Never Ending War In Afghanistan

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34 Responses

  1. you fucking putrid yanks can't knock the top of custard you stupid cunts. not enough of your soldiers have been bled and slaughtered. your entire population need their fucking heads hacked off

  2. Malik Farhat says:

    they IED and below up a lot of your shit bags… back to your rat hole.

  3. It's futile to give them western style of governance, where technology and education is taboo in their culture. Those billions of dollars worth of infrastructures poured in by the West wen't to waste. They can't operate power plants and industrial machineries and yet they learned quickly to operate the highly sophisticated Stinger Missiles. This Nation are ruled by random chieftains of different tribes, ergo central government is just a cliche. I don't know why the leadership of the west continue to exert efforts in changing their way of life. It is nation torn by poverty, illiteracy and illegal drugs. They've already eliminated Osama Bin Laden, the west should stop at that. It seems they don't mind their soldiers dying in a war that has no fruitful ending. It would be in vain even if you send millions of men and materials to pacify and control them, the outcome will and never be in the wests' favor. It is their country, they have the luxury to wait even for another thousand years.

  4. Maher Sayadi says:

    That's what you get when you jump in bed with Shia rat – Northern alliance. Osama bin laden is CIA agent you stupid fucks. Duped 911 hijackers to attack US so Bush could attack Taliban then Iraq. US wanted to build oil pipeline to suck Iraqi oil out. How stupid are you fuckin idiots are. Grow a brain and go read a book. Bush is having dinner with Bin Laden dad right now. Ever heard of the Argyle Group fuckin brain washed sheep – Barr!

  5. You can count on the BBC to give you an unbiased truthful report :-)

  6. Paulo Reis says:

    Afeganistão conseguiu o que queria. Ser destruída e roubada.

  7. Yet, the US trained and funded Osama Bin Laden's Mujihadeen when the Soviets were there killing them. If the US didn't do that, Al Qaeda probably wouldn't even exist. The Soviets were winning until the US started giving these terrorists Stinger manpads. Now the US government is still continuing to sponsor these terrorists all around the world. Beyond sinister and evil US regime

  8. Big Daddy says:

    Complete propaganda

  9. kripittgm says:

    47nations are shamefully defeated by simple on foot jihadies. Osama ben Ladin was a CIA. Where ever he step his feet that country will be invaded by the West.

  10. Amercia is biggest Terrorist in World……

  11. Ibrahim Khan says:

    Germany started 2 world wars none talks about that. Russia killed Ukrainians, And 40 million people. England was the country that killed none white people and slaved blacks,Indians And you know left kashmir to Pakistan and India to fight and kill each other for it. Most conflicts happend because of England! America killed lots of people in Afghanistan Iraq and oh god just don't make me say all of the things they did!

  12. Big Daddy says:

    We are In Afghanistan for one main reason…Heroin if you don't realize that then there's no help for you.

  13. Faryad Khan says:

    Someday they will pay for their shity invasion, who ever did/do bad to us

  14. Fuck America Britain Israel,,,88

  15. USA troops commit suicide everyday,we all no Islam has won

  16. NYC and Orlando succ

  17. Armitage has far too much time in this documentary, as we know now what a political rat he was and is as Powell's sidekick.  However, that's the nature of looking at history and particularly looking at war when corruption abounds on all sides… I include us in the West (Lindsey Graham makes an appearance… how sad).  Of course, the saddest appearance of all is Obama's, the beginning of the end of doing anything of substance.  More of our people perished under his direction.  I should say, lack of direction.  At the bottom of all that went wrong here was and is Islam.

  18. Jim Barton says:

    thay dont no what peace is thay love deth

  19. Fan Wang says:

    The entire thing is a trap made by Russia and China along with Pakistan .

  20. M. MGNMARK says:

    Sad that so many of americas young men and women have to die for no reason when we could have NUKED the whole country!!!! 1,2,3

  21. Republicans don't get it about the world but at least a Democrat called Obama kill Bin Laden please don't blame the American people for the stupidity of the Republican Party

  22. Chuka Amur says:

    Best Brain washing propaganda movie

  23. dus eney budey whont to be my geral frind

  24. amazingdany says:

    Ameriqaeda's longest war. It must be really profitable if they occupied it for so many years!

  25. mohsin khan says:

    USA don't forget that afghanistan is the graveyard of empires…….americans will be dig in afghanistan mountains……america is losing young lives for no reason

  26. mohsin khan says:

    when they are fighting against the russains they are called freedom fighter and but now they are fighting against USA they are called terrorists….go get a life americans….your governament is fighting a useless war agnst the rocks

  27. Allow usa they blame other countries

  28. Mob Kha says:

    Two words heroin and oil that's what the war is over. Stop the lies stop killing innocents.

  29. TJace50 says:

    Despite your opinions on this you have to respect the great journalism in this documentary, well presented from start to finish.

  30. Usman ayoub says:

    America and Russia biggest terrorist group in the world

  31. Vietnam – do these people read any history? Belgium took thousands of years of wars to get "civilized". Vietnam, a free private enterprise nation – after 2 million dead – why, because of the corrupt, French, Imperial holdover nationalism due to their loss to Germany in 1940. 1947 one million burned to death in the India Pakistan boarder, a boarder penned by England. Not a word about it in the media of 1947. Not a word.

  32. The Union Soviet was the best country in the world. The Union Soviet tried to help to make justice in the world.

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