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  1. Sonny Dee says:

    I completely agree with Max Hastings. Great Britain, as stated by Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, PM Sir Herbert Asquith and Lord George, the circumstance that had developed between Austria-Hungary and Serbia going to war, that which because of military alliance pacts of defense, ensured Germany would wage war to side with Austria-Hungary, which sucked in Russia and France to side with Serbia, would not have allowed Britain to not stand by it's obligation in defense of Belgium neutrality, which Germany stipulated would not respect (as per their General Count Alfred von Schlieffen plan had dictated), which is not just a matter of respect and honor, but a matter of duty, a duty to it's responsibility as a great power – its integrity, defending the freedom and liberty of nations whom you are allied with, is in actuality defending your own national self-interest survival. If Germany- Kaiser Wilhelm II and General Moltke- military rulers, can just militarily run over, invade, loot, pillage, rape, and exploit innocent countries at will for their own greed purposes of conquest, without consequences, without countering forces, then Britain- no matter if Britain was determined to stay out of the war, would have inevitably be drawn into the war against Germany later, if not sooner, and at a much more dire and dangerous position- having a small Army compared to Germany, which Britain would most assuredly have lost, thus the consequences of would most assuredly have destroyed Great Britain. If that is not worth going to war to fight for, then nothing is.

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