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  1. Ric Vil says:

    CORPORATE China owned by Khazarian Mafia Banking Cartel agenda to twist the Filipino History for de facto CORPORATE maleducation esp. on the issue of Rajah Luisong.

    What actually happened the emperor of ancient Imperial China paid tribute to Rajah Luisong in 1405 and honors Filipino Sovereignty. Sovereign Successor of World Territorial Jurisdiction the Mother Title OCT 01-4S of Motherland HACIENDA FILIPINA in the Treaty of Paris the Principality of God's Ownership of the Universe is Christ ISA prophesied Queen of the South Hrh Salvacion Legaspi Y Espiritu Santo (Divine Feminine), 7th great great granddaughter of Rajah Luisong from ancient Majapahit Empire in the side of Datu Lapulapu, the Queen of Flower anointed by Supreme Datu Tagleong Haudum Koguit. CORPORATE China of Khazarian Mafia Banking Cartel that has NO territorial jurisdiction.

  2. Spain is our colonial master, when a young educated Filipinos went to Spain to think about how they will change the government. The proclamation of Philippine Independence 1898 short-lived

  3. Ian Ang says:

    I find it insulting to the filipinos because as what I have understand this documentary says that the chinese conquered the philippines by this emperor song of the song dynasty..its not clear because its tagalog and chinese names is so slang i can't understand it.

  4. Iris Toyoken says:

    the background music is quite loud that makes it difficult for me to fully understand .. kkk nice video tho. very informative

  5. nice histpry i like more pls


  7. eugene marie says:

    malapit na sana akong maniwala, kasu bigla lumabas si sue ramirez.. ahaha. anu ba yan. 😀 😀 :D

  8. i think Philippines doesn't have own identity… a country who doesn't have origin the lost continent…

  9. or are we the ppl of mix race or are the country of mix countries…. who discovered Philippines they said Magellan but during those early century there are already occupying our country the natives.


  11. Vang Tan says:

    the culture of the Philippines are unique because of our natural resources our environment not because we are colonized by American,spaniards the Japanese who are called to be the dark days 1941-1945 the Chinese similarities traditions as well our dialect is English Tagalog Spanish wherein similar to Latin vernacular our empires and kingdom
    where in hidden in our time .relevant to our faces now

  12. john toet says:

     **GOOD PEOPLE ARE BEING MANIPULATED** IT IS NOT MONEY, IT IS NOT POWER, IT IS NOT HONOUR, IT IS DEVIL-WORSHIPPING WHY THEY MANIPULATE. SINCE 3500 YEARS. SEE EUSTACE MULLINS BOOK; CURSE OF CANAAN PAGE 15, PARAGRAPH 58: "In order to understand why the name of Shem was systematically reviled and concealed throughout the records of history, we must return to the record of
    his thoroughly degenerate and evil nephew, Canaan. Canaan was so wicked that his last will and testament to his children was a formula for vice. It read, "Love one another (that is, of this tribe only), love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth."
    WHICH FOR THE MANIPULATORS MEANS: 1 GROUP ,2 ROB ,3 BE LOW ,4 GET RID OF THE ONES ABOVE YOU, 5 AND LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING. But there is much more. For instance our language. When we
    get to know that **each character** is meaningful, and thus all words are
    combinations. Even better: each word is a wonderful creation. Then it shows
    that tools for our civilisation are kept away from us. Please see for
    characterlist on sheet 2. This list
    is true for aramaic, hebrew, arabic, and even english and other european
    languages and probably **for all languages**. Since all this is related to
    numbers. And in indian culture many people know that 'numbers do not lie'.

  13. Would've been great content but you've got horrible, horrible recording one can barely hear your narrative.

  14. Edgy pumpkin says:

    you can barely hear your voice because of the music. I cant watch, I really wanted to see this but to turn up your voice just also turns up the music. If you can please take off the music, it sounds like someone added after the fact anyway.

  15. I thought he was sayin kampampangan lol lusong…from my understanding lusong is sumberging something or someone or youslef into water "Lumusong ka sa tubig"

  16. ang mga Penoy-Abnoy cojuangco-aquino gustong palabasin sa Philippine History na sila ang may ari ng Pilioinas kaya sinisira nila ang totoong pangyayari sa Histiry of the Philippines…eh kaso mga intsik beho Chinese ang origin nila nahaluan lang ng lahing kastila…nga sa paraan ng pamumulika gusto nila palabasin sila ang nagbigay ng magandang pagbabago sa Pinas…eh kaso balentong nga ang pinaggagawa ng mga intsik beho Penoy Abnoy cojuangco-aquino kundi ba naman mga nuknukan ng mga bobong bugok…alis kayo ng Pinas at baka matulad kayo sa mga Romanovs of Russia…mismong mga tauhan ninyo ang maglilibing sa inyo ng buhay…mga bugok talaga lahi ninyo gusto niyo agawin ang pinahirapan na mga tons and tons of gold ni Gat Ferdinand E. Marcos…mga bugok na nagbago ng history ng kasinungalinan..mga Penoy Abnoy cojuangci-aquino…bugok ang mga utak…

  17. Mines Dating Back to at Least 1,000 B.C. Have Been Found in the Philippines,.. When the Spanish arrived the Filipinos worked various mines of gold, silver, copper and iron. They also seemed to have worked in brass using tin that was likely imported from the Malay Peninsula. The iron work in particular was said to be of very high quality in some cases, and occasionally in some areas, even better than that found in Europe. When the Spanish arrived, the Philippines was so gilded with gold that most of the gold mines had been neglected.

