Paranormal Documentary | The Haunted Military Museum | Encounters | S01E03

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6 Responses

  1. Mr. X says:

    Ohhhh Please don't wear shorts & please stop with the drone shots. Good luck…

  2. NoData says:

    I'm german and here's my opinion on the EVPs.
    The first german EVP kinda sounds like "Ich bin Herr Klaus", which means "I am Mister Klaus" Btw, in german the word for "here" is "hier" and not "heir". The second EVP does sound german to me, but it sounds distinctly like swiss-german. Unfortunately it's really hard to understand… could be "Ich tu mir uns'res Grobes an." That wouldn't be very logical, though because it would roughly translate to "I'm doing our rough to myself." However, if you suppose the wanted to say "Ich tu mir sonst was Grobes an" it would translate to "Else, I'll do something rough (meaning harmful) to myself." Maybe he's threatening to inflict selfharm?….I'm not very sure about the second EVP, so I hope a swiss-german person will listen into it and give us a hint what it could mean. :)

  3. Another brilliant episode, well done Encounters team, look forward to the next one.

  4. Amazing session and IB session. woot.

  5. Hey Jason. I hear "Is she in her clothes" instead of "Ich bin heir, Klaus" in your first capture from the IB1. Besides, Ich would be a hard "CH" not soft, i.e. , "Ick" not "Ish". The second capture isn't German, either. It sounds like "If the nose is for his son." It's really difficult to make out the first three words but that is what I hear. I've had three semesters of German at a university, and sorry, but that isn't German that I heard. Instead of "It's cold, keep on the scarf", I hear "It's cold, when you're gonna start". I think they wanted you to hurry up because of the cold! I enjoyed your video, especially your spirit box session. What type of spirit box was that? Keep up the good work!

  6. neilmason28 says:

    Another great episode, having been here myself and spent a very active night with Jason, i can confirm this is one of the best places i have been .

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