Tank Versus Apache Battlefield : Documentary on Gulf War Battles Between Tank and Attack Helicopter

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25 Responses

  1. MultiGangus says:

    Drawn out and boring as shit

  2. its not a fukin apache ,,its brit linx stupid fuck

  3. I don't understand why taking off blind in a sandstorm was an issue Why wouldn't the Brits lay large tarps…like portable heli pads which would've kept the dust and sand raised by take off to a minimum?

  4. Chae Jones says:

    When did a Lynx become an Apache

  5. "Air cushion". I think I read about that in "Chickenhawk", by Bob Mason.

  6. J Carter says:

    cowardly murderers, ignorant shit, more than one million dead and the country totally destroyed and weapons of mass destruction were never found, everything was a lie from the beginning, as always …

  7. Arthur Duda says:

    if they'd have had apaches every tank would have been doomed

  8. Arthur Duda says:

    the fucking thing overheats in Tucson, lol, that's nothing compared to Iraq, who the hell gets away with designing a military aircraft that will overheat just trying to take off, and I thought our defense companies got away with providing over priced junk

  9. Great video. This really shows how tense the job is. The final count of 43 kills with no one lost hides that and makes you think it was easy. Each one is really scary.

  10. didnt know lynx was also called apache

  11. Aaron Wise says:

    Did they get snacks when they got back to base?
    They were without having snacks for over an hour.

  12. Gary C says:

    Would have been nice if you had titled it correctly. However, it was an interesting show.

  13. mezsh says:

    Downvoted for misleading title.

  14. mac CANGO says:

    my goodness why can't the helicopter manuever at the back of the tank?

  15. dehdeh55 says:

    While no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, so we know that Bush II lied us into an unnecessary war, it is very wrong to blame the soldiers, who did their jobs with courage and skill. OK to blame the republican party in the US.

  16. Rick Allan says:

    click bait garbage

  17. The Lynx is very speedy and agile, but I think I would prefer a Titanium plated bathtub, 30ml cannon, and rockets please. Thats my idea of an "attack helicopter".

  18. I have much more admiration for the tank commander.

  19. iamgangster says:

    Should get the Hellfire, fire and forget.

  20. Good doc but I wanted to see the Apache.

  21. FeelFree3 says:

    T-55 is a very cheap tank, if they use Apache to destroy it the hellfire missile would cost more than it!

  22. FeelFree3 says:

    But the Lynx is not that good at deal with tanks.

  23. ThroatSore says:

    I don´t see an Apache. I see Lynx.

  24. US perfected helicopter use on a battlefield. Strategy that they paid a hefty price in vietnam war.

  25. these brit pilots seem like pussies compared to the Americans

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