The Demonologists | The Warren’s Most Horrifying Case | Documentary

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  1. you need to share your chanel with other youtubers so you would get more subs.
    i subbed btw:p

  2. don't let devils scare you because when you have Jesus and the Holy Ghost and Jehova they try to make you leave you just keep on praying until there gone

  3. in the name of Jesus I curse rebuke bind bound and hinder all of you evil spirits and I command yall to go back to the pits of hell where you came and don't come back

  4. I hope that you do more Ed and Lorraine episodes. Great job.


  6. Henrique says:

    so very interesting that this sort of stuff never happens nowadays when people can easily take video and picture poof…. sooooo interesting…

  7. inuysha360 says:

    That was very well presented! You have a gift for invoking the imagination with words and an amazing ability to recite! If you make more content of this quality you're sure to gain a large following, for now you'll have to make do with me. Subbed!

  8. Well presented and narrated. Good job..sufficiently spine tingly and creepy!

  9. Lisa Caprice says:

    Why they always using a ouija board knowing the effects.

  10. Jacob Gomez says:

    I may be wrong, but the same demon came to haunt a young girl later and Ed Warren has a reunion with it. I can't remember if it was this particular case or a different one.

    This one was insane. The demon manifested itself in the typical devil image, with hooves and tail, etc. particularly to make the story seem made up if ever to be told to the Roman Catholic Church in the reporting or to the public. This is my guess as to why they never tried to publicize it, it was just too crazy to believe. So in a way, the demon won by having one of the worst cases in Demonology buried in obscurity. An intelligent malevolent being indeed.

  11. dark matters , great video thanx ,been intrigued by the dark,spiritual parnormal, I believe it's true and all around us …… keep up da good work

  12. I read about this case in TheDemonologist. very scary

  13. mam162 says:

    I read about this case in Demonologist. But amazingly, Ed says it WASN'T his worst case. At one point in the book he was asked which case was the worst and he simply refused to talk about it. Yeesh.

  14. Nice video lumpy space princess : )

  15. Harry Scott says:

    This is great. Love the narration very helpfuk

  16. Jaide Ladner says:

    I believe the story to be true.

  17. reallue says:

    Where did u get the info and details of this story? And how can I know whether it's all true or not? It's a rly terrifying story and I sincerely hope it's just mostly embellishments and exaggeration to a Paranormal Story. I know Paranormal stuff happens. I personally lived in a state of oppression by a demonic force for over 2 yrs. It's not something I would wish on my worst enemy. But as bad as that was, this story is waay worse. I hope for the sake of this family and their sanity that this isn't exactly how it happened

  18. Joseph Quinn says:

    I love your videos and narration, but you do know your intro is misspelled, right? There're too many "t"s!

  19. Great video. I'm a new sub after viewing that.

  20. Williplier says:

    I love this channel. it needs more subs

  21. do men in black encounters…

  22. Dark Matter says:

    Do you believe the Donavan's story?

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