Promises and Betrayals – Middle East – History Channel Documentary

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27 Responses

  1. Mark Simons says:

    So, the Hashemites wanted a single Arab state with Faisal as its king, and the Palestinians rejected them in favour of a state of their own with no prior aspirations in that direction. That's a good start for Arab unity. Whether the Syrians, Iraqis and Lebanese wanted states of their own wasn't fully covered. The Kurds patently wanted their own state, and still do, not being Arabs.

    The upsurge of anti-semitism in Europe kick started Zionism in 1880s when most of Europe's Jews were heading to there. When the doors were closed in 1920s there was really only one place to go until the British closed off the Palestinian escape route, under Arab pressure.

    Ethnicity has become the universal value across the Middle East. Self-determination expressed by tyrants. Not the fault of the imperialists but always a good scapegoat.

  2. One Arabian country with different religions that ganna be perfect ✌️

  3. Shawna Ali says:

    the Jew Zionist are racist and hate us Arabi the most but I hate them Land taken trash myself,

  4. King Jay says:

    jews and arabs no difference both scum.

  5. The first 2 minutes is an exact description of bi polar to the experiencer…Islam is a way of life that is concordian,in harmony, a prescription, life manual granted to us by our Creator, our Designer, whereas it's opposite is Kufr, 'cover up' deceitful Discordianism, the battle is for our own hearts and minds to discern which does not go without pain of separation, spirit is not matter,oil is not water, we are perpetually shaken up by media spin but as Bruce Lee once declared, "be as water my friend" then and only then do the righteous come to find their water level which is not amongst those who rudely occupy and intrude upon lands and their people to take without giving all that they can by the practice of usurpation which is forbidden in Islam. I grew up dodging being indoctrinated by the European khazarian mindset where there's no room for mention of soul but our Holy Books state what happens to the wicked, Allah is enough for us as Witness, we belong to Him and will return.peace

  6. The foreign immigrants to Europe gives us a taste and reminder of how it was and is to Arabs then and now, it is the reminder we need to wake up, to Europes, especially Britain's wrong doing that no one can deny, there's a Day of Accounting close at hand, a Reccompence, The Day of Repayment, better to account for ourselves and make ammends before The Final Accounting which will see hearts coming up to the throats of the deniers and eyes stare wide in terror…..act now Britain in your own best interests before The Final Call, which will be as ONE SHOUT to make us fall prostrate having no choice in the matter at all… To Allah Almighty is the return of us all..peace.

  7. fuck the turks…

  8. Yusuf Altin says:

    Well I'm glad it all turned out good for the Arabs in the end.

  9. history for knowledge psst learn bhulo se

  10. Yes, and the Ottoman is a noble History bahaha hahaha
    Wasn't Turks land…Greeks, Armenians, Jewish peoples living in this pirate nation you call Turkey for over 2500 years before your ancestors even got there. Living in peace, then they were butchered in their millions.

  11. At the end of the day, the Turks were beaten so bad that not only did they lose their territory, but they had to drop the "empire" part of their country's name. Isn't that humiliation enough? Even the Japanese still have the same name.

  12. I hear the the plea and the cry of the palestinian people but I would like to ask them one question where were the israelites before Greece conquered the land and where were the israelites when the Romans conquered Jerusalem I know of the Muslim conquest of the holy land with saladin and the battle of the crusaders so who really owns the land? The land belongs to god and he will give it to whom so ever he please, why did the Muslims didn't win the six day war or the other wars that was fought if god is on there side ?

  13. Since cain killed abel man has not stopped trying to conquer each other even when the king of elam overthrew the kings of sodom and took lot captive it has been the same, god looked on the state of man and yet still ye stretched out his arms towards him through his only begotten son who came and showed us the way, where are we today.

  14. the British history
    1. First the fucked entire north american civilization and what born was the modern America.
    2. They then checkmated China through Japan.
    3. Broke india apart and created Pakistan to checkmate india.
    4. Created Israel to checkmate middle-east.
    now they control the soft-power and academia to narrate history their way by demonising the religions,traditions and culture of countries they colonized. They reward those pseudo "intellectuals" on basis of how much they bash the civilizations they colonized.
    Yes, i totally agree that today's Britishers arent responsible for these things but the principle of acknowledgement matters, its all about morality.
    History is something that people cherish, no single country can narrate their own history as universal, good times for a country is bad times for another. As China and India are reclaiming their traditional status, this hegemony of history will be challenged, that too in this century.

  15. Sofy said says:

    fvck white psychopath b@stard

  16. Bradley Gaju says:

    White people…smh

  17. Why blame the whole British nation when the trouble lies at the door of a handful of greedy Englishmen. I loathe the business of troublesome individuals hiding behind the nation – cowards!

  18. Does anyone have a transcript of this? I need help with a project asap 😫

  19. tuco albert says:

    What they done to the Kurds gave them nothing because the Kurds didn't wanna give them oil so they got the Turk and Arabs to take the Kurds land so sad god help the Kurds

  20. the Jewez Canal? Yiddish Empire?

  21. Meir Wise says:

    Britain divided " Palestine" and gave 85% to Husseini ( of Saudi Arabia) to make Jordan and 15% returned to the Jews to create Isrsel.

  22. Meir Wise says:

    Can anyone name an Arab ruler of a country called Palestine in history?

  23. Meir Wise says:

    "Palestine is after all named after its inhabitants…the Palestinians". OMG…did he really say that?! There isn't even the letter "p" is Arabic.

  24. One main reason all film documentaries are limited and useless is because if nobody ever takes a film camera and films something: you can't put it into your fucking film.

    On the other hand you can put a million times more facts and information into a book because a book does not rely on some fucking filmography going somewhere to film something. A book can hold millions of facts about things that existed before films were ever invented. A film documentary is limited to the beginning of the invention if film technology: that is a huge limitation.

  25. "The anti-Semites will be our best friends!" (Theodore Hertzl: From his diary).

  26. Idrees MMA says:

    The British empire is worse than Hitler.

  27. "Palestine, after all, is named after its people who are the Palestinians." Uh-oh. Now we must fact check everything this guy said.