National Geographic | Strangest Things In The Universe – Documentary HD 720p

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  1. Alcohole cloud nice

  2. Muy interesante : 17-05-2016

  3. The whole thing is computer generated videos and a lot of what they say is ridiculous and made up by astro physicists having to account for work they have nothing to show for. They invent names of new particles and wild theories, it's all a figment of the mind of scientists wasting funds on pointless projects. It's dangerous arrogance for humans to loose sight of our spiritual nature and think we can break the universe into small pieces in our mind, all those people are doing is trying to disconnect further from our nature and trying to be the equal of the creator of the universe. It is arid, infertile work, fruitless, empty, ridiculous and dangerous for human mind balance.

  4. I believe this show is from History channel, not from Nat. Geo., unless they re-aired it.

  5. Sam Uche says:

    In the beginning God said Let their be light! Boom!
    "Impossible for a human to even imagine all of them"
    "The more we learn the less we know, limitless strange things"
    I am a scientist too, but I pray that all these wonderful knowledge allow us to believe the maker even more,
    found it hard to believe before because I thought He would judge me for all the bad things I have done,
    but when I could no longer hide from my discoveries that overwhelmed my little brain I was on my knees,
    I drew near to Him and instead of what I heard He would do to me, He forgave me and took away my guilt and gave me the power to live right, and even when I fail Him, He picks me up, encourages me, and gives me a hope to all the life I see, feel and cannot explain.
    Science answers How, but not Who, for this reason we have found so many things except purpose. many things our physical eyes can't see yet we deny the invisible, many things we don't yet know, never know and never explain yet we expel the unknown. But friends once upon a time our unknown God showed us His image in a man named Jesus Christ.
    This is not religion! this is truth. Jesus is the way. I say this because I Love you all, but our creator loves us even more.

  6. shut up goognam goonws (what kind of nickname is that)

  7. scientists are a lot more intelligent that those stupid people that still believe in god (before the big bang time didn´t existed so there was no time for a creator)

  8. so fuck you and your religion

  9. asteroids are the rests of already destroyed planets when a star expoldes

  10. Pr3doomalpha says:

    12:34 yes, it's obviouse that those planets out of our world are out of out of our world :)

  11. Pr3doomalpha says:

    Just blow up toototus with missiles when it's gets to close!

  12. DokktorDeth says:

    Give it a rest goognam. Leave the serious stuff to those of us capable of understanding it.

  13. Mic Mac says:

    dokktor doom what kind of nikename is that

  14. Jack Leyton says:

    I don't mean to belittle the NG episode s it was outstanding but was overshadowed by the sheer beauty of the scientist lady with the red sweater who ordered a beer at the micro brewery while explaining a concept about ummm, well I umm kept missing what she was saying as her face was absorbing all of my attention. I think Im in love. :)

  15. Universe is defined as a single(uni) spoken sentence(verse)

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