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36 Responses

  1. Senaleb says:

    What kind of tanks were israel using? It looked a lot like sherman. Was it an upgraded sherman? Btw I'm american, I've never heard of the recording of Nassar and the other guy talking about setting up the US and UK to blame. That was quite interesting. I'm glad it ended the way it did though, Israel was so smart to stop at Syria but taking out Syrias ability to make war. I think had Russia and US got involved it would of become a very bloody affair with probably not much left standing.

  2. Arturo Lopez says:

    Israel belongs to the Jewish people period.

  3. 6 days of creation and on the 7th day, God rested….then, 6 days in war and on the 7th day God rested again :)

  4. the egyptians should thank Israel for letting them go home and were not executed…

  5. Those nations who fight the chosen people will get destroyed. First the USSR, then Iraq, then Syria. All these nations disintegrated and all were sworn enemies of Israel. Israel will prevail. Iran needs to read history and check its behavior.

    We Hindus love and support our Jewish brothers

  6. deadeye851 says:

    Muslims before the war – Destroy Israel, wipe them off the map, all ban together to do it.

    Muslims after the war – Look how evil Israel is! There are consequences to losing senseless wars that we start, and we are still dealing with it! Everybody, let's get a lot of power and destroy Israel!

  7. So you mean to tell me Israel practiced and carried out aggressive war against its neighbors and the good old west that is always blabbing Nazi/commie aggression this and that, set idly. Not only that, it's ship and soldiers were attacked by these aggressors and it simply pardoned them. Not sure what else proof one needs to see that these two countries are one in the same. The Arab countries should have mobilized and retaliated against this fucking little country at once. All out war, while they had the advantage. Even if it meant WWIII.

  8. abraham deng says:

    God of Israel is the living God, oh Mighty God I love you for being with Israel.

  9. vv n says:

    Middle east and it's conspiracy theories.

  10. Israel will take back the Sinai and Jordan.

  11. Max Jay says:

    Dont mess with the Israelites…… they will surely defeat any nation no doubt about that. But if they turn away from the God their forefathers served then they will be taught a lesson.

  12. Fredy H says:

    amazing documentary. Thanks for posting

  13. bjjh says:

    long live Israel, Long Live India….

  14. I am convinced the root of all evil is the religion of Islam if not religion in general but most the teachings of a prophet who promotes holy war ..I hate Arabs not all just the Arab nation and how it's acted I'm resent years

  15. Harry Pity says:

    Only peace can defeat Israel..

  16. MrJosseff says:

    What would happen if the Egyptian people – on their own free will – agree to normalize relations with the Israeli people?????

  17. Basically Israel was doing so well we had to tell em to calm down

  18. the califete and the next holocaust…utube…video..

  19. Israel forever win, respect from Iraq

  20. Sky Hd says:

    Learn from India: British created separate nation for Muslims, Pakistan in 1947 by taking away 1/3rd land of Hindus. Hindus accepted and move on. Similarly, Palatein should accept partition of 1948 and move on to establish peace in the region.

  21. John Doe says:

    nothing to bost ! Israel government stupidness was first time spot just one day after 6 days war by giving authority over Temple Month to demons muslims cancer of the World. Now drink what you cooked! Innocent people – owner of the land where you exist stupid Israel government, are persecuted by your police and protect smelly fucking muslims demon. You deserve more terror for your stupidness

  22. Savage LouE says:

    no wonder other nations hate Americans.. we could have easily prevented this war..

  23. say what you want but those israelis sure know how to kike ass.

  24. Why are Arab liars?

  25. maverickons says:

    long live israel from india

  26. hoplite669 says:

    The arab world is such a pathetic joke. No science, no functioning education or medical Systems, except for those introduced by the west, just their silly believe in their backward Religion. Even the weapons they try to fight with – and usually fail pathetically – Need to be provided by the west. Israel is the only working Country in the middle east and therefore deserves our full Support. I would prefer it, if the Israelis took over the whole of the middle east. It would be better for the rest of the world. Oh and by the way: i am not an Israely, i am a German.

  27. Yeah! Severe beaten by Israel…Hahaha! You asked for war and you got it! And please don't try it again.

  28. Irán, you are next!

  29. May God Bless Israel more and more!!!

  30. This was not just a defeat for us muslims, it was a humiliation, we actually lost more territory after the defeat than before. It will go down as a crucial moment in the history of levant for sure

  31. Azeez Abbas says:

    This war will never end . Many generations later will fight Israel . From china to USA all the muslim . We should stand up and end it by making two countries live in peace instead of we teach our sons to comet suicide in Israel let send them to study in Jerusalem university. We as Iraqis need our Neighbour Israel

  32. even in this doc the russians keep lying, and they will again be the ones part of the next war…

  33. palestinian refugees from 1948? what a nonsense

  34. Israel needs support from every person who loves God YHWH. Iam determining to pray for the peace of Jerusalem with my family and Bible Club and even give financially to Israel.

  35. kyostim says:

    This is a sad story and in war…there are no winners!

  36. Joel O' Shea says:

    Excellent. Do you have 1948 war videos?