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  1. Mario Teles says:

    Now I know what is happening in America the the rituals and the child killed etc Google it and see who f.b.i is investigating

  2. SauronsEye says:

    'shocking', that our parents engaged in sex and your Dad at least had an orgasm while deep inside your mother that created you and we find that shocking…..that's completely fucked up thinking…while we celebrate our birthdays….we don't celebrate our parent's act of love…..what sort of world do we live in?

  3. This what the greek was about show artifacts not lies

  4. MrBallanced says:

    Why do they use words like shocking? Why make a decision regarding an entire people's behaviour based on an old porn stash? Who's to say 50% percent weren't buttoned up and the other 50% were like this woman in the video, very sexualised. if this paper isn't at least 35,000,000 years old it wasn't made by the true ancient Egyptians. The pyramids have water erosion caused by thousands of years of rain. This was done when Egypt was blanketed by rain forest. Its been desert for 36,000,000 years. So when you hear that the pyramids are 7 million years old that's wrong.

  5. Triple Eight says:

    "All we are is nothing but mammals…so lets do it like the discovery channel"

  6. Triple Eight says:

    Islam is the religion of peace…just want to throw that out there….OH negative comments is very welcomed.

  7. Rob Q says:

    best thumbnail preview ever on youtube

  8. Maria DeLeon says:

    Heads up, jumpscare at 20:38. Don't want anyone else to have the misfortune of falling out of their chair.

  9. How come it's mostly a bunch of sexually repressed Brits commenting on this? Fucking inbred island of wanking , tossing, perverts and pedos. Except for the fat American Liz of course who waited sooo long to see doggy style sex on a cave wall. Something of which I reckon is physically impossible for her in real life judging by that massive ass. 8:00 "Oh yeah, , I've only seen it in books , It's really good to see it in real life" LOL

  10. Rod Kali says:

    on the walls their dark with black afros on the digital text they became whitened.

  11. Tmw Camden says:

    The thumbnail shows ass fucking. This would explain brown children.

  12. Wizdigo says:

    17:59 Notice that it's a serpent coming out of the penis, and it's next to an owl as well. It means something dark for sure.

  13. black buck says:

    Those are Hyksos invaders!

  14. i see the same thing every time i turn on the TV… i don't get why anyone would bother researching this crap. blah, blah, blah! who gives a crap

  15. Pedro Meza says:

    Given that humans make love/have sex, and given that people draw, then it makes sense that humans will draw what they do. But all that changes when religion comes along and says you can't do that unless we say so.

  16. Mind Funk says:

    We need to stop mystifying and glorifying the past and start seeing it for the primitve, brutal, endless nightmare it was. Reading and learning about the past can be fascinating, but when people learn the truth it will also be extremely terrifying and a huge motivation to never repeat it again. People dont understand the simple truth about life now, thats why we keep commiting the same stupid, destructive mistakes over and over again. Only the truth can make any real and permanent change and take us out of the animal realm once and for all; Google truthcontest and read the present. Nthing could be more important or worthwhile.

  17. Mark Guidry says:

    Why is Medina mentioned in Egypt?

  18. they do it every day it's the most horrific thing to the western world the penis must be covered and hidden, calling it cock to me is such a travesty of humanity. Like the woman's breast people so wrecked if they by any chance a mother must feed her baby then others say in a plane freak out.

    people are really fucked up.

  19. I am surprised they had bed-sheets.

  20. Trecia marie says:

    35:10 white breasts???? ive had enough of Europeans tryna claim everything great. Everyone truly intelligent about Real history. knows that the ancients had melanin and black features, this video is portraying what they want you to believe!. FUCK this, this video isn't the truth.. I'm done watching.

  21. Very bad film. The longest scene is 4 sec. Most scenes exlplain nothing. The jingle and honk disturb. There is nothing shocking. There is nothing secret.

  22. of course there were prostitutes in egypt. dont yall read the bible

  23. gunner6084 says:

    oh come on people dont be so childish! ;)

  24. gunner6084 says:

    oh come on people dont be so childish! ;)

  25. W2S says:


  26. W2S says:

    closes eyes Don't Want to Look

  27. W2S says:

    Not. Shocing

  28. Paws Of Love says:

    that drawing in the cave looks so fake. Now the carving on the wall and statues are more realistic. shalom peace

  29. caesarillion says:

    Nono girl is saying, "I'm warming up for BB on this amphora/MAGIC MUSHROOM for some overtime with SUPER HONEY, aka PV ie the likes of Me, P L Venne and we are going to work this to the limit BB then get some rest and sweat off some more, cuz….. I like you."

  30. caesarillion says:

    BTW, sure like the way BB Hughes is leaning over that display case………

  31. Troy Thomas says:

    I would bet 5 minutes after people figured out how to make hieroglyphics they were drawing pictures of people screwing.

  32. Do you actually believe this rubbish? Looks like an up to date drawing. Probably foreigners did it as an act of vandalism/age old jealousy if you ask me.

  33. Lyl Stop says:

    no men on men in ancient Egypt

  34. doogie3001 says:

    8IIIIIIIIID – – –

    This comment will be read in 3048 and be very important in understanding sex in this time !.

  35. so egyptians loved to fuck..big deal every one else does so what is the big deal about it.

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