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  1. Linda Ndlovu says:

    I suggest we still need to challenge our Written and Told History, as i believe somewhere down the line both Black and White we are mislead and brainwashed about it. We also need Debates of our own history as South Africans. Right now we suffer from historical trauma which affects the Economy and give power to poverty as we fail to learn more about us and admit our history.

  2. A peaceful transition….I don't quite agree with that. It was actually both parties fault, starting with the Apartheid government for suppressing non-whites at the time and no future multi-racial planning. The fault with the post-Apartheid government (ANC) was when they came into power they did the transaction way to fast. This is what the ANC should of done after 1994 elections (re-integrate non-whites back into the system build schools, jobs for the new citizens and let the more educated people help the new people in there new jobs, in the end a good racial bonding has occurred.) This is unfortunately what ANC did (They took the more skilled people in the work place mainly the whites and replaced them with people who never had the skill or qualifications, few new schools where built , education systems were changed because the new government thought everything that represented the post 1994 party was bad, white people got upset because they don't have jobs and so this snowball effect started ripping most opposing races apart in the end we have a disrupted system that CANNOT be fixed.)

  3. Umuntu says:

    South Africa's oldest monument???? Has this guy been to enki's calendar?

  4. Served cold with a twist of lemon! Cheer's….

  5. ty blizzy says:

    shouldn't it had started in south Africa?! lol my my I see the tables has been turnrt

  6. ty blizzy says:

    shouldn't it had started in south Africa?! lol my my I see the tables has been turnrt

  7. This is just a touch on the surface and not the complete truth. After 22 years nothing is left of this country it is a shit hole like the other countries up in Africa and is on the brink of an economy collapse. Isn't it about time for the liberals to admit the no voters were right

  8. Goed gesê!! Like die video :)

  9. what if the Portuguese colonised South Africa? different history maybye

  10. thats fucking wrong thats not our history

  11. Hassan Ali says:

    Fuck whites they must go back to Europe

  12. Portuguese called these tribes of San the " yellow people"

  13. lsd25records says:

    Good job with this…..I like that it was not presented from 1 side or the other.

  14. now its a shit hole because, you let black people run the country and kicked all the whites out , thanks progressiveness

  15. khae74 says:

    informative, short and looking from all angles, thank you

  16. very good presentation, but you forgot the Zulu vs British war. The Shaka lead soldiers actually won the war against the british, the only African soldiers to win against the British

  17. this is European history not south African history

  18. shaun reilly says:

    Thank you for the history

  19. we black must never forget what whites did you us.we must seek revenge.

  20. Qhawe Teyise says:

    So are you trying to tell us that the history of South Africa began with the arrival of European settlers? Before that it was just a barren land???? Really?

  21. As a grade 6 learner,I have realised that many people from the past died for our rights which was very brave.

  22. Muu Ao says:

    great vid mate!

  23. this is from the white persepective. this is why black people should learn to WRITE their own HISTORY and not leaving it to others!! i hate this video. South Africa did not begin with colonisers.

  24. talk2me9ja says:

    The Zionists Dutch removed people from the land that they later habited, erase their names and then sold them into slavery.  Then after slavery was over the former slave merchants fabricated that enslaved people by the Dutch, English, Portuguese fabricated history that they brought them from West Africa when many of the people they took originally  came from the area today that the Dutch and English are living in Southern Africa.

  25. bryan lu says:

    To explain it simply,white people saw the benefits of taking black Africans property/country and make it there own!!!!

  26. bryan lu says:

    Surprised they havent took brazil lol

  27. Suraya Esau says:

    Thank you for this informative condensed history of a perplexed past. While our history is still being unravelled this is indeed a positive way to look at it for hope and reconciliation, lest we forget :)

  28. The best part? It's history is still being written. =D

  29. This is Not South African history It's White-Washed, Bleached, and Permed History wit a Ugly WEEVE! Remake or Destroy this Video! South Africa has a Rich history long Before White Albinos and others finally figured out how to come back!!!

  30. Trust-Nobody says:

    My Grate Grate Grandad was in the bore war.

  31. vRe6V5NW says:

    Is there a transcript of what the speaker says available anywhere or would someone post / e-mail, please?

  32. CW SK says:

    He pretty much phoned this one in. He's mumbling like crazy, his accent isn't helping and the YouTube subtitles are DEFINITELY not helping.

  33. juat jared says:

    my nan lived in port Elizabeth she was from Germany

  34. Nje Radebe says:

    bring back our land

  35. We don't want revenge, just our land please.

  36. Young Lad says:

    everything was going well and then in 1996 everything went to shit and now south Africa is one of the poorest,most dangerous, most uneducated and most corrupt violent countries in the world. 😀 ;)

  37. Nobbbelzxxtv says:

    My parents always say that SA whas better before 1994 and if you look at the economy its treu ( now don't say that my parents are hatefull toward SA bc my dad fought for the SADF from 1987-1993 )

  38. says:

    The European came and told us the original people were khoiSan. today the khoiSan speaks afrikaans. very convenient!

  39. says:

    The guns only killed the animals….fuk!! my xhosa people were slaughtered for land! This history is not completely true.

  40. says:

    The Europeans found us here and they say original people are khoiSan. The original khoi lived with the xhosa even in your untrue history. A lot of truth is uncovered to save the Europeans ass.

  41. Leon H says:

    This is African history through the muddled mind and mouth of a white man. Erasure at it's best. This is nowhere near an accurate representation of South Africa's true history. Just give the land back and go tlhe!

  42. MrSivram28 says:

    Why were black South Africans unable to build a civilization?

  43. This is not South African history it's a white washed version it isn't close to accurate …Disgusting

  44. no mention of terrorism ? why not ?

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