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9 Responses

  1. Kevin Tiger says:

    Thank you beautiful

  2. Roger Clark says:

    amazing Thanks for vacation for the mind and feast for the eyes and food for thought.

  3. Such beauty to behold, Thank you

  4. alexxs S says:

    Sorprendente! Gracias …Durango Mexico.

  5. Dio says:

    African refugees are destroying Europe.

  6. Marco Plo says:

    Those Horses also feel the heredity of their royal horse ancestors. this is their world, their home….this is where they descend of. Not training those horses would be abuse. I love that he is there, doing it still, and with such class and dignity. Tip O' the hat, to you, Great Sir!

  7. robie bag says:

    beautiful castles . however you barley showed any . most of this video was about old people and their hobbies .

  8. what a waste lost souls

  9. I miss the magnificent Spanish castles and palaces, too bad

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