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  1. BRICKBAT says:

    17:30 das glaub ich nicht the lads were beknown to the ranks and taken care of until the push and their mentors took care of them and died

  2. BRICKBAT says:

    trench raiding parties and bring back one

  3. A wonderfully crafted piece of film making. I always find it sad and bewildering though when people give up their thanks for what the soldiers sacrificed in this crazy conflict. Unless it is to say thank you for showing us that we, the people, must always question our governments decisions and never again rush to kill and be killed without making sure we know why and that it is the only way.

  4. I give a salute to all the brave men and women who fought in any war I may be American but for what those British did the whole world can thank I mean what if the germans won the war?

  5. Rob Robert says:

    "Soldiers were supposed to be 19 to fight. Many younger boys wanted to join up."
    Of course they did. Any male past the age of 15 was harassed and ridiculed for not going to France to die. He was considered a coward by his fellow countrymen, and it was expressed at every opportunity. The same peer pressure goes on to this day. "Wave your flag and keep your opinions to yourself. We'll tell you what to think."

  6. To be an officer by the age of 16! Seems like MEDEVAL to me!

  7. The senior officers were completely ignorant of tactics for modern warfare. Worse they understood full well they were sending their troops into the slaugter.

  8. The word !infantry" has the word "infant" in it for historical reasons. Child soldiers were nothing new.

  9. Ernest steel……yup definitely destined to be a soldier, I honestly can't even consider someone with that name not been a soldier.

  10. I can't help but to imagine how horrific and truly insane it must have been. These city batalions would've been hell, I can1t bare to imagine my close friends dying around me I most definely would get shell shocked or so I belive.

  11. Alan Smyth says:

    army are bastards

  12. I wonder if 14 is the youngest age to be granted a commission ?

  13. The thirteen year old who enlisted as a twelve year old was probably more scared of his mother than the Germans. Obviously this is the case since he re-enlisted again during WWI.

  14. i slut all that fight in the war. my great great granntpla fight in the war and died in the war.

  15. i have no problem of those who are are below 18 join the army marines navy or airforce if they sign up then they should know what can and will happen to them i am for volunteer for age below 17 or 18 to join and fight but not the forced like in africa and middle east and i know people will talk shit to me for this comment but if your nation that you live in and love where your family has lived for generations is at war abroad or at home wouldnt you fight for your nation.

  16. Whos here from Waverley?

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