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  1. kibicz says:

    This "documentary" is full of
    "first bridge – the charles bridge" well first bridge was the Judith bridge from 1100s
    and so on.. no information and many misinformations…

  2. Red red says:

    I don't like music in this documet. In the Cathedral of svatého Víta, Václava a Vojtěcha – there is used japanese music.

  3. Fay Konicek says:

    so many pictures of cemtrails

  4. Stanley Jean says:

    what about science

  5. náš krásný domov*D

  6. Waqas Rahman says:

    Horrible documentary

  7. Fil Buric says:

    Anyone watching this and planning a trip to Prague, DO NOT go to the KGB or Communism museums, it's just bullshit for tourists and most of it you can get online for free. Go see Vyšehrad and Prague Castle. You can see a lot of both for free.

  8. Havel is a counterrevolutionary

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