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  1. Cine says:

    Search and Destroy Missions – Tunnel Rat Documentary
    #tunnelrat   #documentaryfilms   #war

  2. kawika dav says:

    The U.S. thought the Vietnam war was going to easy but they were wrong and lost.

  3. US won the war on the battlefront but lost the one at home.

  4. Damn I gotta hand it to the Vietnamese- they sound like the most determined, brave/crazy, and innovative troops ever. I think we kinda do a disservice to them in the US. We think of the VIet Cong as wily and crazy, when the reality is they were HIGHLY efficient, balsy, and just plain good at the job. I feel bad for the tunnel rats- talk about a stressful job. I bet more than just that one guy wakes up in cold sweats sometimes. Scary work. Sounds like literally the scariest army duty . . . maybe ever?

  5. zane lile says:

    Out troops the – tunnel rats were had a lot more guts then I ever had ! These guys had to be tough as steel outside and inside, mental strain must have been great.

  6. I could never do that, I freaked out in a narrow cave 8 years ago.

  7. onlythewise1 says:

    how come whites doing all the fighting and dieing

  8. gujogi bi says:

    Adrenaline junkies.

  9. Bob McGarry says:

    End of conversation.

  10. simehong2000 says:

    till now no one defeat people power. Geman fail, Ducth fail, USA fail

  11. TheZouk45 says:

    why didnt the us army use search dogs when trying to detect viet congs underneath the ground?? it would probably save so many soldiers

  12. MrNodebate says:

    So the novel this Eric Bergerud wrote has the title: "Red Thunder/Tropic Lightning" (at 4:33)… Somehow, that title rings a bell with a certain Ben Stiller movie…

  13. This isn't telling me anything.

  14. Those Rats had steel balls.

  15. Vietnamese has to  be the most fucked up language Ive ever heard.

  16. 18tangles says:

    Australians were doing it before the Americans

  17. 18tangles says:

    To Any Aussies here . Do you know our government may have short changed us in the Currency conversion. 1966 One Aust Dollar equalled 1.12 US. 58000 served imagine the short fall.

  18. My Coworker was a tunnel rat… best guy in the whole damn park! mad respect

  19. uhm, my vietnamese gf told me her father had 10 people in his squad, and only he and another guy made it out alive. my gf's father himself had a gunshot wound to the head, but somehow managed to survive. war is scary. really hope humans can all live in peace.

  20. If you get a chance, read The Tunnels of Cu-Chi – superb book……

  21. 4-03; most famously my ar*e! LOL Sorry, we British can be so patriotic too!

  22. did tunnel rats receive any benefit? like a reduced tour of duty?

  23. There were a couple of guys from Long Island City, NY who were offered the tunnel rat training. They didn t take the training. Both of them came home alive.

  24. Just Doit says:

    Torch in one hand and bayonet in the other.That's balls of steel shit right there. No gun?

  25. One of the few times the U.S. actually killed military personnel not unarmed civilians. wtg!

  26. Sapping (counter or undermining) is centuries old. It was not invented in the first world war by the British but I would argue that sapping in the first world war may be more famous than sapping and tunnel ratting during the Vietnamese, at least outside the United States. Having said that, this is the History channel and is therefore factually suspect before you start.Personally, I can't believe the level of courage required to do this though. To enter a tunnel system where you can barely fit in order to hunt out and destroy enemy personnel and equipment is phenomenal. So please do not think I am denigrating the tunnel rats, I merely think that there courage is not reduced by placing it in the correct historical context.

  27. Dogboy1092 says:

    With the 173rd Airborne Brigade was actually attached the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR), which is why the 3rdField Troop were there.  They formed a battalion group with 1 RAR

  28. Dogboy1092 says:

    Australians and Americans serving side by side…  I've always loved stories of our troops working together like this.

  29. KEXXOFF says:


  30. Their simple booby traps were a thousand times more effective than every one of the bombs we dropped on the entire region! And trillions of times cheaper!

  31. franny YNWA says:

    I've got to take my hat off to these tunnel rat's.

  32. Rudy Chavira says:

    1st Cav had actual rat squads, the Marines, sent whoever fit, flashlight usually 45 and an extra large set of nuts Semper Fi.

  33. Morley Yan says:

    Must be several M.I.A. soldiers on both sides buried in old tunnels,… yet to be discovered.

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