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  1. I Agree that Argentina is a LEFTHIST, a Communist oriented, a Pro-Russia and China country….But They are not the real owners of the Malvinas or Falklands..The UK is!

  2. You know something Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama(In part), Dominican Rep., and Guatemala… They all are Pro-Russian countries full of socialist pride and the sense of anticapitalism….anyway,,,Only Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico +Puerto Rico are not so and are allies of the U.S. and possibly the UK…so, we are not alone against these …

  3. Don White says:

    IT'S so true so true that war's no game. WAR IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ONE COUNTRY WANTS SOMETHING MORE THAN IT WANTS PEACE. Diplomacy by other means, ya, ya ya… Unfortunately this was not a war that made any more sense than the war before it. YOU SEE… Argentina was bored, so it reached out for Britain's thingy, forcibly, and Britain's pretty kinky, but you should break the ice before you grab Britain's thingy. Anyway, Britain had realized, after many pub-walks, that it wanted not only to make love to Argentina's face with a model of Thor's hammer (a nice one), but it wanted 'it' to be special and make it last, trying to hard not to jizz it's own shorts, because they'd actually just changed, fresh out of the shower. Now, I'm not prejudice. I'd let the country of Argentina diddle my wang too, same as anybody, but if I'm not in the mood, I might pee in your face the next time you sleep. "YEAH! That just happened!" I'll boast, and then you can watch as I trade a kiss with Britain that begins discreetly enough, but then just gets out of control. (I mean hot). -DW

  4. An Argentinian friend of mine agrees that there are little to no Argentinians even living in the Falklands. And that there was no point in going to war over a, "dumbass, boring ass chain of islands." Lol

  5. TheKeithvidz says:

    you british won't concede as my experience talking to them attests – but it was no guarantee and the Argie was close to victory. Incompetence won the day.

  6. I can't believe they fell for the bluff when they completely out numbered the poms and with the mainland so close they could always send for re-inforcements. Bloody conscripts LMAOOO

  7. Kim Jong Un says:

    I Hate Sean Penn

  8. Doug Sumner says:

    I am somewhat surprised, that when Sir Galahad was around with the Welsh Guards, there was no mention that it was actually a Royal Marines Officer that "suggested" they get off ASAP….while it was an Upper Class Guards nit wit..who decided not to move due to "not taking orders from the Navy!..or to that effect!

  9. Mean Argies. Not to offend but invading an innocent island group is just stupid.

  10. VICMEL EPRES says:


  11. VICMEL EPRES says:


  12. sputnic says:

    See. Argentina had all the advantages , but still England won .The clever English or the British , yeah

  13. Pakizfam says:

    worst documentry made by british stupid

  14. andy99ish says:

    The Argentinian military learned the hard way that it is one thing to dump political opponents into the ocean and another to confront the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

  15. Colonel H Jones what a legend

  16. Alex Thomas says:

    Don't take this the wrong way – I love the Brits and own two Land Rovers
    myself, but how exactly is it that ~35ish years after winning WWII,
    their military power is such that they're only capable of fielding two
    limited carriers with (relatively speaking) slow/limited aircraft, AND
    only land-based strike option is Vulcans that require ELEVEN tanker
    aircraft for a pair of aircraft on each run, using dumb bombs, most of
    which missed entirely? Not to mention the multiple exocet attacks by the
    Argi's – some of which went unnoticed?

    I just thought the 80's were the ages of supersonic attack aircraft, ship-based missile defense systems, long range precision bomber raids, etc etc.

    I guess the UK wasn't forced to build up a massive Navy due to the Pacific conflicts like the US was – most of which just stuck around and were upgraded with new systems and weapons/aircraft so that helps.

    A couple sub-launched harpoons could have taken out both Argi fleets without exposing a soul, and if you really wanted the runways gone – a few B52s (with twice the bomb load) would require a single (maybe two depending on tanker positioning/radius) refuelings vs. 11 for the vulcans.

    Just more of an observation than anything. I guess the primary consideration is that the UK didn't require a long-range heavy bomber due to the fact that their primary nuclear threat was close and only required medium bombers.

    Don't want to start a war, more of a discussion than anything – mostly about the usage of certain types of weapons and systems. Seems that something more "decisive" would be used.

  17. dekubaner says:

    im surprised the brits never send a couple of fighters to buenos aires to drop a few bombs on the presidential palace. just for funsies!

  18. Max says:

    This story is bit far fetched! They did not mention Gurkha's who won the Falkland war for British.

