The American Civil War

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  1. Thomas Emard says:

    So this is a great set of videos.
    My only two complaints:

    -This is NOT HD. This was clearly filmed with a toaster, the HD claim is bullshit. As it so often is on Youtube. Vietnam Real Story bullshits HD on basically every video they post.

    6:22: "The greatest cavalry charge in history". Uhm…….. aren't you the History Channel? So you should remember things like the 1584 siege of Austria, where 40,000 cavalrymen charged the Turkish invaders. Or any cavalry charge involving; France, Britain, Russia, ANY Crusader Order, ANY Crusader Army, Saracens, Egyptians, THE FUCKING MONGOLS……….

    This battle involved only 3,000 professional cavalry, and 7,000 militia cavalry. A pathetically small cavalry fight in the grand show of history.

    Greatest cavalry charge? It was the greatest charge, in Kansas, during that year, fine. Not even close to the greatest, largest, or most tactically decisive cavalry moment in history. Again. Americans>Mongols, for cavalry.

  2. I just watched this whole thing…..i need a hobby

  3. I'm still at the first part of this video. It appears that the first SEAL team operations were operated during the Civil War. These captains should have been starship captains.

  4. Dexter killed the narrator because he was a pedophile or some shit and then almost gets caught so has to narrate. His sister cries her skinny girl cry…The entire Miami police force remains completely unaware there is a serial killer working in their midst…And James Remar tells Dexter about an ever changing code.

  5. smuri says:

    One of the most retarded shit ive heard. A gentlemans war? Bitch please. the douchebags in the south wanted slavery so they got slaughtered in basic warfare. The only thing "special" about this war was that it was fought on US soil
    (might aswell have been fought in Sahara or another place thats equally worthless)

    That war that you seem so proud over, guess what?
    no-one outside of the US cares. And if your an american and you dont know geography since your country fucking sucks in all aspects ill explain in Words you Will understand

    Thats like a Whole planet of humanoids who could
    Give less of a shit about retarded americans Killing eachother

    so other ignorant americans can grow up believing that they have some kind of legacy (they dont)

    Step 1
    Invade country

    Step 2
    Eradicate natives

    Step 3
    Inbreed for a couple years

    Step 4
    Kill eachother off

    Step 5
    Reproduce and repeat

  6. Roger DArcy says:

    Is fort Sumter a National Monument or not?. Should someone declare war before the ironclads!

  7. NVkidd22 says:

    Had Stonewall Jackson lived, the South would be the CSA

  8. Has anyone seen the film The Colt ?

  9. really on sided union this unoin that victory that apperantly the south never won a battle

  10. Mike Mok says:

    SPOILERS!! The North won…

  11. Jacob Pratt says:

    I hate everyone who commented like a douche

  12. vostokboy says:

    As I'm watching this from Spain, I get a lot of political spam, we have elections in a few days. I think I've seen the same spot four times.

  13. Disperce the Army of North Virginia!!!!

  14. uh huh…chickens come home to roost….drunkard yankee decieteful attack by digging under our army…while that yankee shitbrain kikejew Bastard Sheridan understudy to the Bitch Jew Sherman…..General Lee was right to disperse into mountains and fight on like South Vietnamiese ,kong hillbillies in South VietNam Central Highlands on down to Mekong Delta

  15. 200 motels says:

    All of the wars the Rothschild bankers created is horrifying…And the People were always led to believe this Lie or that Lie about how and why they ever start…Bankers are addicted to War…They are obsessed with the profits, power and gain from conflicts between the human race…America is falling apart and the bankers wont grant loans to fix the infrastructure of America   but will give Rothschild Israel 15 billion a year to slaughter Palestinians and steal their land…That's $ 30,000 dollars from every man woman and child in America goes to Israel  courtesy of the 13 Zionist senator intel agents masquerading as senators and their Billion dollar lobby …STOP FUNDING ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST ISRAEL….Impersonating religious Jewry

  16. Epoh Kpamp says:

    The federal govt trumped state's rights. How is that the month that SAVED America? Get real.

  17. The North won, but I had no idea how many more of them were killed. They won because they had so many people, the South obviously fought much better.

  18. ken burns is a liberal piece of shit

  19. Jimmy Walker says:

    Good story for fiction the first hour

  20. Eric Barlow says:

    The Merrimack was never a confederate ironclad. She was rechristened the CSS Virginia.

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