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21 Responses

  1. PROgamingHD says:

    dobar dokumentarac brate ;)))

  2. i never seen better doc bro,thankssss X !

  3. Kieser Sozay says:

    I want to have sex with this documentary and get it pregnant.

  4. Cryian Sky says:

    360p its not 720p and its not new 2016, its old maybe 5 years old video! Dislike + reported for scam/fraud

  5. spacecoke says:

    Bullshit.. you fucking cunt.

  6. Hydecka says:

    Wow…… you clearly care nothing about furthering the education of others with your slimly upload tactics.


  8. Dislike it for click bait this is a very old documentary.

  9. Diego Ureña says:

    this is so old they dont even mention the kepler (whatever number) that they discovered last summer 2015. with a 0.88 on the earhlike scale.

  10. Why do these window lickers put 2016 on old Documentaries?

  11. Poison Toad says:

    I'm here only because you lied. I'm not coming back.

  12. Lol at the bbc news intro then slap round the face with American narrator lol FAIL

  13. why somebody does not make their own documentary by copy and past the old ones. fed up of all these old documentaries .

  14. In the beginning God said let there be light and there was light…

  15. Tuborg says:

    Lol you included 2016 3 times in the title, yet its an old documentary.

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