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  1. ayesha xx says:

    This is all fucking lies osama bin laden died 2002 not fucking 2011

  2. praise Osama bin laden fuck America brown power

  3. Yeah praise that bullet in his head dipshit

  4. paddygeo says:

    the fukn people that were living around there, Knew rubbish bin laden was living in that complex, they were Protecting the fucker

  5. Stteella says:

    Osama killed in 2011, Obama elected in 2012. What a coincidence! Sadam killed in 2003, Bush elected in 2004. Oh my, another coincidence.

  6. shut the fucking pie hole rock a bomber

  7. I'm right here idiot.

  8. Bliss Water says:

    This video does not categorically establish that Osama bin Ladin was a
    creation of USA and CIA against Soviet Union. Watch the movie Rambo and
    you will know that these same Taliban and Al Qaeeda were heroes for
    United States.

    Similarly the rebels in Syria and Libya were heroes for USA to get Qaddafi killed. Hillary would have been worst than Trump because she still wanted to fund the rebels in Syria against Bashar al Assad. Such heroes for America later turn into terrorist groups like ISIS.

    America and Israel always create terrorists and then wage false wars on Muslim countries by calling Muslims as terrorists in return. This gives the powerful countries like USA every excuse to commit genocides and that too on false grounds of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    Wake up people (especially you dumb f*cks in USA), because you guys have made yet another blunder by voting for a racist, misogynist, and hateful Trump. According to me Sanders would have been a better option.

  9. FBWI says:

    osama fuckboy anyway

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