The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension (Full HD Documentary)

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  1. Brian Stump says:

    Grade school level show. Other thing, how can you test string theory?

  2. who can fold a universe?

  3. If people can travel though time, why isn't there people popping up all over the place? Just a thought.

  4. if time travel is possible it would be able to destroy everything we know. so not good. going to other dimensions might not be that destructive though..

  5. StateOfMind says:

    could black holes be sling shots instead of a dead end. it might be like the two sides of fast object creating a sonic boom

  6. i really don't like Brian Greene….

  7. Brandon N says:

    8:40 asshole standing in the middle of the street. Should make a series. Assholes in time.

  8. I would have to learn the math an theories but i have a pretty good feeling a lot of this has to do with perception. i mean maybe our minds are more powerful than we think and to access the other dimensions we would have to be in some kind of protective bubble so the laws of physics int that world wouldnt tear us apart. kind of like scuba equipment in the ocean or a submarine in the deep sea has to be reinforced to withstand the pressure. the submarine being the protective bubble and the pressure and water being the other universe. If any one else has any other thoughts on this i would love to have a conversation about it. It mite just open up my mind a little more.

  9. I think it's quite funny when they talk about scholars in these things as "we" and "people". "People started to……", "We have been…." etc. I do not think "we" or "people" in general are into these questions on a every day level. =D But perhaps those who are live so "intra muros" they think they are as "people" in general. =D

  10. it's just an idea. if it plays no role in living a full life, it matters not…except for a few who can make it pay. now, knowledge is fine, but chasing white rabbits is for the birds. I feel the universe is composed of energy mostly…matter is quite rare. but dark energy or dark matter explains nothing. gravity and electromagnetic waves can it be proven by experiment and the results observed and replicated . the 11th dimension ? show me the results. a mental construct underpinned by higher mathematics is just a human-mental excersise….

  11. stel tin says:

    There is a dI men. Tion c o v e r i n g u s

  12. Ronald Perez says:

    he has it set to M for mini, when he should have it set to W for wumbo!

  13. the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line… in the opposite direction danny!

  14. ground zero says:

    you can't control time or space , but you can control time and space as soon you get right

  15. ground zero says:

    so far you only know 12 universe sofar and there mite be more then 11 dimension's but you got look for them all

  16. Roger Clough says:

    On quantum (mental, nonphysical) space

    There are TWO types of Leibniz space- one mental (nonphysical, quantum) and the other physical. The Kaluza-Klein curled up "extra" dimensions are not of physical space but of Mind (quanta). So you don't need to curl them up around the major axes of space, because they aren't in ordinary physical space, they're in quantum (nonphysical, mental) space, which is timeless and (physically) spaceless. I believe that the extra dimensions may be taken up by the Calibri-Yau manifold, which is in quantum (mental) space.

    There are TWO simultaneous types of "space" in Leibniz's universe—that is to say, two different aspects of the same space, one aspect being mental (quantum),with possible an infinite number of dimensions, bscause it is timeless and (physically) spaceless, the other being ordinary spacetime,
    which has the customary 4 dimensions. You don't need to curl up dimensions, because the curled up dimensions are quantum (mental, nonphysical). In mental space the dimensions are not physical dimensions, they are simply the domains of independent variables.There can be an infinite number of them.

    The mental space is actually "spaceless", being the same as Plato's Mind (7 dimensions), which is spaceless and timeless. And physical space is simply what we call spacetime (4 dimensions).

    -Ever since Hume, science has imprisoned us in the dark cave of materialism and blind empiricism
    and needs to restore us to the quantum sunlight of plato (plotinus) — see my website or search in Google with a search term such
    as Clough platonic theory of mind Site:

  17. andy racz says:

    The "M" meant mini, then when he spins it upside down its a "W" for Wombo.

  18. Coz every dimension is connected with each other you simply can't see the energy flow.

  19. I would like to share my thoughts regarding to this subject with others on this page.

    I think one of the reasons we are stuck in understanding these additional dimensions is the idea that we want to extract the directional sense out of them, which may not be a correct way to look at them.

    We understand the 3 dimensions because they are directional, our brains deal with them during our daily life.

    The dimension of time could be understood as the change, or transformation, in position in the 3-direction coordinates, as the transformation itself, and not the location output of that change.

    The other dimensions could be understood in a form of quanta or energy levels, sort of. So additional dimensions might superimpose the three directional ones. One electron for example exist in the three directions at a certain time; its change in position could be expressed in 'time dimension'. The energy state, or the field level of energy, of that electron could be the higher or additional dimensions.

    So when adding huge amount of energy to electrons, or some other particles, they transfer or transpose between different dimensions, energy or field states. I tend to think of it as glow of source and disappearing, haha.

    Who knows, perhaps a worm hole is the arrival at a high-enough energy intensity, so high that higher dimensions are reached and ending in different states (or location)!

    One possible way to think of change in more than one dimension at a time, or through different times, is the combination of individual dimensional changes.

    For example, when we start at [X,Y] = [0,0] to [3,4] by moving via a slope of 4/3, we transfer, and perhaps transpose via several dimensions at once, at least 3 of them (X, Y, t). Via energy or kinematic forces, we may transfer through additional dimensions without even recognizing.

    This may explain possible ways to travel at faster than the speed of light, by changing the medium (fields or space time), or reaching higher energy states.

    I apologize for my confusing English, and especially if I have used 'transfer', 'transpose', 'transformation', and 'superimpose' incorrectly.

  20. 14:25 kind of a voyeuristic view of witten….

  21. Hmm, I will say that this series made me think. Especially this part of the series. Mostly because one thing that I feel is kinda hidden in the string theory is the possibility that our universe is contained within the brane of an atom. If a brane can be as large as a universe, but branes are contained within the particles that make up atoms, this means that it is possible that we are right now so absolutely tiny that we fit within the components that make up an atom. This however also brings up the possibility that atoms are actually HUGE, even larger than the universe, since atoms are made of particles made of branes/strings. BUT, all matter is composed of atoms, and if each piece of matter is composed of billions of atoms which are composed of billions of particles, which are composed of billions of even smaller particles, which are composed of branes/strings, this would mean that within one atom of anything, there is the possibility that there are billions upon billions upon billions of universes in that one atom. But also there is the fact that if branes can be as large as a universe, that means that there is the possibility that the universe is a lot smaller than an atom, which would create the never ending cycle that blurs what is huge and what is small, which proposes the possibility for parallel universes (parallel universes were mentioned in the video, but to me it wasn't explained how it could be). So is our universe infinitely large or infinitely small? Are our atoms comprised of billions of universes? String theory seems to explain a lot, but through some reasoning, until it is proven that String theory can definitively answer all of the questions discovering it has created, I feel that the String theory is not the master grand theory. For example, here are some more questions that string theory will need to answer: What are the forces holding together the extra dimensions? How can we envision the extra dimensions? Are the extra dimensions directional, or do they have their own set of rules? If parallel universes exist within branes, and if gravitons can pass through these branes, can we through the manipulation of gravitons pass through these parallel universes? Could these extra dimensions actually instead of dimensions be forces of some kind? If our universe was created through the collision of two branes, then where is the true beginning of everything? I feel string theory isn't the master grand theory, I feel it barely scratches the surface, in spite of how deeps it cuts.

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