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20 Responses

  1. Joba Joba says:

    King David and the israel tribes came here.

  2. Joba Joba says:

    the Blackfoot are A negative.

  3. Darwin E says:

    That copper accounts for 1% of whats missing from MI. It went all over the world and is what made the bronze age of europe.

  4. CelticTechno says:

    What about Moundville Alabama?

  5. It would be better if he grew up in a white household rather than with his people. Words of the priest who arranged my adoption. I'm thankful that you uploaded this as it answers a few of the questions that I've been researching.

  6. Two Words "Manifest Destiny"…

  7. topgunz23 says:

    These are things that I already knew. It is interesting but it will not change the past. The natives messed up and let people come in and take a foot hold in this land. They paid the price, that is the way it goes. I believe if Natives had the need, the power and capability to sail to Europe they would have done the same thing. European whites and Native Americans are the same. Good and bad.

  8. Jack Baldwin says:

    this is part of a global effort that essentially rewrote world history to support the judeo/christian world view.

  9. The Smithsonian is nothing but a repository of the truth but everybody knows that, the American government tells you, you can't handle the truth

  10. rh1507 says:

    The truth seems difficult to come by as always. This particularly is true in history. The natives of North America are and have been far more complicated and elegant than that which was taught for two centuries.

  11. K says:

    thanks !well documented it seems..

  12. People were already herw when the native americans got here. Apparently there was a very advance ancient people that were found all over the world. Bad thing was.. they were cannibals according to the local pueblo indians! 😐

  13. wish the volume has been higher when recorded………..Thank You From Maine

  14. Im native American… my grandparents have told me many stories and many many times they have been referring to aliens every single time… they even say aliens in our language… what im tryna tell u is… our world is yet 2 b unfolded and revealed… there r so many truths we will never knw…

  15. Rick Timmons says:

    many artifact have been removed to larger museums but are not being displayed. they should be returned to the state/country they were "borrowed" from.

  16. pool coping says:

    great video, thank you for posting it.

  17. seventhsinn says:

    if I lived back then I would of teamed up with the Indians ,so sad how they got wiped out,such a beautiful race of people,so many tribes,if they all grouped together they could of took out the white man and such,easy,they had so much inner war with all the tribes fighting each other they never really had a chance with that and fighting the white man.

  18. Mick C says:

    Fantastic program