  19. Snow you are a bullshit artist and well you know it

  20. rcx8666c says:


  21. Frank Worley says:

    Does anyone else see an elephant carved into the rocks at the time of this link (same video)

    The Falklands seem to have some interesting geography and I've always wondered if there wasn't an ancient civilization that lived there before modern history. 44:34

  22. Tippersnore says:

    Acting on atavism always fails.

  23. purple brain says:

    Argentina fought the NWO in 1982. The British admirals thought the FAA wouldn't be able to launch ships or jets due to 6 years of arms embargoes (lack of A4 ejector seats for example).The SBS took 30 Argentine civilian workers hostage forcing Galtieri to launch Operation Rosario and free them and the other 100 civilian workers in South Georgia that were about to be taken hostage by the crew of HMS Endurance. Another 100 Argentine husbands, wives and children living in Stanley were also be interned in St Helena under the direct orders of Governor Rex Hunt. Argentina was evacuating her forces on 5 April when Thatcher launched a powerful task force to retake the islands in a provocation move, leaving Buenos Aires no option but to reinforce the Malvinas with the elite 10th Mechanized Brigade and 601 AAA Battalion. Then Galtieri agreed not to defend South Georgia as a consolation prize and free the 80 British SAS/SBS Commandos captured on 2/3 April but London was determined to start a war, commencing air raids and torturing the 100 civilian workers captured in South Georgia on a daily basis. When the UN worked out a peace deal under Belaunde Terry, the British admirals scuttled it with the sinking of the ARA Belgrano.

  24. Joe says:

    seems so long ago….

  25. macondo 01 says:

    Se las metieron por el culo a los argentinos, sorry !! lol XD

  26. Hey english people, Don't you know Muslims and Nig**rs are invading your country yet? Do you expect to defend the race which represents your people?

  27. Tom King says:

    I love how the left loves to blame the west and the israelis for every conflict there is. They always side with the brown people because it makes them feel morally superior to do so, despite most of them being privileged lily white spoiled brats. The Argentines were clearly the aggressors. The corrupt military junta running the place was trying to maintain rule and figured that bloodying the nose of the British over the Falklands would be just the thing. Sadly their Latin macho led them to highly underestimate the mere woman who was then prime minister of England. Sadly, I doubt Britain could raise the energy to defend its people like that again. And the Falkland Islanders are British and wish to continue to be so. How is it at all right that a bunch of poncy liberal toffs in Europe and the US should tell Britain to dump the Falklanders and leave them to the tender mercies of a corrupt, evil Argentinian government. Maggie Thatcher did it just right using the tools they had left. Reagan supported them despite the reticence of his staff. Reagan did that a lot, to the dismay of the political brains in the White House. It doesn't require a PhD to do the right thing. Sometimes, I think "right thing" and PhD are a contradiction in terms.

  28. Compared to other wars this was quick. Sure we had setbacks but overall we proofed to those small minded fools Britain is a force to be reckoned with. Don't f### with the UK. Hail Britannia!!!!

  29. 14ccr says:

    TLDR: Argentina got fucked.

  30. David Wile says:

    Bad video with bullseye focus.

  31. Frame 313 says:

    the video quality sucks

  32. What a stupid fiasco. There was no need for that idiotic bloodshed. That was one of the few examples of where sanctions would have worked, but it was never given a chance. Can you imagine Argentina under blockade? They would have lasted maybe thirty days.
    And all for useless islands with less than 2,000 inhabitants there.

  33. ELYOR01 says:

    world knows it's not British land

  34. The Governors speech XD maybe along way from the motherland but christ he's as British as any of usXD

  35. another jonah event 1982-1984

  36. Ishaaq Ansar says:

    oh no the British has taken our island 100 years later let's invade it back

  37. ReNz0r says:

    this sounds like an Operation Flashpoint game scenario 😀 (ARMA nowadays)

  38. Bill King says:

    Something is not right, they said that the brits had two aircraft carriers with 34 airplanes and at 23:48 they said some harriers were lost at sea and the landing force had no air cover, so where are the rest of the harriers? Were they all shot down? And how the harries were lost at sea? Did they engage in a dog fight and lost?

  39. wgrubio2 says:


  40. synthesaurus says:

    why didn't they torpedo all the Argentinian ships right away? not enough submarines?

  41. Bernie Coles says:

    They were protecting British people.There may have only been 2000,but numbers doesn't matter.It's what makes you special to be a Brit.Go get the job done.

  42. Olivia Short says:

    those Britt's don't have dentist's?

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