Real Ghost Documentary – Old Haunted Pentridge Prison – Australia Most haunted Evil demonic spirits

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  1. Mike Kelly says:

    Love watching you guys, great show

  2. cool this my first time but i appreciate this real ghost documentary

  3. Also get urselfs a meal metre and thermal cam have them both and have had interactions with inteligent spirit using Mel metre

  4. And also as all paranormal investigators know get urselfs a digital voice recorder

  5. Good show but need better equipment. Throw away that emf meter it is crap I have one and never use it get a k2 metre and get urselves a spirit box and mel meter and thermal cam maybe even a 360 parascope that shows u where the spirit is standing.

  6. jrsir1 says:

    You know what pissed me off ?? is when people make a video and put those fucking pop up SUBSCRIBE EVERY 2 SECONDS if people like your video, they will subscribe so stop begging for God sake… like you have 3 fucking pop up windows ALL AT ONCE can't even read what it says in the background unless you close them… & you kept one on screen for 4:09 minutes… come on. The camera is giving me a headache it moves too much, sorry guys I could only watch this for 24:00 minutes. I will go and try your other videos. Oh and another tip don't "flood" the video with that annoying "ambience" music and sound effects like all the others paranormal groups does, as a listener I like to try to hear other stuff that sometimes the investigation groups would miss.

  7. 27:08, was that a heart beating?

  8. 2pacexpert says:

    If there are demons anywhere prisons should be full of them.

  9. emma johnson says:

    The music spoils your videos 

  10. you guys are funny dont change your style

  11. I'm surprised you can't hear "get the fuck out" at about 40:38 where you say it's an undeciphered voice. Also the next undeciphered voice says "for fucks sake".

  12. Just a suggestion, next time you do this. Have the intention of helping the spirits get any messages through and keep a positive attitude. The first time I did this I did it as a curiosity just to see if anything was there and get proof which I realize was a mistake. Great video. It takes courage to go into an old prison at night

  13. Cierra Ropp says:

    Um….. Try hard Ghost Adventures wannabes?… Lol C'mon guys, get your own routine down, not another famous groups

  14. Jon Pon says:

    BORING AS FUCK. If I'd spent years in jail it would be the last place I'd haunt. Why don't the ghosts haunt theme parks or brothels. Shitloads more fun than haunting where you had been banged up for years. Fucking idiot ghosts

  15. Mike Kelly says:

    16:53 Full dark apparition on upper deck

  16. Kay Hopper says:

    I think a lot of it is energy that's left behind

  17. if you would be seen ghost better don't play. I had experience. but system is created on buiseness, and playing on fear. if there would be something. scientists would tell. but they lieyng. bad that I had no cameras at that time just wondering how they turn the water and gas all the power up. big sounds, plus if you would be alone then you definitely would be scary.

  18. Craig Cullen says:

    two harleys? really?-Australian aswell, wtf guys lol

  19. matty d says:

    what are the odds of two "Harleys"? The only one I ever heard of built a motorcycle :)

  20. did any else see that ghost run back and fort when they where talking

  21. chiarakiara says:

    was it 616 (the actual number of the beast)?

  22. Cody Santana says:

    This is faker then porn sites telling me they're local bitches in my area that want to fuck me.

  23. Tyler Hicks says:

    Dear ghost causes: What was the most scary part?

  24. 無為 says:

    You guys were very provocative towards them. You need to understand that spirits are restless as they haven't moved on to the next life, being provocative was big mistake. This jail is sacred place you need to respect the dead spirits and show them love. There were a lot of activity there those orbs where very interesting and evidence of spirits present but you were making a lot of noise and we couldn't hear them.

  25. bigvalz says:

    Short haired sweaty Harley is a twat, constantly greetin about his FUCKING camera

  26. bigvalz says:

    Irritating subscribe banner, why?

  27. Do yous work in Australia because I live there

  28. Bec Calvert says:

    You were very brave to go in there. Saw my hubby's cell a few times, he spent 17 years between D and H division. Not sure if you should be calling them cowards Harley hmmm. Would be somewhat different if they were in the physical I assure you. Some of these men were a product of their upbringing and environment. Very sad really.

  29. Golden says:

    Uh, guys …. While 666 is called the "number of the beast" in most manuscripts of Revelation 13:18, a fragment of Papyrus 115 gives the number as 616. This fragment of papyrus 115 was revealed in 2005, containing the earliest known version of that part of the Book of Revelation discussing the Number of the Beast. It gave the number as 616, suggesting that this may have been the original. One possible explanation for the two different numbers is that they reflect two different spellings of Emperor Nero/Neron's name, for which (according to this theory) this number is believed to be a code.

  30. Golden says:

    I like your approach, the fact that you're just very casual and relaxed – here's the footage, here's what we're doing, this is what's going on. So many t.v. shows try to be dramatic, and they try so hard that it comes over annoying and 'gimmicky'.

  31. GANEVMUSIC says:

    Ghost or shadow at 31:20 to 31:22 on the wall ?

  32. GhostCasesTV says:

    Hi all! Remember to check out our other episodes! Beechworth, JWard & Adelaide Old Gaol Investigations!!
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    Our fans are amazing, thank you for finding our channel!

  33. Ghosts exists within the world we live in. More people than we want to imagine can actually sense and even interact with them. It is not a blessing to be able to see ghosts or spirits. Neither is it an "ability" is not developed and nurtured by a skilled and qualified teacher.

    In fact, it can be very harmful and life threatening.

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  34. jo mitri says:

    if i was a ghost i dont think i would wanna stay in jail id wanna be free from there

  35. terryf1964 says:

    @GhostCasesTV great episode but i have been laughing at harley s through out.
    there is no way he would of lasted 5 mins when that place was open.
    i spent nearly 5yrs there.
    you should of asked to go to the dungeons under the old f division dorms that are still standing.
    that was the scariest place in pentridge.
    worse than h division hands down.

  36. Azaki Shimo says:

    Are you guys the Ghost Adventures?

  37. Hi guys from the states! Lot's of so called paranormal groups out there…glad I found yours! I've lived in quite a few haunted houses and always had an interest in the paranormal. Looking forward to watching more videos from you😀.

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