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  1. Really they did exist why else does the Smithsonian keep losing the bones?

  2. Sonya Gower says:

    ugh the history chan. LOL they dont like the truth

  3. marvel perry says:

    It's. All real. All. Of. It. Marvel Perry Chicago south side 

  4. 5000k years ago humans were naturally tall and we are getting shorter


  6. the Giants born in 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years ago

  7. the alien are real they among us

  8. watch the aliens what they do aliens want humans

  9. giants is real 86364678229tall

  10. attack on the titan is fake that's edit

  11. 4:42 no one can tell a story like the greeks and Romans yup uh huh

  12. 15:25 Gog and Magog were credited for building Stonehenge?

  13. Dianna Skare says:

    Another History Channel bullshit video! Stop spreading propagandic crap to make every oral history meaningless , every known and carefully kept History! Legends are based on facts soooo catch up with the Facts!!!! We Know there were multiple humanoid species! Stop the Lies !!!!

  14. God created the flat earth 6000 years ago. The Giants were the Nephilims mentioned right in the historically accurate, inerrant, infallible, word of the living God, the Bible

  15. jill camezon says:

    Never liked lullaby and folklore

  16. The background music make it more creepy . That's all !

  17. Pablo Gray says:

    RELIGION was just a form of control through the ages anyone with half a brain knows this! nowadays religion is just a comfort blanket for some and an excuse to start wars for the uneducated others.

  18. Wait… what??? Did they say at 2:00 that "they would see giant footprints and imagine giants"??? There couldn't be very many archaologists in ancient times to be digging up these "footprints" all over the place if they were buried, which would make the giants leaving the footprints contemporary, so they wouldn't need to imagine anything… Like not having to imagine and create legends of cars after seeing tire tracks in the mud.

    And also at 1:46, they show artwork about Gulliver's travels…. If you actually read the book, it's perfectly clear Johnathan Swift was using giants, and other things as a satirical allegory of might, wisdom and behaviour.. It was critique of the English power, might and conquest going on at the time. Part 1, Gulliver is the one who is the mighty power, Part 2, he's the one who is up against a much mightier power, Part 3, he travels to lands that pursue knowledge (with dubious gain), Part 4 paints an unflattering picture of human behaviour and wanting to be better, we don't/can't.

    It seems they were trying to blow smoke up my ass. I couldn't watch 5 minutes of this crap, and I certainly couldn't stand the full 42 minutes.

  19. all this is in the bible not a fairy tale it is the truth
    trying looking in Genesis 6 and all thru Genssis

  20. balls deep says:

    the nephilim legend exists in many different cultures

  21. Greg Meadows says:

    Not sure I believe this. Probably photoshopped.

  22. thats a white lie there were know wolves in africa

  23. Jala Mela says:

    May Allah suck my Dick again.

  24. Erik71 says:

    37:00… Petrified tree trunks…giants were huuuge !

  25. Stupid stupid stupid!! How can you take mythology and present it as historical fact??? If students watch this…what kind of future thinkers are they going to be?

  26. tracy webb says:

    aaaaaaamen the big giant was nice to the lily puttins…

  27. Gaming Boy says:

    they are real they are called add it sounds the same as the adds they died by tornado god made the tornado happen it was the adds punishment because they were sooo bad people

  28. nur sudin says:

    all humans before are huge .read the quran and you will find the truth

  29. all this information about giants, and the only thing atheist hear is "bible"

  30. John Broda says:

    is this folk lore?? fact or fiction?

  31. John Broda says:

    were their large woman giants?

  32. pugolka says:

    this is BS. history channel is fabricating history. there were giants in the early past.

  33. Giants Causeway is literally a petrified giant… Look it up… The history channel is run by chewies, and they don't want you to know THEY been killing FIELDS OF humans, since the beginning. Chews are Rabid people eating Sludge

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