South East Asia Timeline (3500 BC – 2005 AD)

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  1. ikhspr says:

    What A title of the song ?

  2. Malay region the biggest in Southeast Asia

  3. Where are the Kingdoms, Rajahnates and Sultanates of the Philippines in Pre-Colonial Era?

  4. stupid theory ,1500bc SEA only populated by aborigine live on tree.
    the timeline were so wrong.

  5. Alvin Tilar says:

    you forgot the maharlika empire

  6. are you kiddin us? we, filipinos? at 200BC?

  7. Victorbrine says:

    Inaccurate. There are many inaccuracies. This website isn't one that you can trust in the history of South East Asia.

  8. Dlowdy Telah says:

    Asean for Taiwan!

  9. sweet kisser says:

    where is sulatanate of sulu,huangdom of pangasinense, sultan of tondo and more.. even maharlika empire in philippines wich is owned the hawaii,guam and palau..

  10. Als Nederlanders niet naar Indonesië kwamen, Zouden Koningkrijken van Indonesië nooit vereenigd worden.

  11. Si Español no venìa a Filipina, Los Reinos de Filipina nunca serían ser unido.

  12. 2001 –> there should be timor leste in the southeast Indonesia

  13. carol zebra says:

    Does anybody knows the name of the song???

  14. Sieben Soyuz says:

    Too many inaccuracies, I'm disappointed.

  15. from 11th century to 17th century,my nation is DAI VIET,no Vietnam

  16. CountDown GT says:

    pfft Spain … Stop Invading us PH

  17. Where the Atlantis Empire ?

  18. dunkenus says:

    some chinese dare calling us Malay of Malaysia as immigrants..they just dont know the history..

  19. Biển xanh says:

    vietnam good good good!

  20. ruidean72 says:

    forgot East Timor

  21. What name this music?

  22. many of historical innacurate about Indonesia

  23. Josie Rizal says:

    i want the Music .

  24. haha .. upload by malaysia fibber in the world .. video is not real ..

    bullshit .. stupid ..

  25. Niyorills says:

    Cambodia are Thailand colony on 16,17,18 century.

  26. Just Jearvin says:

    where did the siam come from

  27. JeyJomnas X says:

    From 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th until 14th century Kamphuchea or Cambodia swallowed all Siam/Thailand lol 😜😜😜

  28. Vince Walker says:

    where gunung padang ? gunung padang at west java 20.000 bc

    sunda = java and melayu

  29. physika says:

    just a rough but not so accurate description.

  30. Bk Tu says:

    vietnameses killed khmer and champa =)).

  31. Skeeter says:

    All ASEAN countries should unite… with no borders and a common currency

  32. Sael says:

    By 2016 there are few areas that remains been inhabited by hunter gatherers in Kalimantan and Papua

  33. kimi mon says:

    Thailand has many mixed race people

  34. Vietnam's history begins in 2879 BC with the name of the country is Xich Quy, and was founded by King Kinh Duong Vuong.

  35. Gio Kise says:

    If only ASEAN Unite and learn how to get closer with each other.
    Cambodia Hate some Vietnamese that living Cambodia.
    Vietnam hate China and said that Cambodia unite with China.
    Thailand hate Cambodia because of the population and traditional.
    And the most peaceful country in Southeast Asia is Laos xD

  36. For correction, in 1960 Malaysia was not include sabah and sarawak.

  37. Samuel Yu says:

    I prefer Yellow as my soul or energy color.

  38. Lanchiang Lo says:

    Apparently the Tai is being swollen by the blood thirsty Damm Han to the very last blood drop, but on contrary the Tai still holding their own Flag and stake their sovereignty in Yunnan, China or Kumming, China.

  39. Samuel Yu says:

    South China,Song China and Ming China are purple colors.

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