Real Paranormal Sightings Caught on Tape Villisca Axe Murders House Documentary

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47 Responses

  1. Chris W says:

    The pigs blood ??? That was dumb

  2. Koivu GT says:

    almost 1000likessss

  3. Bonnie says:

    I live in Iowa and heard about him. is he ok now? I would love to know.

  4. Abby Normal says:

    Why doesn't any one try to move these spirits on, they make to much money on it as a haunted house, it's cruel that people go in there and mess with them all the time

  5. I Kami says:

    Evil and ghosts do exist but they don't harm…………..

  6. freshair3451 says:

    I have a bridge for sale…Anyone interested?

  7. Laura Arual says:

    Bobby Singer, is that you??!!

  8. Helen Adair says:

    l don't believe people come back and haunt but I do believe in demon spirits they are real I have experienced it my children, also , Definetly wouldn't allow a Oujiia board near me or my apartment it is of the Devil, it's a long story, I won't go into it. my mom both one out of curiosity but after a lot of weird occurrences in our house my father made her throw it away, I was mad at first but when we all thought about it it was for the best. I'm a born again Christian now not because of the Oujiia board just, decided to give my life to Christ one day, but I do believe in demonic spirits but not in dead people who were once alive, they were here before us, it's proven in the word of God. if you don't belive then I won't argue , and I won't comment back no matter what is said that's negative, I know, for a fact,I've seen, & heard, and felt presence of good & evil spirits, it's no laughing matter !!!!!

  9. megan emery says:

    upon returning home Tim was plagued by demonic attacks? Well no shit. He continues to use the Ouija to this day? careless….

  10. What a whole bunch of nothing!

  11. Kate Bower says:

    I am disappointed

  12. bruce lee says:

    im lost when i watch paranormal investigators–they said the priest did it…
    so why is the priest soul in the house and he didn't die there ???

  13. Livescifi you my friend just got a new subscriber

  14. Aiden Law says:

    I am going to hide in the comments


    HELP ME!!

  15. hatednyc says:

    Murder weapons, staged scenes, good times to be had by all.

  16. dez noots says:

    fuck this. I'm moving outta iowa

  17. The Barn Owl says:

    Loving the Texas Chainsaw massacre creak noise at the beginning.

  18. I don't think I will ever understand what compels a person to do something like that . There is a damaged mind behind acts like that . I don't believe in evil only dementia .

  19. RyMicTheKing says:

    if this crime happened in 2016, this crime would've been solved in like 5 seconds. he left the murder weapon and some cigarettes on the floor. just dna all over the place.

  20. the house has t same windows as the amitiville

  21. I live in Iowa and still haven't been here … Oh well.

  22. Moloko says:

    Tim, you are one incredibly foolish eejit for inviting that shit in. Burn the Ouija Board and find an old priest and a young priest.

  23. I live in SE Nebraska and still haven't been here they need to make a movie!

  24. Ed Coppenger says:

    428.00 For an overnight stay…The only ghosts are cleaning out your Wallet…….

  25. TS66 says:

    "the original axe" ha, bullshit! Thumbs down for being crappy AND full of shit.

  26. The Media says:

    A bowl of pigs blood? Are trying to summon Carrie?

  27. Nothing personal, but I dint actually *see anything, and the labeled EVPs were inaudible. I didn't hear but maybe one or two things the entire video. The purported laughs I throw out as anything from the wind to a foot without evidence to the contrary, and the laugh more concrete and audible. Not saying it isn't haunted, but that I am not *seeing much evidence.

  28. I stayed this last weekend there…wasnt too scary….caught some weird evps but nothing really..

  29. Lego Bricker says:

    The evil left the house like by bitches 👻👋👋

  30. Kris Karma says:

    Ok, I saw no light, no shadow, heard no voices. Don't think it was very active at all this night.

  31. No proof at all! All imagination, shadows of the own team and sounds that come from the equipment. Why would anybody put background sounds on a "proof" ?! If people believe and start feeling fear, your body fools you. #sorrynotsorry

  32. corrina sims says:

    If all you haters dnt like how tim titles his videos or u think hes fake why are you all still on his page. get off of it. do you have nothing better to do with your life but to stalk tims page. dont like it dont watch simple as that.

  33. ARCADDER says:

    LOL, this is so cringey.

  34. Ed L says:

    why is the quality always crappy with these kind of videos..

  35. These are pretty weak EVPs… Cool video though!

  36. Renee Nomah says:

    Cant believe i watches this crap… Couldn't hear any EVPs sounded like muffled shit to me 

  37. UrielEternal says:

    We will go to this house today and torment those that are there.  We will get more power from Lord satan if we do this right," they said.  "Oh, yes, we will cause a lot of pain and sickness there and much grief to them all.  They began to dance and sing evil songs of worship to satan, glorying in evil.  A demon said, "We will have to watch very carefully for those who believe in Jesus, for they can cast us out."

    "Yes," said another, "at the name of Jesus we have to flee."

    Then one last evil spirit said, "But we are not going to those who know Jesus and the power of His name. "

  38. Hmm, I listen closely to the audio and Im not exactly sure what to listen for and what determines whether the spirit speaks or is just static or just some music playing. Can someone elaborate for me pls? Thanks

  39. Free Boosie says:

    I live in iowa and ima real mf when I go there ill let yall kno the real deal but this prison guard swears ghosts are real he wrote a book

  40. Nukatron says:

    I can't hear most of the EVP stuff…I'm interested but skeptical of some the content.

  41. icandy says:

    who's here weird like me and listen to scary shit mostly at night

  42. OjadieleenO says:

    Be.Busta sent me! 😁

  43. I can't hear the evp on max volume.

  44. Just want to point out that your so called "EVP" evidence, can not be heard above the heavy overlay of halloween soundtrack. In fact you can't really even hear the investigators. So as a true believer in the paranormal and the unexplained, if you want people to believe that there are EVP's then drop the damn music track that is in every single clip it seems. I believe that this house is haunted yes, but I can't honestly say that I believe you actually caught anything. Most of the evidence you have is the EVP's and you cant even hear those. Clean up the audio and re-upload. You're welcome.

  45. Anyone here because of Mr.Nightmare?

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