THE BATTLE OF NORTH AFRICA WORLD WAR II Discovery History Military Documentary

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  1. First US troops into action against the Japanese in WW2 on Guadal Canal? That is rubbish. The first defeat the Japanese experienced in the Pacific theatre was at Milne Bay in PNG, when about 2,800 Japs landed and came up against 9,000 allied troops, mainly Australian but with some minor US support. That was a month before the US even got to Guadal Canal. In fact in that battle Jap casualties were over 50% and 167 Aussies died and there were 14 US deaths. Japs retreated and left Milne Bay.
    Get the facts straight please, and dump the propaganda.

  2. the French couldn't stomach a long fight….no one saw that coming

  3. Carl Malone says:

    The guy that designed those suicidal British helmets must have been a German.

  4. I saw that curly haired historian on another show but he had a sex change…dude is now a girl lol..fuck lol he makes an ugly chick

  5. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    In actual fact the Australians were supplied MUCH better than the Japanese in New Guinea, indeed in the diary taken off a dead Japanese soldier he had written that they came across an Australian supply dump and were just gob smacked and in this diary he says,," for the first time many of us see what we are up against and realise we cannot match it."

  6. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    Kasserine Pass NEVER became the salient…the Germans were already trying to get out having been whipped by the British.

  7. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    The majority of US Troops that went ashore in North Africa were mainly BRITISH troops in US uniforms. NO this is NOT crap,, this is fact. The reason? Because it was considered the French would be sympathetic to the US and as the Germans occupied France they thought this would make it an easier consideration. This dco is not INCORRECT but it does NOT tell the story.

  8. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    The French commanders COULD stomach a lengty fight, there were POLITICAL moves behind the scenes.

  9. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    Listen to the dates they state in this DOCO..listen HARD..and then check the date of the very FIRST battle of El Alemain..which took place late in July 1942…………………this "doco" is very misleading. The Germans were in full retreat.

  10. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    Rommel did NOT hit ALLIED FORCES at Kasserine Pass..he hit US forces and belted the shit out of them.

  11. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    They looked like BRITISH planes flying at Kasserine..NOT US ones.

  12. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    It really sounded like the job had been finished before the us 34th Div went into action. The BEST that Germany had to offer had already been routed by the British as per what that German guy said. As to the Invasion of Italy 60% of the forces were British. As to the outcome of ww2 AND the British,the US had supported the British as long as the BRITISH PAID THEM! The British sent a delegation to Washington after the war to ask the US to wipe the debt as the British had borne the war effort for the MAJORITY of the war, but the US said NO and screwed the British financially so that the British could NOT be a world power any more. The British FINALLY paid this debt off in 2004.

  13. Sq12Sq22u22 says:

    The guy Ayreh Nusbacher looks like a schoolkid. I don't think he would have a good grasp of the subject at all.

  14. Jack Wongen says:

    With Memorial Day approaching (May 31, 2016) I salute the Men and Women in both Ultra and Enigma (Code Breakers).  Their work no doubt changed the "Course of History."    Unknown by Americans and British alike, Hero's indeed.   Peace.

  15. ondracekivo says:

    20:30 Notice that M3 with like 200 holes in it´s frontal armour. Few years back I saw on youtube a bunch of ww2 fans buying this vehicle and planning to get it to working condition. I am 90% sure THIS is the very same tank, and those guys sucseeded. Congrats and thumbs up!

  16. The African campaign went back and fourth. Mussolini and Rommel underestimated their enemies, and their own abilities. Rommel disobeyed Hitler's orders and kept wasting resources Germany and Italy didn't have. He didn't seem to understand the logistics of war and the kind of pressure Germany was under fighting on multiple fronts. It's amazing how the Axis were able to out for so long considering the superiority the Allies had in resources, men and equipment.

  17. Redrose✝ says:

    the North African campaign is really interesting.

  18. Waffen ss uniforms in North Africa.. Really accurate!

  19. john shead says:

    a lot of cliché vs truth in this video

  20. Why is it that these videos of various WW2 campaigns are called a "battle"? Are these people really that stupid? It's the North African campaign. Campaigns are made up of battles.

  21. ramairgto72 says:

    Think that German talking shit about US troops is an ass, the US was just "out gunned".
    If anyone is to blame it's that fucking Democrat who sent them to war in outdated and inferior weapons.
    "They were playing war"… fuck off, you still lost asshole.

  22. Why is there a T34 85

  23. Tabs Player says:

    amazigh ait atta…..

  24. Vladimir Eng says:

    The African campaign or theatre was to keep England busy and out of Continental Europe. I no Rommel disobeyed Hitler and wanted to conquer Africa but this not what Germany want or need. Hitler do no have supplies and men for campaign in Continental Europe and Africa, because of Rommel Germany Army in Russia sometime wait weeks waiting for fuel, Rommel was known for been a Fox running like Africa, stupid Nazis Germany lost two world wars

  25. Josh says:

    Good old brits

  26. this is no documentary.this is a fucking bad piece of reanacting.was the real footage too expensive?

  27. I can't believe they got Bea Authur to be a commentator in this program!

  28. jdsol1938 says:

    Kasserine pass was a battle between approx. 2 divisions of Americans and three divisions of Germans hardly a turning point in the war no matter who won. fortunately for the Germans the American corp commander Gen Fredendale was not very good . Rommel won his last battle in Africa and gained nothing

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