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  1. END Marxism says:

    The Golden Age is not in the past…the Golden Age is the FUTURE!! The future is MINE and MY PEOPLE WILL SIEZE IT FOR GOD, FOLK, AND NATION!!

  2. Tony Bueno says:

    Tea Party, nuts with no idea of what they are talking about… fucking idiots

  3. Kathy Sandy says:

    This guy is full of hors shit

  4. Nhan Doan says:

    The narrator is disgusted at his lie to the people he's talking to, and he definitely have a fair reason to do so.

  5. Bruce Basile says:

    Federal taxes are the lowest since the 50`s on the majority of Americans. Our military spending ,tax cuts and subsidies on huge corporations making record profits are causing this shortfall in revanues . This all started under REAGAN. The baggers are not grass roots but a thinly masked attempt by the Oligarchs to get regular people to blame government for everything ,leaving the real crooks like Wall St. ,bankers,and rich elites off the hook taking the vast majority of wealth created for themselves leaving scraps for the rest of us. We are in the middle of the STARVE THE BEAST BS created to get regular Americans to attack their neighbors leaving the real culprits lauhing all the way to the bank. Baggers blame unions,teachers,and most of all the poor. This thinking will keep regular working people fighting and pointing their fingers at everyone but those who did this to America.

  6. salohicn12 says:

    even poorly represented tea party members are more sensible then this guy

  7. tremer 2009 says:

    FEEL THE BERN?!:) Thank You, Bryan Perez.:)

  8. tarstarkusz says:

    They were right! Look at health care costs! The cost of health insurance has skyrocketed.

  9. another despicable left wing hit piece, you people are pathetic

  10. The right wing has won majority in both houses and how come democrats in majority?

  11. ***** says:

    this was NOT an organic movement

  12. are these the 2014 midterms?

  13. JOTennisVid says:

    Funny how they were SO WORRIED then but were quiet like chicken shits when BUSH was creating a big mess! They really were talking like Obama put the country into such a huge recession at these rallies! Ridiculous!


  15. The Government of The United States occupied its civil population in the past…….WHY do you think they will not do it again ? The Government of The United States Has waged an aggressive war against its civilian population, and the elected officials of its people, IT has Violated the Constitution of all states involved. and threatened its citizens with punishment, civil and criminal, also death. WHAT HAS REALLY CHANGED ? Now they are GODLESS !!!!!

  16. …bunch of angry, racist crackpots….

  17. Don't Dread on me

  18. TEA PARTY members think that people like being out work, laid off, shut down; well, I have news for her: People don't and the govt. and private corporations owes people jobs, before the Hispanics, Chinese and people from India. So put that in your gold pipes and smoke it; or put it into your caviar and eat it; moreover, put it in your  champagne and drink it.

  19. MasterFhyl says:

    This "documentary" (I use the term loosely) didn't even attempt to stay objective. You can clearly hear the hatred in this guys voice for anything that deviates from the Liberal slant… And it's pretty obvious, like in every other documentary trying to push a narrative, they've edited this shit with the intention of pushing said narrative, not spreading truth.

  20. dave m says:

    Fed up with high taxes??? We pay less in taxes now thanks to GW's cuts than anytime in the last 50 years. It is this low tax revenue that is the main contributor to our annual deficit. So who pays the bills? 75% of the states in this country do not raise enough revenue to cover their own budgets and get it made up in the form of federal $$ to cover the difference . Where do those dollars come from? From borrowing of course but also from the tax surplus producing states like CA, TX, NY IL, PA, and most other Lib states. They talk about supporting the other 50% when these people are talking about THEMSELVES. You want smaller govt then slash your budgets on a state level first because I'm tired of supporting these TP bigots. By the way they complained about TARP too. Well that cost $120 billion in loans and investments. Guess what happened next? They (I mean we) got back $168 billion in loan repayments and gains on investments . Sounds like they made the right move to me.

  21. mcline007 says:

    Imbeciles. I lived in Canada and I used to pay a effective tax rate of 28%. Here in the US, after all deductions my effective tax rate is about 7% and I make ~150K a year.
    The US tax rate is very low for high income earners. The more I make and I spend, the more I can deduct. By asking for lower taxes, they ask to lower the already low effective tax rate on wealthy people while low income people don't get too keep much more of their money and get no meaningful benefit. Basically in the US I get to keep ~35K more on the back of all these morons and yet I am democrat so I advocate for higher taxes for high earners and more services for low income earners.

  22. ShpealShpeal says:

    Jeez. Very weird given the Trump context. Very good doc. Thanks

  23. These people are deranged

  24. gailt1956 says:

    Hilarious – I wonder how fast it would take this Liz bitch to scream for FEMA if her double-wide got tossed from a flood or tornado? You think she and her husband would be on the streets before she'd "ask for a handout"? Nope – these are the very same animals who call THIS President everything but a Son of God, but who run to the "government" as soon as their god fucks their lives six ways from Sunday. Somehow, although these white folks' lives were headed into the crapper for generations, it wasn't until the election of the Black president that they decided that "enough is enough". Nobody was cursing Dick Cheney or Bush (I OR II) about the economy, healthcare, crime, terrorism. Now, with the rise of the Nazi Trump, somehow the GOP don't give a fuck about abortion, gay marriage, healthcare or low wages (ALL of which Trump comes out on the opposite side they claim to believe in). The ONLY thing that matters is getting the Latinos out of the US (although they never speak of illegal Russians, Canadians, Europeans or Asians)…and helping the police shoot and kill as many young Black men as possible. Wow.

  25. Autumn Shag says:

    Oh dear, this is what happen when you replace history book with the bible.

  26. Jack Hand says:

    What are the differences between the tea party and the conservative and republican party? Perhaps I should do some research on the subject.

  27. These TPers are reactionaries.

  28. dutchboyslim says:

    Leave it to the leftist, statist BBC to paint an individualist organization in a bad light

  29. what a bunch of brainwashed uneducated fools.Not one of them have truely investigated the facts surrounding their government.Its their right wing ideals which is the problem.Too much Fox news.

  30. Chris Smith says:

    Oh, so that's how Trump became the nominee.

  31. Nancy Desch says:

    And where does all this anger come from?  It comes from the fact that they can't seem to get the white house back.  And if they do, everything they have been complaining about will be their partys fault once again – get it?  It will be the repuke/tea jerk partys fault.

  32. Logie Bear says:

    Scum of America. The world is supposed to be a multicultural community without borders.

  33. john smith says:

    Wow nothing but lies and purposeful characterization.. Typical Limey bash america ignorance…

  34. C Gaudino says:

    Tea party is about spending money . buying votes with borrowed money. it's a single issue platform. that's why Dems hate and vilify it . because everyone can agree with it .

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