Real Footage Of The Varginha Incident UFO Crash National Geographic Documentary 2016 HD

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48 Responses

  1. rickfaw says:

    Sounds like the girls saw the black veiny midget taking a shit. Said it seemed like it was distressed by the appearance of 3 girls. If you was a naked black veiny midget taking a shit on the other side of the tree where you just screwed your veiny black midget wife,,you' be distressed too if 3 girls come prancing up all unexpected like.. I have saw red eyed varginhas and they seemed outta season to me. I wouldn't eat one for nothin'.

  2. ian holden says:

    that pope guy flashed a micro gesture of amused disbelief about the dwarf cover up story when he was speaking about it lasted less than 1 sec, look for yourself

  3. ian holden says:

    37 mins in  look for the virtual wet willy lol

  4. Rustbukkit69 says:

    The takeaway from this is that Brazil is rampant with accident prone dwarves.

  5. Alien capture or expectant dwarf couple.I think the second explanation is less credible.HaHa,now another dwarf is wandering around.

  6. Joe Brownlie says:

    free candy and puppies for anyone who can guess why I clicked on this

  7. This is from '97-'98. I watched it back then. It's funny to see Nick Pope trying to go along with the coverup here, while these days he's making a living off being a UFO researcher who makes an appearance on any show having anything to do with aliens or UFO's.

  8. Zatracenec says:

    It is very unfortunate, that in the age of HD cameras everywhere,….we suddenly have almost zero footages of such events. Mysterious indeed.

  9. Anthony Lnca says:

    that ministry of defence guy is lying every time he blinks, and he blinks a lot. His face expression shows he doesnt believe what he's saying. He tries to hide it so much he's overacting

    also i believe its condecending to say that the respected doctors and nurses of varginha dont even know the difference between an alien and a dwarf, gee……

  10. Just look at the state of Nick Pope's face from all those years ago, he looks like the bottom half of his mouth is lying while the rest is a static residual display.

  11. bartronZ says:

    the vagina incident involving a cigar shaped object…

  12. Chris Cashin says:

    This was no a national geographic doc…

  13. scriban ARG says:

    The subject is very interesting, and we would all have gained from it if someone else had put together this documentary. I mean, wow, this is bad. Sames images that are continuously repeated despite having nothing to do with the subject at hand; and, oh, the idea that to make a documentary you have to slap a microphone right next to firetruck's siren and repeat the damned thing every 5 minutes of a firetruck rushing through the streets (in the middle of the day – while the actual events took place in the middle of the night!). When will the UFO community get its act together and finally present viewers with QUALITY material is becoming a more important question than "are we alone"…

  14. Rick Smith says:

    read the bible

  15. blicax says:

    um anão desfigurado.. ao menos arranjavam outra desculpa.. ahahh

  16. CPS2 says:

    "Ten dollars oh oh oh"
    Gotta love ol' Microsoft Sam.

  17. So David morrow, did you know that that one of the ideas we have for powering a hyper drive if we build one is the use of dark matter? Let's just say we crashed a ship being powered by something as volatile as dark matter lol expect an explosion. Like you know what powers a ufo

  18. this is why I hate politics and governments, we are better off living in stone age than seeing senseless people rule. we just want to live a normal life and we can not take the blame from their actions. I hope the world end soon to save us this political bondage

  19. Tabasco Kid says:

    terrible sirens and shaky camera re enactments,two thumbs down ,headache filled.

  20. None of this ever happened like they are saying. All of it is explainable.

  21. truthbknwn says:

    You have a big annotation sitting in the middle of the screen and taking up most of it, that says "Real Footage of the Virginha…." so that it covers the footage. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

  22. Mike Bailey says:

    personally i wouldn't trust anything those in a military position say they have their lines to explain things and as for Nick Pope i am to say i am not surprised by his explanation first because he worked for the government on these things and its easy to say children can't explain things correctly, but what about the soldier who died and the fireman of toxic poisoning and then the solicitor who made her statement, as for the creature being flown to an unknown destination i would say a military base in the USA. then what about the animals in the zoo all dying of the same toxic poison,

    Come on Nick pope grow a pair.

