are MOST at risk if the environment changes. The animals that became the most SPECIALIZE to the last ICE AGE environment are the ones that died off because the environment changed. Not all life forms from the last ICE AGE died, but those that were most ADAPTED TO or SPECIALIZED for the last ICE AGE did die off. That is the major issue today with GLOBAL WARMING. The environment is changing faster than evolution can adapted and as a result, life forms, PLANT and ANIMAL life forms that are least able to adjust to a WARMER GLOBAL TEMPERATURE environment will die off and become extinct.

    All live adapts to the environment over time. Those that succeed the most in an environment are the ones that live and become more SPECIALIZED for that environment. But if the environment changes, the forms of life that are the most adapted to and SPECIALIZED to the OLD environment are the first to die off. The least SPECIALIZED forms of life , the more diversified forms of life are the ones that survive and adapt to the new and different environment.

    But of course the process starts all over again, as the NEW ENVIRONMENT stabilizes, the existing forms of life that survived the CHANGE become accustom to and adapt to and become more SPECIALIZED to the new environment. The different forms of life evolve or progress at different rates. Some become SPECIALIZED and some are not as SPECIALIZED. BUT ONCE THE environment changes again, the MOST SPECIALIZED to the previous environment are the first to die off.


    SPECIALIZED forms of life are more successful in a particular environment. But LESS specialized or more DIVERSIFIED forms of life are better able to survive when a particular environment changes, and of course the process starts all over once again.

    THE CYCLE of LIFE. AKA Evolution.

  24. Humans gather into groups, distrust and make war on people who are not like them. Start in a high school lunch room and make your way to the many many cases of genocide throughout the world and history. We want to eradicate those not like us. Back then it kept our tribe safe and that's why we all have prejudice built into us. Sometimes we justify saying these people aren't human. That's what southerners did to blacks during slavery. Germans to Jews, Canadians to mung, Japanese to Chinese, Australian to Aborigines, Americans to native American, and on and on and on. With Neanderthals who really aren't human, that instinct must have been that much greater. If we have intermingled genes, it probably is a result of what always goes on in these situations. Using rape as a way to subjugate your enemy. It happens all the time. it happened then. We also did not just commingle and they gradually lost out, we pushed them off the content. The last neanderthal settlement was in a cave on the shores of Gibraltar. No where else to go. They say use common sense and this is what makes sense using history as a guide. I am not saying prejudice is a good thing today but neither is obesity. It's just something from our species past that we really should overcome with rational thought. But it is reality. We were not buddy buddy with neanderthals.

  25. I cannot believe in evolution as it cannot be proven, I believe in adaptation but not in evolution. Ancient buildings exist that cannot be reproduced with our technology today. Man was far more advanced in ancient times…

  26. alanmeires says:

    They have never found bones of early monkey so half what they talk about is a load of old bollocks.

  27. Sonya Gower says:

    omg! evolution does NOT exist!!! IF it did we would be SEEING THIS TODAY… we as humans would see that with our own eyes in EVERY STAGE… it wouldn't just stop! GIVE ME A BREAK! satan at his finest!

  28. Sonya Gower says:

    love it when they TRY to make it to go with THEIR belief! IF they would look at the BIBLE. EVERYTHING is in there! to ME i think Those people in their belief are gullible, and STUPID! They keep changing the dates! WOW Humans only go back around 14,000 years! so these people are full of shit! lol

  29. Sonya Gower says:

    yeah ding dong scientist! you DO need to rethink! lol on the 6th day God created men, fishers gatherers Hunters etc GOD said IT WAS GOOD!…. on the 8th day God created THE Adam…. The Bloodline of Jesus! SO EVERY race was here at Least 2,000 years BEFORE white people.

  30. Aassassin101 says:

    What's up with the slow motion effect being used every 5 seconds?

  31. Vanessa Rae says:

    Who else thinks that the giants referred to in genesis could have been Neanderthals?? After all it says there were giants outside of eden and they found wives there…

  32. Just give it a rest if those who believe God is real so be it thos who don't drop it can't we all just agree to disagree

  33. So where is the documentary on the first people of asia? The first people of Arabia? The first people of India?

  34. Astavakra says:

    And that day niggers got the first taste of white bitches. And they were hooked ever since! Must be something in the diet what makes white pussy taste so Goddammed good to them!

  35. Hrh Fish says:

    I have nothing against people who want a relationship with a God if they need that to live a good and productive life. Religious are supposed to be tolerant of others beliefs. They get upset when their belief is brought into question. Even science adapts and evolves with new ideas challenging the old. I get pissed off with Christians who force their intolerant and judgemental hyperbole from a book written by MEN (not God) over 2000 years ago who's authors had no idea about the principles of magnetism or bacteria.Gods were a creation of MEN to explain why we are here before modern science evolved. Religion has surpressed the enlightenment of human kind.

  36. Brenda Be says:

    you lost me at neandertals. rubbish and lies. creation not evolution.. ignorance

  37. Yes…this is a mixture of mythology, evolution and false research. The ancient peoples were just the same as nowadays, except with different inventions and they would have had different haplogroups.

  38. James R says:

    This is misleading. There is no evidence that Neanderthals came out of Africa.

    The geneticist at the beginning stated it: before genetics, the theory was that they never interbred. However, we know that is completely wrong. As a matter of fact Neanderthal was classified as a different species as stated in the video. This is what they don't tell you in the video and they alluded to it: that it is impossible for species to propagate. Of course, a mule is the offspring of horse and donkey but they are usually born sterile. There have been relatively few incidences where they could reproduce but it is so rare that making reproduction almost impossible.

    Well, that being said perhaps Neanderthal and modern humans weren't different species. As a matter, they are just getting to it that there all some of humans walking around with Neanderthal DNA. Something that some of those old stuffy anthropologist said was wrong: I am guessing they fill stupid right about now!

  39. SuperMaimed says:

    part neanderthal, part modern. .. nah.. neanderthal and the other make the modern human.

    and most importantly. the same mitochondrial dna group.

  40. Wonderful documentary, good filming, excellent description by Joao Zilhao. But I wish the music should be left out so will not interfere with the the voice. Otherwise great and very instructive. I like the introduction of the DNA factor in studying old bones.

  41. apparently most neanderthal's moved across the atlantic.. looking at what they made there..they surely must be alive.

  42. 40mins and you realize that can happen to modern day Europeans.

  43. nate n7 says:

    it keeps playing mass effect music in the back ground

  44. Stuff like this should be called docu-drama. 40,000 years ago? Whatever we know about that age is primarily speculation.

  45. Who pays these researches?

  46. Would you fuck a Neanderthal?

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