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  1. Jom says:

    F*ck. Imagine that. You peers letting you know that they will sink the ship along with you because they couldn't get you out.

  2. The Explosion Was HD How Did They Do That??

  3. MrPHAELAN says:

    I wonder why they did not mention the 5th battlesquadron?

  4. Dial Square says:

    When was the last time the British won a fight against an enemy who wore shoes? Waterloo? PS Britain did not win any of the World wars American industrial power did

  5. The Brits were cautious and really unsafe. Shows stereotyping people is wrong. One Admiral is unsafe and loses 2 battlecruisers by rushing people to load ammo. The other one doesn't risk losing his fleet by sailing into torpedoes with a chance to knock out the German fleet if he doesnt get his fleet destroyed. Fascinating documentary. I wish other Americans and especially American schools showed documentaries like this. BUT IF IT ISNT AMERICANS WINNING IT DIDNT HAPPEN! I remember ONE documentary about England or the world in school. It was the one about Churchhill that came out in 2002 on American television. I am from a Boston Mass. suburb and have lived here all my life but BBC and English documentaries are just… BETTER

  6. Zack Tyler says:

    BEATTY! Give me back my battle-cruisers!

  7. gunner6084 says:

    i like most ww1 sea battle than pacific

  8. gunner6084 says:

    IS THAT A SHIP GHOST RISING??????????? O_o

  9. Digmen1 says:

    I will stick to talking about Jutland

    Yes, if Beaty had kept the 5th Battle Squadron with him, Hipper may have lost all of his ships. Jutland is all about the poor communications (by flag) in those days.

  10. Steve17010 says:

    The battle of Jutland "should have been a Trafalger"? Did they really expect that the German navy and its leaders was that inferior or incompetent?

  11. hogorina says:


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  12. Germans are never Spaniards….

  13. Have seen many stories of Jutland from many different angles. As an American, what stands out to me is the incompetence of Beatty. It shows what happens when an dimwitted, inbreed nobleman or royalty is given command or put in charge as a result of his station in life. The same happened with Churchill at Gallipoli. While his mother was American, one thing has never been presented is how bright were these guys and I don't mean book learning? To me, they seem all gloss and no substance. It doesn't surprise me that the nobility closed ranks to stick it to the commoner. In a very early story of Jutland, it was mentioned that after Beatty hoisted his signal flags "to follow the Lion," the expression "to follow the Lion" meant to engage in a foolhardy venture. Remember that Beatty had all the big ships and lost the ships. It also doesn't surprise me what Beatty did to cover his blunder. After all, shifting the blame to a commoner was the thing to do for a "gentleman."

    In the battle, it seemed that German guns and gunners were better than what the British had. It has been pointed-out that the German ships, even more badly damaged than the RN ships, withstood the pounding better and were able to limp to port without sinking and saving lives. If the KM weren't so afraid of the RN's reputation, it may have really beaten the RN at Jutland.

    Another thing that I keep hearing, of course, is the plaintive statements about the loss of RN sailors. This was war! What did people expect? Put sailors on combat ships and shoot big guns at them and sink those ships, what do you expect? The Battle of the Somme cost the BA 20,00 casualties on the first day. How stupid were the generals that they would send troops exposed to machine gun fire and expect them to survive? They could see what was happening and change their tactics? This was was and what did people expect?

  14. Landrew0 says:

    Lies are told, not only to protect national interests, but to protect personal reputations, at the expense of the scrupulous.

  15. 99IronDuke says:

    This is much the best explanation of what really happened at Jutland in 1916


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  17. 1138thz says:

    I agree that Admiral Admiral John Jellicoe got a raw deal. David Beatty a man that was really a wealthy titled dimwit that was promoted far beyond his abilities. That ignorant clown seems to have thought a Naval battle was analogous to a fox hunt on his estate. He was an incompetent to say the least. And after the battle he proved himself to be dishonest pile of puss when he attempted to (and did) alter reports and sanitize his record of action to draw himself in a more positive light. Despicable

  18. RealGladrion says:

    16:40 on, well, something ignited the magazine

  19. nmn b says:

    Still no mention of the Germans zeppelin spotting British fleet movements.
    More bulshit British propaganda.Admit you lost.There is no shame in it anymore.Stop trying to portray your country as a glimmering shitheap.
    You lost,good day.

  20. Turning away from torpedo attacks was doctrine, and its unfair to criticise Jellicoe for not ordering in the middle of a battle what the fleet hadn't practiced in peacetime. What is also missing here is the ubiquitous comments from participants about how the engine smoke and cannon smoke degraded visibility. An order to turn into the attacks would probably have resulted in mass confusion.

    Beatty, on the other hand, bears direct responsibility for the safety issues. Prior to the war, his BCs had won gunnery competitions by leaving flash doors open to speed loading, and, as I said, one does what one practices.

  21. tommydangerx says:

    Incredibly interesting!

  22. FunteX says:

    Jutland!!!! hahaha idiots, its spelled "Jyland" . . . :)

  23. Good documentary! I love a good war story!

  24. They missed a lot about Jutland. What about the Battle squadron 5 ?) ships with the 15 "" guns that Beatty forgot to tell he was turning? Also, the subsequent encounter(S) between the grand an HS fleets were not really covered.

  25. English lost the battle
    but helped win the war

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