    ◾According to De Morga: (1,000 B.C. is when King Solomon’s navy of ships going to Ophir for gold)
    According to De Morga:

    “… the natives proceed more slowly in this ,and content themselves with what they already possess in jewels and goldingots handed down from antiquity and inherited from their ancestors. This is considerable, for he must be poor andwretched who has no gold chains, calombigas, and earrings.”

  18. this is very interesting …. it's so sad that all the modern filipino knows is the western values and culture that they are brainwashed with. . .

  19. Richard S. says:

    Very interesting….

  20. emancoy says:

    most of our identity is lost and destroyed, archeology is not supported here compared to other countries. All are legends now.

  21. just wondering what tribe or people lived in Cavite (if there were) 12th century ago

  22. Tigpamati says:

    I wish we're still using baybayin instead of the english alphabet.

  23. at 5:48, the Chinese Empire Map is fucking ridiculous. The whole video is just a garbage.

  24. LianaMag says:


  25. I appreciate your effort to revisit the precolonial history of the Philippines, an enigmatic part of the country's history shrouded in a combination of mysteries, folklore, hearsay, and what have you. The prehistory of the Philippines is a large part of the missing identity of Filipinos.

    What I can contribute to your effort is this: any attempt to tell the story of the Filipinos, and in fact any nationality or country today, must involve this revelation: all current humans are Africans.

    Surprised? Not if you check with the latest in genetics studies (offshoot of the Human Genome Project), supported by archaeology and other disciplines, which conclusively trace all modern humans of today, no exception, to the last 10,000 Africans (the model is called OoA—Ouf of Africa) who, faced with the real threat of total obliteration and extinction from the worst episode of the Ice Ages, left the Eastern board of the African continent and spread and populated the rest of the world. Along this epic migration, some of these Africans encountered the archaic Neanderthals, Denisovans, and another unidentified ancient hominid type. The Neanderthals gave these Africans white skin and blue eyes, along with some medical conditions, and these mixture gave us the Caucasians and Europeans of today. The Africans who interbred with the Denisovans, on the other hand, went to Asia and the Pacific islands. The Denisovan genes gave the Tibetans the unique capability to survive heights no other humans could have tolerated, as well as some genetic benefits and medical conditions of their own.

    The Filipinos are closely related to the Pacific islanders, what we used to call the Malayo Polynesians. But what is more surprising is that our genetic makeup is more closely related to the southern Chinese, who found their way to Taiwan and from there to the Philippines, and vice versa. In fact, the term Malay now is no longer accurate in denoting the groupings of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines. What is true is we come from an Asian-Southeast Asian Denisovan-African stock, with late intermixing with European-Neanderthal genetic types.

    The Khmer and the Vijayan (Sri Vijayan) empires all trace their genetic makeup to the people who first inhabited Palawan. It speaks a lot, as what you say, to the intimate connections that Filipinos have with their Asian relatives.

    These kingdoms are mostly Indian and to some lesser degree Chinese in outlook. Filipinos should ask themselves why more than 25% of their language, Tagalog or Visayan, are Sanskrit, or Indian. They have to ask why the separate kingdoms of the islands all speak of Rajahs and the like, which are also Indian terms. They have to ask why so many intricate artifacts, many of the highest quality, are of Indian in roots, why so many of their popular epic folklore, other traditions, have their own Indian counterparts.

    Sa Huynh culture, which describes all these kingdoms, started in the Philippines circa 1,000 BC. Read that again. The Filipinos have been a part of an advanced culture grouping long before the Europeans even discovered the first lights of culture. Should it be a cause for wonder, when close to us are India and China, which were the seat of some of the oldest and grandest civilizations in history? The Spanish habit of destroying historical records of their colonies dealt a fatal blow to the identity of the Filipinos. Yet their own construction of the Boxer Codex reveals a lot of the advanced culture of the Filipinos long before they arrived.

    All the latest information are slowly coming in, but they're happening even if slowly. Filipinos should leave no stone unturned to discover their rich cultural heritage before the colonial masters eradicated those for their own advantage. Remember, the colonial victors have always written history. It is no less different in the case of the Philippines, and Filipinos should now start to shed away all these dark vestiges that teach them to look down on their own true selves!

  26. Unfortunately Filipino people wasn't able to stand to their real culture because of multiple colonization. They have been provided with different cultures not making them capable of make their own identity. What I know is that they're the best when it comes to adapting to any type of culture.

  27. Land Of The Great Immortals.. PHILIPPINES?

  28. This would've been a very good documentary to watch but I barely understand the narrator's English pronunciation of most Tagalog terms and names of places. Too slang 😕

  29. Sad to know that this came from someone who is not a Filipino. Thanks, anyway. I didn't even know about these.

  30. Garubolas says:

    listeningtothe pinoy fairy tales is entertaining. Claims thatt he surrounding countries are fake? Phillipines is the ultra fake.Named after a spanish king. Theres no phillipines.Its just some islands the spanish conquered and ruled over. Before that itw asjust …islands…Until today the pinoy dogs bring nothing but misery totheir neighbors

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