New ufo documentary 2015 The Official Bob Lazar Video Alien Technology Revealed

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19 Responses

  1. An inconvenient Truth….Ask yourself this question….If Lazar is telling the truth.  If the Military is in possession of Alien Spacecraft.  If the Aliens are as far advanced as Lazar claims….Then why haven't the Aliens come back to claim their property?  I.E….Captured Alien Spacecraft…. If they (the Aliens) are as advanced as everybody says, there is nothing on this Earth that would or could stop them…

  2. ReaIDeaI1 says:

    One problem right off the bat, they just take this guy off the street with no prior background experience in anything of secrecy? That doesn't sound logical at all to me.

  3. Grady Alread says:

    how did we get the ship?

  4. Big John says:

    kinda makes you wonder how these disc work in space, I must have missed that part somehow,, if they solved that problem then the galaxy mysteries are solved right,, doesn't make sense anyone would hide that!

  5. goblin072 says:

    Not saying lazars story does not have holes in it. But to blame the F17 for all the UFO sightings is just as crazy. It does not even resemble a UFOs flight characteristics. It can't turn at a 90 degree angle going mach 8. They do not glow orange, they are not round. I am sure some morons think venus is a UFO or even the moon. That does not mean ALL ufos are planets or a F17.

    Mis-identifications of mundane objects is expected. But that does not mean to put head in the sand and assume ALL are mis-identification, that is just stupidity.

  6. Welther47 says:

    The narrator is annoying. He is just making the whole thing silly melodramatic. The narrator tells what Bob is about to say. I just want to hear the interview.

  7. Mark Oliver says:

    Every person who has witnessed a UFO or flying sauzzers, is because they are on drugs , suffering from bad flashback from drug usage in their years or just plain hallucination or mass, booze is involved somehow in some cases or depressed people starving for attention or just bad scary dreams and they can tell it like it really happened , that's why they can pass a lie director test.

  8. motorcycles would not have wheels if it could be controlled. i think the government may have gotten the knowledge from Nicola Tesla.

  9. If a million of us showed up and marched up the road into Area 51, they wouldn't be able to do a damn thing.

  10. I think lazar is legit to a certain point… as in I think he may have been employed at some secret base/installation but I think he is speculating on the propulsion system etc… If he did indeed see the crafts then I believe he is was just lucky enough to maybe pass into the entrance or something and it blew his mind and he thought it would change the world. I also think it is possible he was allowed to "see some weird shit" so he would run and tell about them. Also they may have staged it for him so that he would tell the story with such conviction and pass the lie detector… Think of it this way though… there is indeed secret work being performed by the military and intelligence so you can bet your sweet ass that IF he is legit it will damn sure seem like he is just a nut because they will wash records etc… when people are in secret projects.

  11. 4x4 says:

    Lazar even knew the test run for the UFO and got it recorded on camera. He's not a fraud


  13. Paul Horner says:

    who gives a fuck it their real or not, if I saw an alien walking down the street I'd slap the ugly grey big eyed planet dodging twat.

  14. Paul Horner says:

    every country has a secret place it doesn't mean there having a pint with a fucking grey bald planet nonse.

  15. Paul Horner says:

    HAHA Bob lazar look how thick his glasses are he needs a white stick not an alien government conspiracy theory

  16. Paul Horner says:

    He knows an awful lot of detail to say he was only thee for 4 month, to this day he still has contracts with the government, think about it!!! that was his payment for all the bullshite so the government can get away with wasting billions on classified projects all thanks to the American gullible public, but people want to believe something more profound is out there,even i can work that out and I haven't even passed any exams, and I'm pissed so sort your heads out its all just a smoke screen.

  17. It's quite humanly understandable. We know, that we, on this tiny little pale blue dot, are all alone and lost in the cold dark vastnesses of the interstellar space. An asteroid could hit us and it's all over. There's nothing we can do about it. In such a situation it is convenient to believe, that there is some higher being. Someone who can save us. May it be a god, or an advanced civilisation. The truth of the matter I'm afraid is, that there is no one. We'll just have to survive all on our own. So let's not deceive ourselves in a convenient but dangerous illusion. Let's pick ourselves up and make humankind survive.

  18. I did a good con.

  19. Hold up wait a minute. You believe Donald Trump tho lol. I know bullshit when I here it and Lazar sounds official. I will be watching to see all the crap Trump promise the American people never happen.