  23. pete gardner says:

    Yes and moby dick is still around and at Wright Patterson……come on people this is shit…..and the earth is flat

  24. It's a little suspicious that there was no mention of probing. Probing is essential

  25. Edward Kong says:

    Nick Pope – Sweet talking intellectual rubbish. If this is the product of your education, you certainly do not deserve it. Shame !

  26. Sundaydish1 says:

    These aliens really need to practice landing, they keep crashing. Idiots, travelling billions of miles just to crash when they get here.

  27. 5:01 1986 Hyundai Accent snatchback policecar? Must be the souped-up 1.6 liter version.

  28. Scott Tet says:

    It is fun to watch and nothing else, that is.

  29. There was a vagina accident in the Tunguska bush creating many aliens that are now driving Prius's in the United States! Everytime I try to photograph them I get shaky videos! :)

  30. stimul8 says:

    What a smelly Varginha.

  31. Tarheel Boy says:

    A terrible smell of A-Monica. OH MY.
    Hillary will scare them off.

  32. I say when a UFO incident of any type occurs fuck the Government and contact and report it to local friends and get together and document what you can , as much as you can and contact MUFON , Linda Milton Howel. Get what evidence , proof and as many witnesses as possible before the lying Government gets there. High your evidence, don't tell them. once your satisfied do to them what they been doing to us. Debunk anything about it to them lying bastards. But document and get plenty of witnesses. And lie to them like hell if they question you. Get plenty of videos or pics and material if possible.

  33. Ben Brown says:

    too much adds… the shit is annoying

  34. The military officer who was retired at the time of this broadcast was found handcuffed to his bed and shot through the head after this aired.

  35. R Graham says:

    That's one big varghina.

  36. for real.. the vagina incident, sounds like a dodgy porno

  37. Fal Sea says:

    Look at the flames fella! Does that give you a clue as to what happened to the "creatures".

  38. the soldiers have to do what they are told.or they will paid the price.and so Will there family's.

  39. DeeArr says:

    Why do they always dig up Nick Pope for these things, like he's some sort of authority? He did 2 years at the end of his civil service career, behind a desk sorting out some papers on UFO reports, no fieldwork, no analysis and now he makes a living spouting out whatever a producer wants him to say to give gravitas to a piece. He's not MoD now, hasn't been for decades and even then just for a couple of years in order to close a desk.

  40. Understand that this was first posted in 1996. And Nick Pope was Ministry of Defense for Great Britain so naturally he takes the 'company' line. Today he actually speaks his mind.

  41. franklix says:

    Fifty million eye witnesses and NOT ONE SINGLE PHOTO! such a fantasy

  42. 11Bravo M249 says:

    Dude with glasses is a fucking douchebag!!! I heard he later was abducted and ass raped by these red eyed aliens.

  43. Dear Nick: I don't have a YooTube account so I am borrowing this one.A number of people are deeply concerned about the loss of your neuro-cognative abilities. Either stop lying or have your medication status reviewed again. Thank You. Dr Snuggles

  44. Hi Nick, Its Dr S again. Your script is in the mail. Please accept my apology for my committee reaction to your explanation. Every Brazilian witness and media researchers with Boots On The Ground concur about this event being Not of This Earth. However, you are the only person who was not there that is opposing this first person witness testemony. Yet I stand corrected Nick. Your explanation about Space Debris is right on but I differ regarding its point of impact. This debris seems to have landed on your Cranium Nick. Your Condition of Cerebral Obsfucation or Dementia Deciet is Not Permenant Nike. Simply take the meds as directed, tell the Truth and except your limitations caused by the Space Debris. Dr Snuggles.

  45. What's up with Nick Pope? Is he debunking everything, as a Dwarf Couple; really!! Unreal how he seems to have flip flopped.Oh well.