The Amityville Horror House | One Of The World’s Most Haunted Houses

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  1. Brittany C. says:

    I love your videos

  2. when it happen to you then you will beleive me

  3. The green slime is ectoplasm

  4. There is certainly something eerie and spine tingling about the place but the Lutz's accounts are completely fabricated nonsense. They've been called out time and time again, and they should have been ashamed that they were feeding off the tragic and needless deaths of an entire family that occupied the property before them.

    There are many unanswered questions regarding the place and even the horrific murders themselves (like why no one heard the shots when he went room to room to kill them all) but anything to do with the Lutz family should be immediately struck off as fake.

  5. What a beautiful house

  6. you videos are interesting.

  7. yeah me too i love your work

  8. dj cunnie says:

    Apparently been debunked as a hoax…

  9. The green slime came from Solomon Grundy…

  10. noooo esta en ingles😣😣

  11. Do you get creeped out when making these kind of videos???

  12. Jordy P. says:

    I actually live very close to this house

  13. optic feeds says:

    I live about 30 minutes from this house….

  14. i like ir vídeos

  15. Well the first story spawned the other stories Since it's the ghost of the victims?

  16. Mat Saint says:

    3.15 is time god died apparently if you believe + love the channel no bull shit just well read

  17. Do a documentary on the Enfield haunting

  18. According to what I've read nearly all residents who have lived at the houses after the Lutzs have reported nothing strange or paranormal.

  19. 420 cpt says:

    that's crazy

  20. Apparently to make the guy that killed his family look like he was possessed his lawyer payed that family who stayed after the killings to make the house look insanely haunted but idk could be fake

  21. Ugh I live like 15 mins away from amityville😂😭

  22. Wasn't the conjuring 2 based off of this story?😱😰


    Later, George and Kathy Lutz and William Weber, DeFeo’s defense attorney, created a huge scam that they foisted on an innocent public – which in turn spawned more scams and lawsuits.

  24. Belushi87 says:

    don't know if the Lutz's were in it for the fame, but it worked if it was the money they cared about the most.

  25. Ryan Porter says:

    those two red eyes really creeped me out

  26. The wealth part is incorrect. It was stated by George and Kathy, and corroborated by several other sources, many times that they didn't make much from all of this. If anything it was MGM, the distributors of the films, and the publishers of the book that made money. According to George they barely broke even in the years after and shifted around through family and hotels for a bit. Whether or not it was truly a hoax is debatable, but I've never read a credible source that said they became wealthy, all state they made something, but nothing substantial.

  27. I've heard people say that they lied about it all.

  28. Ana Marija says:

    I just jumped because i got scared of my hair

  29. Sam Ryberg says:

    That wasn't even half of the whole story

  30. EazyE187um says:

    Lmfao this was all made up the faggots where in debt and needed a way out it was all staged.

  31. Dee Waddle says:

    Good videos too. You should make the documentaries longer though, like 20 mins. Lile Corpse Husband

  32. Dee Waddle says:

    Is the house possibly up for sale?

  33. Amityville Horror house is a total fraud

  34. lol I got this confused with the houdgson family house

  35. Get Rekt says:

    did warren family investigate this ? case?

  36. these are so amazing . i'm literally terrified of things like this . they're so cool and interesting though

  37. tavia warner says:

    God bless!!!!!!!🙏🏽

  38. Ludo Wolff says:

    This 1927 Dutch Colonial architectured house in Ocean Avenue in Amityville (Long Island) of where the 1974 'Horror' occured (the murder of a family, where the murderer claimed that the "spirits told him to kill his family") has recently been sold for $850,000,- on an auction.

  39. I have a model of the house.

  40. Frank1.0 says:

    make a new channel dedicated to horror dude, it would be WAY better