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16 Responses

  1. Mike Lapres says:

    wrong aspect ratio.

  2. Muy interesante :03-12-2015

  3. The Methane story must be bullshit first they said yes then they said or it did have methane, 33:00
     33:39 or at one time

  4. Mar Sea says:

    I can't stand all the adds!

  5. aspect ratio suxxx

  6. dotan wolf says:

    blinded by their oun story these scientist
    wont listen to the simple explanations of the electric universe
    and they will keep fiding us with their imagionary false fairy tails

  7. 昆仑云路 says:

    Do you know that there are lives in Saturn in the form of storm and of lightning. Some are spiritual. They can think. They make up a good electro-magnetic noise of Saturn.

  8. Obnoxious ad-milking of viewers.

  9. I downloaded this Thanks a lot

  10. Leonard Read says:

    The rings ice particles would not explode when they collide

  11. Shivan Rajan says:

    the rings is use for intruder not coming to area.

  12. Is it true that when they were building the Huygens mini probe that one of the engineers lost his temper and throw a landing sensor at another employee? Dont ask me where I heard that. Just askin if anyone else heard this.

  13. Carloso 0 says:

    quem veio pelo poligonautas?

  14. Hey, it is almost 2017 and you still haven't changed the title. 2015!! Haha Pathetic / The Universe – Saturn The Lord of the rings was released in 2007.

  15. wael Tunis says:

    satin plannet saturn iblis god démon from that plannet you never ever know the truth of Solar système you Will know just little science like god sed in my religion noob geagnes

  16. live Saturn😘😗😍😇😚😙😅😄😃😂😁😀☺ 🔭😯