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25 Responses

  1. Song is Gun by Chvrches. Actually a really good group from Scotland quit talking shit bf1 fan boys

  2. Seriously why are they bias about the german technology in the war. The germans had some of the best equipment in the war but still they always show England as the victor??

  3. Whoever does the music for these shows needed to be fired. Also whoever approves it.

  4. TMC3 says:

    Germans might've lost but atleast they have a good taste of music

  5. Teddy Reagan says:

    Last I checked, it was an Australian by the name of Lancelot de Mole who invented the tank. I think its about time Britain stop claiming things that aren't theirs, like entire countries, just so they can dress-up and play Kings and Queens.

  6. Fire the dude that did the music

  7. ZIPPER978 says:

    Worst music choice ever BBC

  8. Shadow Boxer says:

    What song was playing when they introduced the Mark IV?

  9. Tom Reidy says:

    For a show called uncut this has a long of cuts

  10. QUIZZY801 says:

    is anybody else only watching because of Battlefield 1

  11. Paul Moore says:

    was there a documentary? i only watch dan snow for shit inappropriate music

  12. Was the music chosen so that we'd not pay attention to the half truths in the commentary ?

  13. I may take a bit of friendly fire here for this, but… I liked the music.

  14. Glowing red hot exhaust……I don't know about glowing red. And those looks like heat shields on the up right sections above the engine in the Mk IV

  15. Dan Track says:

    I like how most of the comments are about the music saying there terrible or saying kill the music editor. it's pretty funny

  16. James Robert says:

    Too bad Germany didn't win WWI, which by rights they should have until the US entered and tipped the scales. Probably no WWII and no Middle East mess we inherited from the Allied victory.

  17. Everyone complains about the music, I mean If you don't enjoy the music then don't watch it, I only watch it because it has a lot of information in a shortish amount of time.

  18. david evans says:

    ridiculous music to accompany it…irritating and distracts whilst watching

  19. 8 crews? i counted only 5 in BF1!

  20. Sure, why not play daft punk while men are getting torn in half by artillery?

  21. Cyber 69 says:

    What's the music at the beginning

  22. Cyber 69 says:

    Guys the reason why daft punk is relevant to this is that the song means overtime tanks become bigger,faster stronger

  23. Kelly Chuang says:

    Those British WWI Mark tanks remind me of a slow moving hot oven with guns. Can bet you could cook pizza, soup or roast in those things while driving them knowing how hot those things get.

  24. Matt85 says:

    bad music and bad editing.