Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware (Full Documentary) | Future Cities | WIRED

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  1. Communist China gave birth to a capitalist utopia of sorts. The DNA of Communist Cooperation is woven back in .

  2. Ng Yee Tat says:

    And this is the power that Trump wants to slap a 45% tariff on…

  3. Murad Man says:

    Too many horse faces though

  4. ThinkShink says:

    Does anyone know of some websites that ship shanzhai products to the U.S? I have so far only found articles using the term.

    I want to see what's on offer.

  5. Jumpre says:

    DJI, Huawei, all from Shenzhen

  6. Oh my F* GOD! The example of the light switch. That is exactly what I do professionally! I work within companies making sure everything is as close to perfect as possible. China needs UX!

  7. AaronLee says:

    Does anyone have a source for these sick fucking tunes?

  8. Dave G. says:

    This is a great documentary (and +1 displaying the opensource atmosphere of Shenzhen) but what worries about about why so many products in Shenzhen can be done in 1/3 the time is that there is a lack of quality assurance and testing. This doc didn't really mention how these same products get tested before going into production.

  9. 37:45 Can someone spell out the two thing she talks about? Sounds like she says gumban and gumball (or gumbo). I want to learn more about the latter, fabricating plastic/aluminium bodies for phones and tablets.

  10. What I see in this show is not what I would personally call innovation. The iphone was an innovation, because it truly disrupted the mobile phone market. The transistor was an innovation, the mobile PC, the drone, the 3D printer, were innovations. More recently, quantum computing truly is an innovation. That is going to revolutionize the way we have been doing computing for the past decades.

    What I see in this show is mostly applications of existing innovative products. Like, designing a new drone with 6 rotors which will go faster/higher, when the original one had 4 rotors, is not exactly what I would qualify as innovation. It makes a cool new feature at best. It's potentially an improvement of the original model. The baby watch with an embedded GPS is not exactly an innovation. Just like when Apple these days launch new devices, one of them will have a larger screen, the next one with rounded corners etc…, they are not innovating. They are adding features so they can keep selling stuff. The living room of the future we see here, I have seen it in 2002, 15 years ago, in the innovation lab of a big tech company I worked for in Europe. The living room in this show may have a flatter screen, or a better dolby surround sound, but again, that is not really innovation IMO.

    The show seems to mostly highlight how cheap components are. It seems that's where the innovation mostly is : have cheaper components than the west has.

    About Open Source, that does not mean giving away the recipe of your product to everyone around. That's not open source, that's stupidity. How are you going to reward you and your team's efforts with the sale of your new product, if someone has your recipe and can make the exact same device and sell it for half the price ? They got the concept of open source wrong IMO.

    Innovation is possible when you have an ecosystem of universities, research labs, investors willing to take risks, entrepreneurs, tech companies and big established corporations, all working together. That's what made the Silicon Valley the very successful place it is. I don't think the SV should be too much worried about Shenzhen.

  11. miky George says:

    "Les chinois dominent le monde alors que tout le monde accuse les juifs… Mais j'en ai rien a foutre!"
    This is fucking awesome.

  12. The Line says:

    very nice,
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  13. Harris Chi says:

    China is neither a capitalism country nor communism country, it is a market economy but it's not a capitalism country, beacuse unlike many other country, in China, a group of billionaires can't control policy making, the capital does not rise above political authority. Of course China still got a lot problems, but she develops fast, even the party evolved so much that not that "communist" anymore.

  14. Well done! Can we get a list of songs used? There's a great soundtrack here.

  15. AK Henderson says:

    Great documentary .. good job..

  16. You Wang says:

    I want to mention DJI drone…

  17. the fight is between the western world who want at all costs to protect the patent system against the Asian open source.
    Socialism vs Capitalism we are going ahead The Venus Project whether you capitalists like it or not

  18. Joshi Yash says:

    That Indian looking guy saying "Hello..".. 😉 Hahaha…

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  20. Contacts to this people…? Portable flash disk sized computer that can turn your tv into a computer for 40 euros

  21. Andy Chow says:

    It's easy to make a cheaper copy when you don't have to pay for the R&D and invest in all the initial manufacturing headaches. All the component channels are already set up by other people. This is theft.

  22. How well could you live there off 3100USD/month?

  23. Scott Franco says:

    This gets repeated over and over again. Moore's law HAS NOT ENDED. Moore's law said the density of circuits would double, not the SPEED. The speed gains you got naturally from reducing the size of transistors ended, but the density increases continue.

  24. i enjoyed the ocassional descreet pervs .. well done cameraman :)

  25. Half Sized Font would result in 4x more words!

  26. Jay Kheni says:

    gladiator of hardware

  27. Flash Tech says:

    Thanks to USA investors who made this city possible.

  28. poppycocksa says:

    this is amazing to watch on LSD!!!

  29. Jif says:

    Holy shit… I wanna go there and just soak up as much knowledge as possible! I'd be like a kid in candy store, lol.

  30. Elroy McKay says:

    Very informative and loads of food for thought. I enjoyed this a lot and makes one think about innovation vs patents. LOL @ the guys talking about Äpple owns rectangle shape with curved edges" – insane, I agree. Wonder which car manufacturer will patent the rectangular shape with 4 wheels as a car patent?
    BUT.. great production and video style. Not sure what this was shot on, but all the angles, movement and music made for a great documentary IMO. Hope I can achieve same in future.

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  32. Acrabeth says:

    Wow great camera work, so integrated and artsy… + the music and everything really.

  33. Sauron says:

    Copying others and selling that product with the original brand's logos isn't innovation. Making something unique is innovation that is better than the previous product.

  34. yuzhen dong says:

    This video is not so correct. some top IT company in Shenzhen, and their output is not only hardware, such as Tencent, a internet company, the most famous Wechat is developed in Shenzhen.  Shenzhen is also the HQ location of the  world wide No. 1 ICT provider Huawei, and No.4 ICT provider ZTE.

  35. What a BS. "In west it is called theft, here in China it's called sharing". And what kind of innovation is this where in the name of smart home, there are screens everywhere to display news, stats etc. Isn't smartphones are getting annoying already. What kind of innovation to expect from a country where they make synthetic eggs :P

  36. REASON℠ says:

    Silicone Valley of hardware, but still being the mother lode of copy.
    A new massive city, but the buildings are so badly constructed that they're soon being demolished.
    What a shame. Such a potential goes to waste.

  37. the asians are strict over camera usage to not copy or what?pretty ironic

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