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  1. Zombies are just a fictional thing..they doesn't exits in real life..And also,Zombie Apocalypse is never going 2 happen..!!

  2. Looking back at my own life I could honestly say I very much behaved like a zombie on many occasions. Maybe it's possible to be a zombie and not even know it

  3. Rattle Snake says:

    Complete waste of time!

  4. This was a very interesting documentary, he seems visibly shaken at the end because of the events surrounding the filming of it, and what happened to his crew

  5. omg i love Anthony 💋💋💋✌👌😁💖😍😍😍

  6. omg i love Anthony 💋💋💋✌👌😁💖😍😍😍

  7. Zombies began with Lucio Fulci..way before romero.

  8. The poor kids.Why do they take their kids with them over there?????

  9. Zombies are fictional tales that began with the George Romero classic "Night of the Living Dead" since then writers have given them the name Zombie from old documentaries like this.  People are so easy to manipulate and engage in bullshit. The mere fact that there are conversations about zombies worries the hell out of me.  People on cell phones…. Now those are the real zombies LOL

  10. peekaboots01 says:

    I really wish they would leave the animals alone. It's  not right. The animals are innocent. They want to live too. Did u see that poor calf? It's eyes.Jesus. Somebody stop this horror and abuse.

  11. adrian ryan says:

    poor giles. i was nervous for him.

  12. bluelover929 says:

    just sounds like a poor country riddled with ignorance and fear. more sad than anything.

  13. Lukimarzi says:

    We're all infected…

  14. Mike Devine says:

    Undead eat your brain zombies do not exist and never have. Now Voodoo and Hoodoo Zombies are a horse of a whole different color. that is real but it isn't the traditional True Undead ghoul "BRrrrainsssS" gotta shoot them in the head kind.

    Voodoo/Hoodoo zombies come about after mixing Special roots,plant extracts and the Poison of a Puffer fish along with the seeds of the Jimsonweed plant (Datura stramonium) also known as "The Devils Apple" into a powder that once blown into the unsuspecting persons face that causes the Zombie like condition similar to what is used in south america called scopolamine made from (Datura/Brugmansia) "Angels Trumpet"

    P.S. LOL "Rabies Zombies" Some people watch to much 28 weeks later/World War Z

  15. Ridiculous! Almost all discovery ,history channel,nova and PBS documentaries are wastage of time and money

  16. animaljp3 says:

    where is the vampire documentary?

  17. RawB0x says:

    a virus can be created in a lab. i don't know how they do it but i know they can.

  18. TheBestGamer says:

    Zombies are not paranormal they are infected people

  19. Go fuck your self if zombie is real we will doom

  20. kaabbaaq 19 says:

    This Doc was garbage, complete waste of time!

  21. FADE OUT!!! says:


  22. FADE OUT!!! says:

    Country is so fucked up

  23. jamey says:

    damn this intro really spooked me!! damn

  24. They go to Haiti,with a white crew and ask around about zombis???This is ridiculous!

  25. if the zombies were real, the world would be fucked by now……

  26. that what the Voodo priest speak about in 9:00 are know in my religion and culture (Islam) as EL-Djines and dam right they are real

  27. Deimos 935 says:

    i kinda want zombie apocalypse….cut some heads……use stealth like in games……and! im fastes student in my school :D

  28. koolerpure says:

    5:20 i feel like its actually racialism not zombie shit, black people with white face, same racialism as white people with black face

  29. VeganPikachu says:

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  30. Zombies are moving dead bodies not living but moving.they eat but the body is decomposing.when un able to move, the small creature will transfer to another relative.

  31. There are zombies in the island of panay,Philippines.Like Aswang ,zombies can be inherited.a small creature will transfer from one person to another.zombies in that island is called "mamanhig" or maranhig!

  32. Karma Black says:

    the zombie rape scene is very subtle WTF 35:56

  33. Rey Vizcarra says:

    Probably this history of slavery is now revealed these last days about zombie apocalypse. It's about spiritual warfare!

  34. 0:21 no, not really anthony, i've seen you playing uther pendragon in merlyn lol

  35. Kris Harkin says:

    How horrific, I would of been glad to get out of there

  36. Greg Burch says:

    well, yes, real life zombies exist…they're called Christians, Muslims, Republicans, and feminists.  There!  I pissed everyone off! 

  37. Kamel Amine says:

    Engineering Documentaries to be watched, I realized that only at the end…for sure it is fake the way they declined the offer of 2000 $ to assist a rite. the man stood shocked and left… waw pure drama

  38. Tomas Chomic says:

    what do you expect from blacks, if all the whites would leave the would live in huts, maybe new rowanda would happen…. wildlings …. and if that is a zombie lol …. holoween gets as close to zombies as it can get,,,,,that there is stupidy

  39. I just booked a vacation to Haiti this November! Should be exciting!

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